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#1 2005-07-10 23:52:48

The Busboy
From: USA
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The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hello to everyone who is a forum member on The Werewolf Cafe forums here!  I thought we might want a forum that we could all post one post about ourself, so when someone new visits this site here, they can see the kind of people who are on this site.  Please post ONLY one post about yourself (so if you want to add more or change something later, just "edit" the original post you did in this forum here).  I am adding this forum (even though many of us will still be introducing ourselves to all the new members anyway), so at least new members and visitors can get a feel for who is on this site (and an idea of what it is about).  Please don't post any conversational or secondary posts in this forum (as they will be deleted), this is just a "in a nutshell" feel for who is on the site for visitors and new members.  Have at it, and new members welcome and enjoy!



#2 2005-07-10 23:58:22

The Busboy
From: USA
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I'll go first:
Hello, I am constantly trying to make sure things run smoothly on the forums.  I welcome all the new members and lurkers to this site on a regular basis.  I'ld like to let everyone who visits  know about the tremendous amount of talent that there is on this site, as there are artists, authors, writers, musicians, directors and people who work on comic books here.  There are werewolf film fans, people who collect werewolf items, people who read/collect werewolf comics and people who read werewolf books on this site, so there are some big werewolf fans here.  To anyone who is a new member or a lurker on this site, I hope you enjoy it and welcome!



#3 2005-07-11 01:33:00

Confused Wolf
Queen of the Zombies!
From: Country of Confusion
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Aloha! I'm Confused Wolf! My real name is Dominique and i'm a 15 year old girl living in PA but I was born in TX. I'm Romanian and Hungarian. Some of my ancestors are even from Transilvania. I am an only child. I'm trying to become an actress and I am currently acting in plays and local commericals around my town. I've been interested in wolves and werewolves ever since I had my dog Icy, who was half wolf and half husky. I like to draw mostly pictures of wolves, horses, cats, and other types of animals. I'm most interested in movies about werewolves but I also enjoy reading books about them. My favorite thing to do is watch movies. I normally go to the movie theater once a week. My favorite types of movies are horror and comedys. Along with werewolf movies I love zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead. I also like the Scary Movie series and The Ring and Ring Two. I have a cat named Regan who seems to be possessed and I also have two hamsters. I love to shop. My favorite place to shop is on I can't stay on that website to long or I'll spend all my money.big_smile Well I think I've said enough about myself. If you want to know anything else don't be shy to ask!big_smile

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#4 2005-07-11 04:29:44

From: south africa
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

HEllo! smile im cassandra. im 21, live in south africa and am in my second year of studying for a BA in english lit and lang. im doing lotsa research at the mo as i am wanting to write a truly awesome werewolf series and get published. i have been a fan of wolves and werewolves for almost as long as i can remember, so i was happy to have found other ppl like me! hope you enjoy the site. theres lotsa interesting things and ppl here!



#5 2005-07-11 08:52:56

From: Eastern Canada
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hiya, I'll keep it short so you don't get bored. tongue

My name is Cody (I like to spell is Kodi tongue ), I'm 17, male, and gay. I live in eastern Canada. I am a Furry, but don't consider myself a Therian. I'm really into electronic music, I enjoy many different genres of it. I'm also a geek, I love to tinker with computers. Gaming is a lot of fun too, I play on PC. Any time I'm not at school or asleep I'm usually online. I'm crazy & silly most of the time, I like to make fun of myself too. tongue

If you want to contact me I use all the major chat clients, you can find my screen name for those and my email address in my forum profile (click my username). Feel free to send me a message! smile

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#6 2005-07-11 09:38:33

From: Austin, TX
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hey guys, slave2moonlight here. My real name is Nathan, I just turned 30 (even though I'm more like a 20 yr old, ha), and live in very, very south Texas. I'm probably not what people expect from a lycanthrope. I'm a huge Disney fan, for example. Actually, my dream was to be a Disney animator, back before they went gung ho for computer animation. Right now, I'm struggling to have some success as an illustrator, writer, and/or actor, though there's not a lot of opportunity where I live and I don't have the money to relocate. I am currently illustrating a graphic novel for writer C.H. Morris and trying to get involved in the SLOWLY developing independent film industry around here. I did work as a sketch/storyboard artist on an independent werewolf film for a while, but the film got canceled before it started shooting. sad Darn it, I was going to have a speaking role in that film too!

Well, a bit more about me. I'm a Christian, I'm really WAAAY into movies. Like I said, Disney, both classic and current, even the old live-action stuff (obsessed with the Disney theme parks too, especially in Florida). I also love horror films, comedies, and lots of other types of film. Love animation. Not as into TV as I used to be, but I LOVE Smallville and some other stuff they show. I mainly watch DVDs though. I love holidays (especially Halloween and Christmas, my dreamgirl would HAVE to be into dressing up on Halloween), I love animals, and I love traveling. I'm addicted to collecting toys and DVDs. Besides Disney, my other obsessions are Star Wars/Indiana Jones, superheroes (Batman is my fave), Muppets, Sailor Moon (one of my top cartoon dream girls, up there with Ariel and Tinkerbell, it's a long list though), and lots of other stuff. I'm an old-fashioned romantic, and I'm head over heels in love with Hilary Duff. My favorite movie is "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?," I grew up on comic books, but not the usual kind. I mainly read Disney and Star Wars. My superhero fandom comes from movies and TV.

