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Re: Discussing plot points.

My werewolves will have 2 transformations, and one will be born that way since I am writing three books with three completely different kinds of werewolves.
1 will be transformed through abuse and mutilation
2 will be transformed by hundreds of years cut off from society
3 will be born from human/canine breeding programs in the future

And when I write a fourth, I will make it a traditional werewolf. I just want to explore things that could be actually possible as seen by "most people", so I'm going with a less traditional, less "cursey" werewolf in the first few books, to make it more historically and presently plausible in the real world.

That being said, the setting is "Our World", but one will be our world in the future. The others are present and past.

But I do love the idea of a true "wolfman", so the third book will be by birth, and the fourth will be a curse.

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