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Masks and Faces

Masks and Faces
by Scott McKay 2/5/08

((The setting is more of a woodsy area were the citties are lit by lamps and hoarse draw carrages, only there are phones, and veary rarly computers. A mix between modern and 1700s, weird huh?))

The night air was cold enough to burn the skin off your face, only on me the skin was protected by many bristled hairs, lined by the rushing wind. My eyes watering, from me running faster, leaving the many angry noises, from the village, behind. 'How did this happen?' I had remebered asking myself, 'Some one help! I just want it all to go away!!!' my mind rang. I quickly took a rough right turn, stumbling and tripping over the four feet that carried me. 'If only they could see....' I now slowed to a walk, comming onto a stream. Now panting, I looked in it, only to see the reflection of the beast everyone had attacked and ran from. Its not that it was scarry, only diffrent. Hardly diffrent from any of thoose puppies at the Janken's. Yet no one could see that it was the real me, the me that use to never be able to show itself.
As I continued down stream, I thought back to how everyone had always expected me to act miture, how I always looked older than I realy was. Well they never knew that the real me only wanted to be guided, not having to be looked at as the guy to take care of himself. Who wants to be alone? It scared me that I might end up alone, and now I had.
'I want to sleep..' I thought to myself. I moved over to the trees, away and out of sight, dropping to the groud and zonking out in only the two seconds. 'To think I ran from my home... just like he did.... the traveler. Its all his falt this happened. He showed that man where ower village was.' I let my thoughts pull me to sleep.

((for now on its going to be third person. Say goodbye to I))

The sounds of birds chirping had pulled Andy away from the dream relm. 'Maybe it was all a bad dream..' he reassured himself, hope rising. He opened his eyes with a jolt, only to see the blue sky through the branches of the trees above.


Andy rolled over in dismay, bringing his hand up to his face. Thats when he felt it! His fear rose inside him, and the instinct to run returned at the simplest touch of fabric running across his body. Quickly sitting up, ready to take off where ever his legs would bring him, he saw the blanket that now covered him! 'Someone's here!!!'
"Calm down, your not in danger." Came the remark of a man. He was sitting down next to a fire, roasting what looked like a rabbit. He looked young, about twenty. He wore worn jeans and a botton down shirt. He had Dirt blond hair that barly hung down past his eyebrows, clearly ungroomed. Yet it seemed to fit him. The guy look as if he were stright out of the highschool football team, only his eyes betraying his age and wisdom. 
Andy lay still, not attempting his dash, but still tense. He could make out his sent from there, 'One of them, one of Andy...'

"Rough night?" the guy asked. Andy nodded his head, still hesitant on what to do. "By the looks of it, your new at this..." he stated as he turned back to the fire. "You should probably start hiding a set of cloths somewhere for later next time." He finished with a gesture toward the blanked that still lay over Andy. "I'm Ray," he held out his hand, "Ray OwNeal." Andy didn't take his offered hand, but he did offer his name. "Andy McKay." He awnsered, still keeping a close eye on him. "Pleasure." Ray responded.
Andy had to admitt that the guy didn't seem like the other two WereWolves he met, but he wasn't letting his gaurd down for that.
Ray took the rabbit out of the fire and offered it to Andy. "Here, you might want to eat." Andy probably wouldn't have taken it if he were the same person before the change, but now he ate any meat that was offered, rabbits seeming to be at the top. Carfully taking it, Andy thanked him. "So Andy, might I ask how many moons you been through?" The Awnser was obviouse, but the question still confused him. "Yesterday's would be my first." Andy awnserd. Ray just smiled. "Well, you'll get use to the feeling eventually." He had ment this toward the sorness that Andy just now realized was there, which coinsidentally made him feel as if he were hit by a truck. "I can still remeber the first time I turned.....brutal.." he laughed. Andy had finished the rabbit when Ray had gotten up to start packing the supplies he had. Andy continued to think about last night.

When Andy looked back up, he saw Ray was almost done. "Ray?" he called out. Ray looked over his shoulder. "I'm not going to be able to go back, will I?" Ray saw the greif in Andy's eyes. He sighed, turning around and walking over to him. "No...probably not. By the sounds of last night, I would say you don't have any open arms to go home to." He must have seen Andy's heart sink lower because he continued. "It could have been worse. If you weren't run out yesterday, then you could probable have been killed by the next moon. How old are you Andy?" He gave anouther warm smile."..fifhteen.." Andy awnsered solumly. "Well, thats two years younger than me when I turned. You might have it a bit rougher than I had, but sooner or later you'll be able to get out there on your own." Andy was smashed, and he felt that his life now looked as if he were in hell, and there was no way back. Ray turned to go back to packing, but not before leaving a set of cloths for Will to change into.

((OK, now I'll leave it at that, I need to go take a shower. Now I'd like to say that yes I am one of thoose charicters, not a werewolf, just there personality and age wise. See if you can find witch one.))

After Andy changed into the cloths givin to him by Ray, white button up and some hammydown jeans, he turned to see Ray pooring some water onto the fire. He had finished packing and was ready to head out. "I think the next stop is north," he mumbled to himself.

"What do I do now?" Andy asked, just as Ray started to walk.
"Well, I guess it depends on you." He tried hiding the smerk pasted on his face, and continued on, leaving Andy with his thoughts. Before he knew it, Andy was fallowing Ray. Ray had mostly expected this, and to Andy it felt like the safest thing to do at the time.

The two traveled on for a few hours in silence. Andy was struggling a little to keep up, but not as much as he thought he would of been. The sorness in his body had left him with more of a sence of strangth and cordination. A few times he stumbled over a log or two, woundering why they weren't using the the trail, only to remeber that Andy was outlawed now.
Andy had finaly mustered the courage to ask Ray some questions. "Um Ray?.... How long have you been...well-"
"A werewolf?" Ray finished for him.
Andy nodded.
"Probably about, twenty nine years." He awnswerd. He must have seen Andy's astonishment, because he continued to explain, "Werewolves age a lot slower than humans."
This interested him. "How slow?" Andy probed.
"Probably a good four years to ower one." Ray laughed.
Andy did a quick count with his fingers. "So I have to wait three years before I turn Sixteen?!?!?"
"Well, you can always say you have time on your side." Ray chitted.

They continued to walk for anouther few miles before stopping for lunch, and settling down for the night. They made a camp fire and fell asleep as the day ended. This continued on as a routine for a few days. Ray had continued to share some stories about his life as a human. Always getting into truble with the adults, and making tones of friends. Ray also showed Andy how and where to catch rabbit, pluse how to cook them. Andy had always squirmed as he watched Ray kill the rabbits, never wanting to try it on his own for the first few days. He had even gone to the legth of perposly missing and falling flat on his face durring these hunts.
All this continued on for a good three days. One night though, Andy had looked up to see the moon agian, it slowly fading away.
This rose a question that he wanted to ask for a while. "Dose the moon change us during the other fazes?"
Ray looked up to the sky. "Yes, and no.. even though we don't turn into thoose monsters, we still change. Just in a lot slower way." He took a bite from a rabbit before continuing. "You know how when you dream, you once in a while see yourself? Only in the dream you seem more like your personality. Well, ower body's end up slowly changing us into thoose images. Thats kinda why so many people are attracted to us. Cause we look so flawless." He did a sideglance to see what Andy was thinking. "And the cool thing is, we can change the way we look just as fast as changing ower personalities. By what I learned from you already Andy, you might actually look a bit younger than you do now."
Andy thought about it for a few minutes. "So, will I roconize myself next time I look in a mirror?"
Ray looked over to him from across the fire. "Yes, but I doubt anyone else will. But, I can't say you won't notice the changes. Infact, I bet you could find some right now, if you could find some mirror. Its a bit to dark now though. I might even be able to give you a few pointers on how to use your looks later on." he laughed, then getting seriouse agian. "But ower looks do get us in trubble." He explained, his sofened smile never faltering from place.
Thats when Ray proceded to tell a few stories about his life as a new werewolf. Getting the girls, and having to be run out of town by there fathers. Andy ended up taking a spot next to the fire and falling asleep. Once agian drifting into his dreams. Only this time he was a bit happier.

((Ok, I know werewolves don't realy age that slowly, but I wouldn't have a story if Andy grew up to fast.))

The veary next morning, Andy took off to go find a nearby streem. When he finaly found a good spot to servey his face, he could see what Ray had been getting at about the changes. Andy didn't remeber looking so, childish. Aside from that, there seemed to be a little less freakles, but Everything else was the same, darkbrown hair, brown eyes, and his perfect teeth he was gifted with that always seemed to never get a chance to shine. What he didn't know though, was that by the time he and Ray make it to the first town, Andy would be sporting an entirly new image.

The next three days went by as usual, only Ray had managed to move on to talking about other things. The rarity of meeting other werewolves, the many resons why they avoid eachother, and the special occasions were you meet a pack of werewolves, also know as the elder families.
One topic that Andy happened to catch was the one where Ray had never met a werewolf younger than himself, untill himself. Something about children not being able to handle the transformation enless they were born with it, and how Andy might be special. Ray didn't stay on the subject long though.

When the two travelers saw the first sight of the city, they were in the middle of a conversation about 'why you shouldn't poke an alpha wolf with your walking stick.'
"...See, even if you manage to hide the stick, he still ends up finding it by its sent, and I bet you already know what hap- Hey! Looks like we made it to ower first stop!"  Ray exclaimed, pointing to the many lights clustered off in the distence.

"Realy?! Finaly, I'm was getting tired of looking at all theese trees." Andy smiled, happy enough to wag his tail, if he had one at the time.

"Hold on there big guy. We need to go over a rule or two first." Ray herd Andy let out a groan. "Oh common, Don't treat me like that. Its for your own good.... Now, you don't need to worry about being roconized as a werewolf from any pictures, cause it looks like you're already done changing from your old face.... mighty fine by the way. But don't go around blerting your name out to sevillians, infact, you might want to ditch the last name altogether and maybe the first as well. Maybe McRoy or Smith... naw to suttle for you.  Andy blackbeard, no too piraty. Andy Netway, Andy...... I got it!!! Just Andy ok! No last names at all!!" Ray gloted at his briliant idea.
"Why not Andy McKay?" Andy didn't like the sound of no last name, so he made sure to fill it in.
Ray gave him a look that showed he thaught Andy to be crazy. "Stupid Idea-Well anyway, the second rule is, never break any laws here. You usually only get one chance before your face is known, and its mighty hard to change it quickly. Other then that, stay away from silver, you should already know why... Ok lets go."
Ray finished with a salute and a more of a march toward the upcomming gate. Andy fallowed just as excited, if not more. He had been waiting for this a while now. Civilization!

Andy and Ray walked down the rock layered street. The night was lit by a string of dim lit lamps, many people still bissy. Many resturants and bars were open, all crowded and full of coustumers. Andy watched in awe as they passed the many people. When Ray lead them down an allyway Andy was left with wounder as he looked back to the bissy street.
"We'er going to cheak into the Inn before heading out, ok?" Ray explained over his shoulder "I think a good bed sounds nice, don't you?"
Andy was quick to reply, "But won't that cost money?"
Ray shook his head a bit, "Not where we'er going."
When they turned around another corner, the two came up on a wooden door. The building seemed to be hidden within the others. Ray turned the nob and lead Andy inside.

Inside was like a bar, that had exploded... twice. The place was also dim lit, and its the lumber walls looking as if in need of a wash. Wooden tables spread across the room, showing stains of beer, and beaten from the customers. The shreaded wood and peices missing from the tables scattered on the rug. The chairs were also wood, and looked as though they had endured the same abuse.
Yet many people of diffrent kinds, all were sitting and drinking, having a good time. A loud amount of laughter came from a party near the back, and what looked to be a stray bar fight at the other end. Andy hovered closer behind Ray, making sure not to get lost in the croud.
"What is this place?" Andy asked confused.
"The travelers Inn, its where all the travelers come when they need a place to stay for the night. Most of them are good hearted people, all in fun." Ray explained almost yelling over the others. He stopped Andy for a moment as a guy walked past. He motioned to him as he walked by. A guy with a rugged look, and a bad vibe that radiated strongly off of him. An almost hobble as he walked too. "But some are people you should leave alone." he wispered.

The two made there way to the counter, beer and other bevrages stacked against the stair case behind the counter. "I'd like a room please." Ray asked the man behind the counter. The old man handed a set of keys, couriosly looking at Andy before Ray added, "My brother." Ray pushed Andy toward the stairs before the guy could say anything else.
"What was that about?" Andy asked.
Ray's face went a bit red before replying, "Well, I don't think you'd want to know, but you know about homosexuality?"
Andy's face went red at that, fallowed by an muffled, "What the hell!" Thanks to Ray's hand stopping him from creating anymore attention.

When the two made it to their room, they quickly shuffled in, shutting the door behind them to drown out the noise. The room was small, almost box size. They managed to get two beds in, and a door that lead to an even smaller bathroom. The place also seemed to be tinted with grim. It was as if one of thoose small hotel rooms only, a forth the size and no window. Ray made his way to the back. Dropping his pack on the floor.
"Well, we made it. Now lets go party!" He shouted, "If you want, you can explor the city a bit. We'll be here a few days. Then we'll have to move on."
Andy sat on the other bed. "Realy? Where to?"
Ray hesitated."We'll, we can work out the details later. I'm planning on the arival of someone." Ray headed to the door agian. "Who knows, you might find a girl worth bein run out of town for." Ray laughed then opened the door and slipped out. Andy sat there a little serprised Ray had run out so fast.


Andy Had taken the liberty of taking a bath before going out. The cold water was broken, no big loss, so it ended up being a more scrortching bath than warm. It felt amazing though, to get all the dirt off. He use to hate taking baths before, but now Andy was glad for it. He got out after a few minutes, rubbing the water out of his hair before wrapping the towl around his weist.
When Andy wipped away the steam from the mirror, he was amazed by what he saw. Not just his face had change, but now Andy had an amazing body! A nice cut stumack and built arms, all corrisponding with his new face, which looked a lot more like the description Ray had given him a while ago. When Ray said flawless, he wasn't kidding. Andy had to admit, that he could just about let this all go to his head if it weren't for the fact that mirrors were hard to come by as a traveler. By the time Andy was sweped from his trance, the mirror had fogged up agian.
Not wanting to waste anymore time in front of the mirror, he left the bathroom.

Andy had officially agreed with himself to never get caught up in a mirror like that agian. Wasting away from vanity didn't sound like a fitting end to him.
After putting his cloths back on, Andy decided to head down stairs. Maybe going to find some food in this place was esier than hunting. Giving one last servey to the room he left.

The bar had settled down quite a bit, but there was still thoose stray bits of laughter. When Andy got to the bottom of the stairs, he did a side glance to see a sighn with 'Happy Hours' on it. 'Beer for 12 cents from 5 to 7.' That probably explained why everyone was out, and maybe why Ray had taken off so fast.
"Hey kid!" Andy herd from behind himself. He quickly turned around to see the bartender that gave them there room. Getting a better look now, he seemed a bit taggerd. His rolled up flanelshirt and grey hair, along with just as grey a berd. "Your brother asked me to pass this on to you." He finished, slapping a peice of paper into Andy's hand.
"T-thanks." Andy stuttered, the bartender only grunted with a wave of the hand.
Andy opened up the peice of paper to see a realy messy written letter.


Andy opened the paper more to find some money. A good amounts worth, probly for food and later supplies for the trip. Stuffing everything into his poket, Andy looked up to see a few people staring, one of which was the man that Ray warned to stay away from.
Andy felt a bit of a shiver go down his spine before he decided to head out. Turning toward the door he tried to leave, only to run face first into someone else. "S-sorry-" Andy apologized, before running out, leaving the musty Inn behind as he disapeared down the allyway.

Back at the Inn, a few eyes still fallowed Andy as he made his escape. The very man that had spooked the kid in the first place, now had gotten up and fallowed him out. The man's aura of death causing the air in the bar to halt. When the man left, anouther guy fallowed close behind. This one being the same size, and slightly brighter in skin color. He wore a smerk on his face, one that could be read as 'insane'.
Only after they left did a Wisper break out, "Thoose two were Vasper and Digery. Vasper is that assasin the ISI is looking for."
Anouther voice broke in, "Yeah, and Digery has been found guilty of murder! What do they want with that kid?"
"Should we do something?"
"Wanna die? Stay out of it. That kid is on his own...... God help him."

Meanwhile, Andy had made it to the main street, obliviouse to his two stalkers. He started walking to one of the stores he saw on the way in.
"Maybe if I get a new set of cloths first." Andy thought out loud to himself. He looked into the windows of the shops he passed. Some full of usles trinkets, other with womens clothing. He finaly made it to a store that was full of both cloths for men and women. Andy pushed open the door, bells jingling, as he walked in.
The place was realy clean, campaired to the Inn. No grim or dust collected anywhere. A few shoppers spread out acroos the store, and the storeowner. Andy quietly made his way to the back, looking for some jeans first. All were new, and in veried sizes. He remebered his size from home, but wasn't sure if he'd fit in it still. And it was realy hard to find anything remotly close to what he needed.
When Andy finaly found a pair that might fit him, he took them to the back to try them on.
Andy felt embarrased that he had to be seen even going into the dressing rooms, but having to stay in hammydown jeans was even worse. Once he got the pair he found on, they seemed to fit quite nicly, surprising himself that it was two sizes smaller than before.
Andy quickly changed back and headed toward the front cashier, but not befor grabbing another white shirt, that would fit him better than Ray's.

"Can I help you?" asked the lady up front, sounding a bit happy and amused to see Andy. Andy just smiled as he handed her the cloths. The Lady took her time ringing it up, taking a few long side glances at Andy when he wasn't looking. "That will be 9-no sorry 8400 please." Andy handed her one of the bills Ray left him. "Out of 11000, that'd be......2600" She chimed, "So, when did you get into town honey? Planning on staying?" She asked as she got Andy's change.
"U-um, I got in today. Me and my Brother are leaving in a few days." Andy replied hesently, feeling a bit out of place by the lady's friendlyness.
"Your brother? Oh, you two must be close. Is he older or younger?" She now asked, wanting him to be older.
"I-i guess. He's a few years." Andy didn't realy want to hang around much longer after this.
"Well, you should bring him by sometime. Here's your chang 6400. Have a nice day." Andy hesitated as he took the money. Not realy sure how she went from 2600 to 6400, he just shrugged it off, leaving the shop in a bit of a hurry. The amount was in his favore anyway.

((Ok, a few more charicters have been introduced. See which ones will move onto the upcomming action. And maybe what Ray is realy doing on his night.))

((p.s, im changing the main charicter's name. from Will to Andy, for some reson will doesn't seem right anymore. Andy makes him seem like more of a teen then a child. so be awear that i might have missed some here and there lol))

Andy walked back towards the allyway. He had stopped by a food mart and picked up some raw meat. Carfull not to rise suspision about his eating habits, he said that his family was making a big dinner tonight. Now he turned down the allyway with the cloths bag in one hand, and a paper grocerybag in the other.
As Andy looked down the allyway, he got a sence of danger rushing through him. Not wanting to go any deeper into the ally he quickly turned to head back to the street. Big mistake.

Vasper, the man Andy had made shure to avoid, stood in the middle of the allyway, blocking Andy from leaving with a knife drawn from his pocket. Andy's eyes Widened not sure on what to do. Vasper looked as though he could kill him at any wrong movment.
"U-um, excuse me sir do you kno-" Andy was cut off.
Vasper had lunged forward, knife pointed forward, and came two inches away from cutting Andy!
Luckily Andy had fallen backwards, both bags scattering out over the ground, causing Vasper to trip almost falling ontop of Andy. Meanwhile Andy had brought up both his legs, stopping Vasper from falling ontop of himself, and kicked Vasper up and over the top of Andy! As vasper was on his back stunned by the sudden flip, Andy took a running dash out into the puplic street!
When Andy looked over his shoulder he saw the croud scatter as Vasper fallowed out of the allyway swinging his knife! 'Run! I have to Run!' Was all Andy was thinking at the time. He herd a few more shouts from some passing civilians!
Not thinking stright, Andy turned down into anouther allyway, only one down from where it all started! When Andy made his way down the ally, jumping over crates and trash cans, he turned anouther corner! Dead end!
"shite!" Andy shouted as he came up on the wall. He turned around to see Vasper hadn't caught up yet, 'Where to go, Where to go?' Andy Saw a couple of creates and quickly climbed up on them, jumping as he tried to climp the wall to the roof! Barly grabbing hold, Andy came tubbling down onto the creat with a loud 'CRACK!' The creats had broken, and Andy lay flat on his back looking into the face of his persuer....

"YOU STUPID BRAT!!! WHERE IS HE!!" Vasper yelled as he slamed Andy against the wall, threatening to cut Andy's throught. Andy flinched from feeling the knife burn his skin. "Hurts don't it?! Silver you know.... Now, where is he!!!"
Andy closed his eyes trying not to look at the guy dirctly, "I don't know who your talking about!" Andy wined.
"BULL!!!" Vasper yelled. "I saw you two walk in together!........... You know who I am boy? I'm Vasper, the assasin that will kill you if you don't tell me where the hell Ray OwNeal is!!!!" Vasper slid the knife across Andy's neck a bit, the knife burnning a fine line into Andy's skin! Andy couldn't help but Shout out in pain!
"Stop please, I don't know where he is!" Andy Closed his eyes as he saw Vasper raise his knife up to stike! A second later the pressure from Vasper's grip dissapeared!

As Andy opened his eyes agian, he was on the floor watching Vasper and some other guy he didn't know, fight. Vasper ended up throwing his knife in Andy's direction, barly clipping the other side of his neck, as the other man knocked him out with a punch! When the fight was over, Andy was on the verg of blacking out.

"Hey kid? You ok?"
When Andy looked up, he reconized the man as the one he ran into on the way out of the Inn. He looked about the same age as Ray, only a little older. He was cleary better off seeing how he looked a lot cleaner than Ray did, no stubble, and hell as no layer of dirt Ray had from traveling.
"Looks like he got you pritty good. For a second I thought you had him at the beginning, but you can't expect a kid to do much." He crouched down to get a better look at Andy's neck, lifting up his chin to inspect it better. Two large cuts ran across the front and side of Andy's neck, barly missing any vital spots. "Woah, lucky for you he's got bad aim... I'm Digery by the way."
Digery ripped a strip from the bottom of his shirt, before wraping it around Andy's neck, stopping the bleeding. "There you go. Downer though, You'll probably have a couple of scars on that pretty skin of yours."
Andy looked up a bit confused. "T-Thanks.... I'm Andy.." he croaked, not from the cuts but more from the pressure of the cloth.
"No prob... here." Digery handed Andy the two bags he dropped. "Its my duty to help out another were, especialy a puppy." He jitted.
Andy tensed up at the mention that Digery was a WereWolf, and slightly from the age remarke. "Y-you know I-i'm a werewolf?"
Digery couldn't help but let out a little laugh. "Yeah, I could smell it a ways away.... by the looks of it, Vasper did too... Here lets head back to the Inn." Digery said, walking with Andy back down the allyway. Andy looked over nervously at Vasper, who lay unconciouse. "Don't worry, the I.S.I will come for him. He's as good as dead." Digery stated, "So Andy, Why was Vasper so keen to have your head?"
Andy decided that it was no use hiding things from a guy that saved his life. So as the two made there way back, Andy told everything about from when he first saw Vasper to the part where he closed his eyes.

When Digery and Andy made it back to the Inn, they ended up being greeted by a fairly good croud. The bartender and other coustumers had all been waiting to see if Andy would be reterning alive. All unawear that he was a werewolf of course. Andy didn't have time to explain cause Digery pushed him upstairs.
"Now Andy, I want you to get a good sleep tonight. I know that this event has probably taken a lot out of you, so sleep well ok. By tomarrow your Cuts will heal, but I can probably say you'll have some scars for a while." Digery opened the door for Andy, "See ya tomarrow." He chimed with a salute.

'He's just as protective as Ray is.' Andy thought as he slipped into his bed. Digery was right about the exaustion thing though, Andy had fallen asleep fast after that.

((Poor Andy is going to have scars, all because of Ray. Well, guess he'll have to hide them. You'll see how.))

Andy woke up the next morning a little confused. Everything seemed to just fly by yesterday. As if it were all a dream. From the point where him and Ray showed up at the Inn to the part where Andy had gotten into bed. Most of which Andy had no say in. He was just dragged along as if some sort of doll. What signaled to him that it was all real, was the bloody peice of cloth that was still wrapped around his neck. Now looking more closly at it, he could see that his shirt also had a few drops of blood on it, his he wasn't sure.

Andy got up a few minutes after recollecting his thoughts about yesterday, lazily making his way to the bathroom. After washing all the dried blood off of himself, he could see the cuts had heald quite nicly. Only there were two veary large scare left in there places. Digery had been right. That stupid silver dagger had left its mark on his body. By the looks of it, they were going to last a while, as if they were burned into his skin, which they were. Not wanting anyone else to see the scares, he washed off the bloody cloth and wraped it back around his neck.

After taking the time to wash up, Andy serched the room for his new cloths. Finding them on a chair next to the front door. "Not even touched." He sighed, happy to hear his voice was unaffected by the brawl. Andy slipped on the new shirt and jeans before putting on his shoes and leaving the room.

Andy had a load of questions he wanted to ask, but seeing that they had to be held off untill he found either Ray or Digery, he decided to go looking for them. When he made his way down the stairs, there wasn't the fimiliar sound of party goers.
'Well it is morning,' Andy thought to himself.
When Andy made it to the bottom of the stairs, the many tables were all almost empty, except for a few early birds, and the bartender was up and about clattering through the many beer glasses.
What serprised Andy the most though, was the two people taliking at one of the smaller tables. Digery and Ray, both looking as though in a seriouse conversation. When Andy started to head over, he saw a few eyes flick up in his direction, bartender's included. Andy just gave a small smile and kept on going, seeing out of the corner of his eye a nod of reconization from the bartender. When Andy was only a few steps away from the table, Digery looked up in surprise.

"Hey, look who's up! Hows it goin Kid?" Digery smiled, his attmpt at descretly alerting Ray of Andy's arival.

Ray quickly turned around, his expression changing back to his normal happy self. "Morning Andy, Feelin ok? Digery told me about your incounter with Vasper lastnight."

Andy couldn't help but feel a bit of resentment towards Ray, it was him Vasper was looking for after all. "Yeah, he'd been looking for you." Andy retorted.

"Yeah, sorry about that..." Ray apologized, not realy knowing what to say other wise.

"How's the cut's" Digery cut in, pulling a chair out so Andy could sit down.

"They healed, just like you said." Andy sighed. He sat down in the chair Digery had offered, pulling down the cloth so Digery could see the scares.

Digery leaned closer to take a look, "Ahhh, heald up nicly, a shame for the scares though. If only Vasper had used a regular dagger."
He undid the rest of the cloth, seeing the full legth of both scares. The first was cut across the entire front of Andy's neck, breaking in two places casing it to restart just above the last. The second was even longer, a little higher then the first, and going all the way to nearly the back of the neck. Coincedentaly close enough to look like one scar, Both to obviouse to miss, but not enough to be seen when hidden by the inch wide strip of cloth.
Ray had the look that showed he couldn't even begin to think of a way to making it up to Andy.

"Well, I got you something to Hide the scares with. The ripped up bandages might get a bit old for you. I'm not sure if your the type of person to wear these, but here." Digery held out what looked to be a collar. No spikes or studs like that, but just a plain black one that could esily buckle on and off.

"Thanks Digery." Andy smiled. He took the collar from him and quickly tired it on. Taking it off to ajust it quickly, then putting it back on agian, covering both scars without a problem. "I don't look stupid do I?" He asked the other two.

"Not at all." Digery smiled.

"You look great, can't even see the scares." Ray offered, still trying to get on Andy's good side agian.

Andy smiled at the two, "Thanks."

Meanwhile the door to the Inn had opened up, letting in a women. She seemed just as radiant and flawless as the veary people she came to see. She had golden hair that barly dropped below her shoulders. Her eyes filled with pride and mystery, also mirrored in her face from her unbroken expression of determination. She wore a clean fit shot dress, covered by a fur fox coat. Wen she walked her steps clicked from the heeled shoes, that she skillfully walked in.
Turning the heads of evey one in the bar, she started scanning the room, her eyes landing on the table with Andy, Ray, and Digery.
Andy could smell her sent from where he sat, 'Anouther one.' He alerted himself. She made her way through the croud a smile rising on her face now.

"Ray! Long time no see!" She squeeled, her voice calm and cool, but still bearing her emotion of excitment.

Ray stood up, arms held out as the women embraced him. "Vexia! Its great to see you agian!" he smiled. "Here sit down, sit down." He pulled out anouther chair from the table for her.

Gracfully accepting, she sat down, crossing her legs in a ladylike way. "Ray, you've changed. I specifically remeber telling you not to. Now your hair looks darker." She pouted. Vexia's eyes then strayed to the other two peple at the table, Her eyes narrowing as they fell on Digery. "And what are you doing here?" she sneered.

Digery just rolled his eyes as if just as discusted. "Nice to see you too. Whats it been. Twenty four years now? Way too short in my opinion." he retaliated.

"Still butt hurt? oh so sad." Vexia taunted.

"Digery ended up scarring away one of Vexia's onenight stands. Vexia hasn't forgiven him yet." Ray explained to Andy. Andy just nodded not realy sure what to say.

"Me? No. I've already forgotten. Gruges are beneth me. Besides, I'm not here for you." Digery laughed.

"Then why are you here?" Vexia asked.

"For Andy, he's had a bit of an accedent last night." Digery had put his hand on Andy's shoulder showing that he was there too. "He got stuck in the middle of one of Ray's problems."

Vexia's attitude seemed to change when her eyes landed on Andy. "Oh dear, are you alright? Ray you Ideot, what did you do to him!?" She glared over at Ray, who had momentarily backed out of the conversation. "Thats Ray for you, always getting into brawls. Sometimes I just have to force-" she raised her fist to hit Ray, bearing her teeth as if threatening to kill him, making Ray flinch, "The goodness into him." she finished going back to her quieter tone. "I'm sorry, I'm Vexia!" she introduced herself. "Andy right? I've herd so much about you."

Andy stammered a bit before asking. "R-realy? From who?" He must have not been herd, becuse Vexia had turned around and given Ray a hit as he let his gaurd down.

"Hey hey hold on. I didn't call you here to get pummled on." Ray said starting to get a bit impatient, and getting seriouse. "Now you know About the up comming cerimony right? Well I've been recruting for some help on finding the Harvester."

"Realy? I herd he went missing a few years ago." Vexia stated. She was still looking Andy over as she said this. Almost imobolized in her own thoughts. Continuing to stare into Andy's eyes. "So cute.." She whispered, knowing Andy could hear her.

"Yeah, right along with Cain. That monster. Went and demalished a whole town ya know." Digery added.

Andy jumped a bit when he felt a hand move through his hair. It was Vexia, seeming to be amused trying to toy with Andy. She stared into his eyes, as if trying to read something from him. This caused Andy's face to redden.

"Yes, Well. I found there trail. And it looks like the two of them are headed for The Pass." Ray explained, trying to get Vexia's attention away from Andy.

"The Pass? What do they plan on doing? Running away to the new land? Hardly anyone has made it over? It only surfaces for three days! Its suicide!" Vexia protested. She was no longer looking at Andy.

"Shhhhh, you don't need to tell the world, ya know." Digery whispered, looking around the Inn to see a few eyes in there direction.

Andy didn't know what any of the stuff was that they were talking about, But by the sounds of it,  Ray wasn't just traveling when they first meet. Andy was a bit caught up in his thoughts when Ray said the next part.

"Well anyway. As I was traveling, I ended up comming aross a few things.. Meeting someone uniqe being one." Ray nodded toward Andy, trying to make sure he wouldn't see. Assuming the others knew what he was talking about.

"You don't recon?" Vexia started in a whisper, hopfully so Andy wouldn't hear.

"I'm not positive, but I've been thinking a bit about it. But I think I might hold off on asking the question." Ray finished.

"That might actually explain a lot," Digery began. "But if he is, you know what this might mean right?"

Andy ended up looking back at the group just as everyone went leaning back in there chairs, as though nothing happened. Andy didn't expect a thing.

"Well, I called Vexia here so I could get some info on a certian group of people. You've still been keeping track of the Romers Vexia?" Ray continued, Looking to Vexia as he asked his question.

"I might know a few things, its a lot of trubble just staying in touch with them." Vexia sighed, straying a bit towards Andy agian.
Andy leaned back in his seat a bit, nervouse once agian from Vexia's stare.

"Well, they might know where Cain is. I need you to go find out where." Ray ordered. He seemed to be getting into a leadership role agian.

"Well I'm not doing it Without a reward first.." She never looked away from Andy this time. Watching him sink in his seat. "I'd be more than happy to make a request...... How about it Andy honey? Care to have a bit o' fun tonig-" Vexia was cut off.

"Oh common! He's just a kid!" Digery snaped. "You can't be that low."

Vexia frowned. Sitting back down in her seat agian. "I can't help it, He's so cute! Probably even hot if he were older." She pouted. "Even that collar makes him look even cuter, and you know how hard it is to do that..........I just want to eat him." A sly grin creaped cross her face, eyes almost flairing.
The next moment Broke Vexia's gaze. The bartender had brought over almost an entire tray of beer.

"This is from the nice gentlmen, over there...... and there, and there." He said pointing out to Vexia the many diffrent admirers she had just aquired. He then set down a wine bottle, "And this is on the house." He left with a slight smerk poking through his beard.
When Andy looked at the others, Digery had his hand over his face a bit embarrased to even be there, Vexia had her normal grinn on agian, and Ray just laughed amused by the show.

"Once agian, Vexia goes and lights up the room." Digery mumbled in a joking matter.

Andy looked a bit confused, so Ray had to go and remind him, "Andy, Remeber that talk about how flawless we look? Well its about the same, Vexia just knows how to use her looks better than others."

"Yep, And its worth it too, now drink up!" She giggled, passin around the beer, one to Andy also. "Cheers!" she chimed before taking a swig from the wine bottle the bartender left.

Ray and Digery fallowed her example, but not befor Ray took the one in front of Andy. "your still to young, even in dog years."


To be Continued....

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Re: Masks and Faces

Masks and Faces Part II
By Scott McKay 2/17/08

Andy, Ray, Vexia, and Digery all left the Inn after there, unplanned but exciting, Drinking fest. Digery greatfully taking Andy's as he was to young to drink still. When the four WereWolves left, they decided to go for a nice trip to the town square.

"It might take a few days to get to the area we need, so lets pack up on supplies first." Vexia informed Ray as they entered into the large crouded area."The three of us might need some moutian climbing aquipment too."

"Mountian climbing? Cool," Andy added enthusiasticaly.

"Four..." Digery interupted.

"What?!!!!" Vexia was almost apalled at his statment.

"Four... There's four of us. I'm comming too. Ray had invited me aloung way before you were added into this expidition." Digery didn't raise his voice, Infact he said this more in a sarcastic happy tone.

"Oh fine." Vexia groaned as she waved it off, not wanting to get in on a fight with Digery agian. 

"I think we should go in two groups to get ower supplies. Two of use goes and get the mountian equipment, while the others get the food and extra supplies." Ray sujested.

"Well I'm not going With Digery, If I have to see his face for the next month, then I want to spend my last day with him out of my sight." Vexia protested. Almost acting out a head ack.

"Fine. Digery and I will get the mountian aquippment. You and Andy go get the rest." Ray resoned. He left with a smile, but not before handing a few bills to Vexia, who seemed quite pleased.

Andy watched as Digery gave his playfull wave, almost as if tauting Vexia, before fallowing Ray. Andy looked up at Vexia to see her frown at his gesture.

"Well Andy honney, lets get started Shall we?" She finaly cooed with a smile.

Vexia had lead Andy into a few diffrent stores, markets of diffrent kinds, Ocasionally stopping for some unneeded window shopping at a few clothing stores. Vexia had asked about Andy's life before he met Ray, finding out a few interesting things she hid from Andy. She Would then continue to tell her own adventures, most all about boys she was after, just like Ray had a few times.
When the two were in one of the market stores, waiting on some dried bread and meat, Andy caught a glims of a passing man. He had been fallowing them for quite a while, allways staring at Vexia. Vexia had fallowed Andy's gaze and couldn't help but smile.
"Anouther one of my admirers......" Vexia laughed. Andy looked back at her still surprised by this. "Wanna know my secret Andy?" She then asked, in a whisper.

"There's a secret to that?" Even though Ray had mentioned this eralier, Andy only thought Vexia just dressed a certian way or something. "Ray said It was just becuse of ower looks."

"To Hell with what Ray knows! Honestly, Ray's a bit..... in his head, in my opinion. Besides, What I know took me years to find. The Elder families had been keeping it to themselves since time began, but I fanaly managed to ste- I mean, wager with them, to get it." Vexia ranted..she saw that Andy couldn't help but smile when she slipped. "Ok Fine, I stole it... Just don't tell anyone ok, not even Ray. I could loose my head over this." She admitted seriously.

"Your Secret is safe with me," Andy grinned.

The Butcher finaly came back With the food, handing it over to Vexia wrapped in plastic and a paper bag. When the guy rang up the money he added a discount, in an attempt to pleese Vexia. Vexia offered a thank you, then pushed Andy aloung as they continued there conversation.

"Now, its not about a set of mind, or anything like that. Its more like a feeling. But instead your just radiating it to everyone else. All you have to do is turn on the switch. Once you do it though, you can't really stop." Vexia explained.

"Wait so the WereWolf Aura is real?" Andy asked surprised.

"Yes. But only the elders were able to use it. They were being stingy. It even works on other Werewolves." Vexia stopped the two of them in the middle of the town square at the fountian. "Now, what your supose to do is think of something that apeals to a lot of people, something that could fit your personality too. Your going to have to mix it with the thought of adiction, so people can't get enough of you."

Andy thought for a moment, not realy comming up with anything. "What did you pick?" He finaly asked.

Vexia blushed, looking down as a couple of peices of her hair fell infront of her face. "Well, I picked roses. One, becuse belive it or not, everyone can't help but stop to smell the roses..... and that was kinda what my boyfriend at the time pictured me as......but be carfull, it sticks with you for life....I think.
Ok, once you think of something, you close your eyes, and almost picture urself being that idea, then once you got a good feeling, you push that feeling out through your skin... Ready to try?"

Andy still hadn't gotten what he wanted to use as his main idea. Already thinking of adiction, Andy started thinking about how he'd always wanted to be seen, having some body caring who he was. Now closing his eyes he started spreading that thought through his entire body. He continued to think.... how he never wanted to be alone, always wanting to be wanted, and....... loved. Admired. Thats when Andy radiated his thoughts... not realizing that all of the thoughts conbined would cause him later trubbles. "I think I did it." Andy Exhailed.

"MMM.... yeah I think you did... Its a good one too. What did you think of?" Vexia asked. Looking a bit confused.

"Well, a lot of stuff. Mostly ab-" Andy was cut off.

"Wait! So you didn't pick just one thing?!" Vexia had the look of surprise, but it was quickly replaced by what looked like fear. Her eyes had traveled passed Andy into the distance, on a man who was staring right at Her and Andy "Uh-oh, Andy we have to go." She said ergently. Picking up the bags and grabbing Andy's hand as she dragged them into the croud agian. A couple more eyes ,here and there, fallowing them as they left.


Vexia had dragged Andy all the way to the aquipment store where Ray and Digery were. They had just ordered the mountian gear as the two came bursting through the door panting.

"We have a problem!" Vexia huffed. "One of the Romer's assasins has come to town!"

Ray and Digery both turned around at hearing that. Both looking confused and worried.

"How long Were they trailing us? Did they only see you?" Digery asked quickly.

"I don't know, but I do know that he saw Me and Andy! Starring right at us!......They could just be here for Ray. But if they are, and know he's here, then they surly know about the rest of us!" Vexia resoned. She looked over to Ray for some solution.

"Ok, here's the plan. Digery, you go back to the Inn and grab ower stuff, they might not know your here least of all, and your better at getting them lost. Vexia, do you got the other supplies?" Ray asked. Vexea held up the bag. "Ok, Andy, Vexia and I will got for a run to the woods just outside of town! Digery can meet us there. You all got it?" Everyone nodded there heads, all looking over to the clerk that just came back with the rest of the stuff. Digery left, running just as the door closed. Ray paid the man and grabbed the equipment, leading Vexia, who was draggin Andy still, out through the back. The three Werewolves ran through the allyways and streets, dodging the rush of the afternoon. Both Ray and Vexia were on the look out for something.

"Why are the Romer's assasins so dangerouse. Couldn't you and Digery just take them out like the last one?" Andy finaly spoke up to ask.

"No, Vasper wasn't part of the Romers. The Romers are a clan of WereWolves, fallowers of one of the most outlawed WereWolves known. Cain. We have reson to belive the Romers are hiding his trail, and I'm the one fallowing it. So its obviouse how that could turn out, the Romer's know far more about killing WereWolves." Ray turned a corner, not slowing in speed. "And Andy, there are a lot more Romers compaired to the rest of the population of werewolves. So being on there bad side is suicude. Right now we need to make sure they only know about me, not Vexia, Digery or You. I can't have you all get killed cuse of helping me. And Vexia....... Can you please get rid of your admirers!!" Ray finished gesturing to the new set of people now fallowing them. They all seemed to be dying to keep up, leaving a nice trail for the assasin to fallow. Men and Women alike in a fit to cheak out the new charmers in town.

"What? Hold on!" Vexia started to slow down, but then sped up agian, a bit worried. "There not mine!" She said ergently.

Ray Quickly Turned his head in alarm, and impatence. "What do you mean 'not yours'?!! " He then Switched over to look at Andy. "VEXIA! WHAT DID YOU DO!!"

Now a bit scared of Ray, Vexia Explained. "Well, Before I saw the assasin, I taught Andy my secret. And I think he ended up over doing it." She flinched a bit as Ray Quickly fell back and grabbed Andy from her hold.
Andy was even pulled off his feet as Ray swung him forward, being forced to cling to Ray's back as he picked up speed.

"So your telling me Andy is now cursed! I had a reson why I didn't want to try your trick. Staying out of sight is usually hard enough! And now you've doomed this poor boy!" Ray saw the look in Andy's eyes as he said this, Ray sighed. "Its fine, we can fix it." Ray said calmer.

Andy hadn't seen Ray so upset like this. He even got Vexia to shut up. When Andy looked back at the many people, they were getting further away. Vexia continued to stay quiet as they made there way to the forest.

As the three Werewolves came up onto the boarder of the forest, the three of them slowed down. Ray set Andy down on the ground, pushing him behind himself. Ray was making sure that no one would try ambushing them.

"You Ok Andy?" Ray asked looking at him. Andy only shook his head. "Good, now if you see, or hear anything, then I want you to take cover.... but stay close by and dont leave my sight."

Vexia took off her fox coat and handed it to Ray. "I-I am sorry, I didn't realy think that he'd get the idea as well as he did. Not even the elders thought of using more than one idea." She apologized as Ray took the coat.

"Well, it only proves my theory more correct." He whispered back to her. "So, please watch over him." He added.

"Um Ray? I think I hear someone comming." Andy stated as he looked toward the way they came.

Ray quickly rushed forward putting Andy behind himself. And a few moments later Digery came trotting back holding a couple of backpacks and a gun. "Howdy. Any trubble?" He asked panting.

"Not much, just some city people. You?" Ray asked, still alert.

"Loads of stuff happened after I left yall. It was like a war zone out there, body parts and blood spewed everywhere! I thought I wouldn't make it out alive! and the-" Digery was cut off in mid-sentence.

"Let me guess. You saw a couple of ugly girls and decided to stop and flirt for a bit, and after they didn't give you a number, you left." Vexia glowered with a small smerk.

"Noooo.... I saw two REALY PRETTY girls and decided to stop and flirt. And I would have gotten there numbers if it wern't for the fact that three werewolves came running through with a mob of people tailing them, which caused them to loose intrest in me." He countered.

"Sorry that was my falt," Andy admitted finaly comming out of the shock. "er, sorta."

Digery raised his eyebrow a bit intreted. He took a moment to look a little closer at Andy as if he hadn't in the past few hours. "Oooohhh, I see..... Damn, thats cute." He mused devilishly pulling Andy in closer for a hug.

"Hey!" Andy shouted out in protest, trying to push away but failing against the other's strangth.

"Well then, guess we got out better than expected.... but we shouldn't be standing around like this. lets head out." Ray declaird, turning around.

Vexia struted after him, but not before taking a bag from Digery, who still had an arm wraped around Andy.
"Ah! Let -go!" Andy protested still. Digery just laughed, ruffling the boy's hair before dragging him along, now trapping him in a headlock like some older brother.

But off in the distence, the four were being watched by, not one but two, pairs of eyes. One bleonged to the long forgotten hunter Vasper, Digery and Andy left in the ally, the other was by the lone assasin from the Romers.

"See, I told you the boy was with him." Vasper hissed under his breath.

"I see your point." The Assasin grinned, keeping everything as strict bissness. "Well mister Vasper, I guess hiring you was a good idea after all. I hope to be in touch in the near future." He stated not giving a glance toward Vasper. "But This is as far as I can go with you around." And before Vasper could flinch, a sickenning crack sounded across the forrest.

to be continued...

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Re: Masks and Faces

more space

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Re: Masks and Faces

ok, I got a new bit of stuff up and goin. I went and added a lot to the older ones too. So enjoy.

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Re: Masks and Faces

I'm liking your story so far.  That last section was a bit long but good none the less.  I can't wait to see more.  smile

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Re: Masks and Faces

yeah, I think its going be that way now that I'm writing the conversaitons difrently.

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Re: Masks and Faces

Alright so I know that i havn't been on in a while................... few months actually... possibly longer, so i hope i still got my readers. But id like to anounce that i have recently turned 16 lol so i am now the age of my main charicter... i think... wait no i dont think that hes sixteen yet. Havn't writen that in lol. guess ill be spending the night reading instead of adding on to what i got up there.

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Re: Masks and Faces

I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to look over your story. It seems like a good story from what little I've read. Don't be discouraged by the lack of response, I know the feeling all too well. You'll generate more audience. If you post a maximum of 2 - 2 1/2 microsoft pages, it will be more appealing to the reader.
Still, I look forward to reading it. smile

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Re: Masks and Faces

Masks and Faces Part II
By Scott McKay 10/7/08

((sorry for such the long wait, kinda gave up on the computer fo
r a bit. Made a couple changes to the top couple so you might want to read through them, or go to the ending of the second post lol.))

Now that the four Andventurers were off, fallowed by there stalker, they had to be a bit more carfull making there way to 'The Pass'. For one, they had to be carfull not to say anything in front of Andy. Poor Andy was so destracted in the City that he had missed the whole conversation about why the tripp was taking place, and it seems like Ray had made plans to keep it that way for him. And now that they were all out of things to distract Andy's growing perspective with, Digery, Ray, and Vexia were forced to censor there conversations to the point they couldn't even talk out a plan for the days ahead. Of course they wern't allways forced to be carfull, most of there secret motives were discussed late durring the night while Andy slept.

"I swear this kid is getting smarter," Vexia whispered. "He knows something is up, and it's causing him to pay closer attention to us." She complained looking over to where Andy layed silently asleep. Vexia couldn't help but smile, "But I think it might be worth it now that I get to see that cute face."

"Yeah, but he wont be very usefull to us if he knows what's going on." Digery countered, also watching Andy. "Man, it still makes my hair stand when I look at his face... To think we might actually-"

"Quiet-" Ray cut in. Andy sturred a little bit, sinking lower into his sleeping bag. "Wow, that wass close." He grinned. "Well, I think its amazing how he practically walked into my hand, but I have to say that I realy didn't think much of him when I first saw him. He looked as though he were already dead, yet when I passed by I herd his heart beat. Sent me thorugh the branches." They all laughed, silenting themselves when Andy moved agian, then Ray got seriouse. "But after watching him turn, I couldn't help but notice that I might have stumbled onto the remaining key I needed to win this war. And even though Vexia's secret practicaly blew our cover, I think it ended up working out for the better. We now hold power." A sly smile came into play as he finished this statment, Ray looking as though some venom might be present in his angelic face.
Vexia and Digery both watched the fire between them, knowing full well what was comming.

((ok i know, crappy start, but hey It sets things up for when good and evil decide to dance a little bit. nothing is as it seems here.))

to be continued,

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Re: Masks and Faces

Masks and faces II 10/16/08

Andy woke up with a start, sweat covering his skin. Quickly taking in his soroundings, Ray and the others sleeping, the fire sizzling out, Andy listened for the sound that had waken him up.
'keep it together Andy it was just-' Andy started to assure humself before the same peircing noise came cutting through the air agian. He felt his hair stand on end as he brought his hands up to cover his ears. 'CRAP!' he cursed to himself. Andy quietly got up, being carfull not to wake the others. When he acedentaly tripped over a wine bottle, Andy couldn't help but sigh. If they had been drinking then nothing would wake them.

Now running through the forest, he made his way carfully to the near by river, making shure to cheak every few feet so he could find his way back. When Andy was a good ways off, he finaly decided it was safe to call out, "Hello? Anyone out there?"

Andy waited for a few seconds before he herd a russle in the leaves. He didnt bother to look over there cuse he new theyed be in the oposite direction, witch happend to be more trees. "I know your there! I can still hear the ringing! Its anoying as hell!"

"So your still as sharp as ever huh kid?" Came a cheery voice. "And here I thought you wouldn't hear it. Most werewolves can't you know."

"Shuddup!" Andy snapped. "Your stupid dog whistle is anoying as hell. Why the hell do you have to anoy me with that stupid peice of scrap metal anyway? Its just garbage just like you." Andy scowled waiting for the reply.

"Still mad at me huh? You know I didn't mean to bite you. It was an acident. Besides, by the look of it your coping with it quite well. You actualy seem to be enjoying it too." The voice continued.

"Yeah, being run out by my friends and family after that monster destroied the place was the happiest day of my life." Andy sneered sarcastcly, continuing to search. "Why the hell arn't you out here yet?"

"Cuse I'm not realy there..." He laughed.

Andy was quiet for a moment, clearly freaked by this. He could of sworn that HE was here somewhere near. "W-what do you mean? A-....are you in my head?"

"Yep, cool huh?" He smerked.

"NOOOO! NOW GET OUt!! I DONT WANT TO BE CRAZY TOO!!! Thanks to you that monster ruined my life!" Andy brought his hands to his temple as though he had some bad headach.

"Ok fine I'll get out, but I have to warn you. You've seem to of gotten yourself into a bit of a mess, might want to watch you back for the next couple of days. Ok see you later kid."

Andy sat there in silence for a bit. He didn't know what to make of his, MENTAL PHONE CALL he just recived. The very person who had started his whole adventure had just been inside his head. After anouther few minutes of sitting there, Andy decided to head back to camp, shaking off his experience as some dream. When Andy made it back to camp, he saw that Vexia's sleeping bag was empty. She usually got up around this time anyway. Andy sighed and walked over to were Digery was at.

"Oi, wake up you drunk.." And grinned, giving the wolf a kick in the side.... Bad move. Digery woke up with a growl attacked Andy, pinning him to the ground in less then a second. As Andy lay on his back, Extreemly astonished, Digery slowly realized what was going on.

"Andy?" He asked tiredly, his face only inches from his while Digery's two hands had Andy's wrists against the cold grownd. "My my, look who I found In my bed with me," Digery grinned evily.

Andy didn't move, he was breathing to fast to say anything. The shock of being taken down still not over yet.

"Your so cute," He laughed, leaning in to kiss the boy.

"Digery WAKE THE HELL UP...- and get off him!.." Came Ray's deep voice as Digery was kicked aside and off of Andy. "Stupid drunk...... Are you ok Andy?" Ray smiled grabing hold of Andy's arm before helping him up. Andy was still in shock. "Well, maybe now you'll be a little more carfull when waking someone up." Digery let out a groan and sat up holding his side.

"Why did you do that?" He demanded. Glaring up at Ray from the ground.

"Ask Andy." Ray grinned before walking of. Andy was just now getting over the shock, his face going from white to red.

"Oh hell...... Andy? you ok Kid?" Digery asked hesitently.

A little look back on Andy's life would tell you, once again, how childish he was. At age sixteen Andy was still as pure as a gradeschooler with their first crush. Now having been introduced to a whole diffrent side to things, Andy didn't know what to think.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine." Andy quickly dismissed the situation as nothing major, walking away as if trying to ignore it completly.

The thing about people who are young, is that most of them are usually really open minded to things like homosexuality, especially if they havn't had hetrosexuality drilled into their heads. However the down side to this is that their is a greater possiblity that it might cause a bit of a complex on some of the kids. Thats probably why Digery was so concerned with what Andy might have rolling in his head at the moment. People like Ray and Vexia, who have spent most of their lives not giving a care, see this as a better way to broaden their horizon, but Digery knows better.

to be continued

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I have more than just one mask, yet I dream in my true face.
Age, looks, and color don't matter, especially to a wolf.



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Re: Masks and Faces

((Hehe ok i know its lame. a whole year and no story. I bet no one even reads this any more. Oh well, as years go by, writers change intrest and the story plots either get better too, or really confusing. Ok onward!!))

I have more than just one mask, yet I dream in my true face.
Age, looks, and color don't matter, especially to a wolf.



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Re: Masks and Faces

use spellchecker!

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Re: Masks and Faces

((another two years have gone by. i actually had forgotten all about this story. now Im a year into college and all I can think about is how... well. im impressed and not impressed at the same time. im impressed by the imagination I put into this story, but I feel as though this story seems a little trendy.... i get what I was trying to get out of this. Then again I wrote this when i was fifteen and sixteen.... you can soo see a difference between the two as well. Fifteen was probably the best for me, because I wasn't worried about sex, money, or life, but all i thought about was the adventure. then you look at the part I wrote when I was sixteen, and its all I was thinking about at the time. I wonder what i'll come up with if i continued to write now.))

I have more than just one mask, yet I dream in my true face.
Age, looks, and color don't matter, especially to a wolf.



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