As for music, I have a wide variety of tastes, though my favorite group is the Eagles, and my fave solo artist, besides Hilary Duff, is Harry Connick, Jr. I listen to most everything though, even country, ha, with the exception of most rap or satanic stuff... On the subject of video games, I only have an old PS1 with just a few games, but I LOVE Resident Evil 2 the best.

From time to time, I contribute art, movie reviews, and other stuff, including my Wagner Werewolf comic, to the werewolf cafe site. I also do a lot of junk on in my spare time. I like to hang out here on the forums, though I USUALLY only keep up with "slave2moonlight's forum," because that is difficult enough to keep up with, ha.

Here's more about me at … 05-1780838

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#7 2005-07-11 13:06:24

From: The Cadre Corner--Florida
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hello, my name is Jesse Hansen... I go by Cadre in most forums and professional arenas. I am a professional inker who has and is working with about 6 different comic book/periodical companies while maintaining Art Director duties for one of said companies, being the front man for an Art Studio (The Cadre Corner) and Art Director for a custom binder manufacturer.

Let's see, my interests/hobbies would be comics, music, artwork, sports and video games.

My work with Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is what brought me over here and I am very happy with how I've been accepted and am glad that many of the people that I have had contact with have found their way over here since I have arrived.

If there is anything else anyone wants to know... feel free to ask. big_smile



#8 2005-07-11 14:24:44

From: Broomfield, Colorado
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I'm Wolf VanZandt and my real name is .... uh, Wolf VanZandt. I'm a 52 year old guy who lives in Selma, Alabama. I've had too many kinds of jobs and hobbies in the past to include them in a short bio. Currently (and I imagine it's permanent career), I'm a vocational evaluator (I give tests to people that want to get back into the workplace). I'm an evangelist and am big into volunteerism, and I currently organize events for the Therian Community in the southeastern United States. I'm a Werewolf and a have  been a member of the established Therian Community since 1999.



#9 2005-07-12 02:12:44

From: Louisiana
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I'm Speedbump... the name comes from what happens when midget werewolves try to chase cars. No, I'm not a real midget, but the idea makes for really great mental images.

I work as a professional graphics designer for a mid-sized market tv newstation in southern Louisiana. It's not exactly my first choice for a career, but I very much enjoy breaking news, severe weather, and all other "sh*t hits the fan" moments. Basically, I crave anything that keeps me on my toes. Being comfortable makes me lazy, so I'm always striving to pick up new activities, knowledge, or talents. As such, I've been dubbed the "renaissance man" by Busboy because my interests are so broad (even though I usually don't pursue any one avenue long enough to truly become an expert -- I'm just a jack-of-all-trades type of guy).

To mention a few:
I'm a musician. Over the years, I've played guitar in one band, bass in another band, and then switched over to drums for three other bands. I've mostly played punk rock (sort of similar to the old Lookout! Records style bands, aka Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, etc), but I've also dabbled in an emo band and a metal hybrid band. I'm currently just doing fill-in work for other bands until I find a new permanent band to join. I'm also part of an improv group that meets once a year to record a cd on the fly (it's both terrible and magificently genius at the same time, unlistenable and unforgettable, oblivious and totally au courant, and all sorts of other cool contradicting adjectives you can think of).

I'm training myself to be a colorist and have aspirations of joining a comic book team someday. I have no real drawing talents of my own, but plenty of Photoshop practice to make things look better. Some of the pieces I've colored are around in various forums on this website. Look around and you might find some (along with some very good artwork by many of the Werewolf Cafe's talented artists).

My latest endeavor is fencing. I'm about two months into the training, fencing four days a week, and I'm loving every moment of it. I'm studying foil for the moment, but will be moving permanently into sabre classes soon. If there are any places that offer classes around your area, I highly suggest trying out this sport. It's very intense and physical; you'll earn yourself qutie a few bruises from time to time, but you build a high level of fitness very quickly. Plus, you get to hit people with three feet of metal and not get arrested for it. wink

Miscellanous info:
I'm 25, and male. I'm part Spanish, French, and Cajun, but I drink like an Irishman. Jaagermeister is my weapon of choice. I have no pets of my own, but my roommate owns a psycho cat, aptly named "Freddy Kreuger." I'm not a religious person. I have beliefs that mirror well-known religions, but I strive to avoid labels because I feel it segregates people more than unifies them. I hate pretty much all candy except for dark chocolate and liquorice. I'm notorious for losing things, then finding them five minutes after I needed them.

Oh yeah, and I hate writing bios. roll



#10 2005-07-12 14:05:00

witty & controversial
From: Dark recesses of your mind.
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Well..., I'm a 350lbs, 7'4" werewolf, with a 15' bat wingspan, I have red "cat" eyes, dark brownish black fur, a 4' tail. I carry around a double holster, in the holster I have two Cougar Magnums. My mother was a true werewolf {you know, she was born a werewolf}, & my father is a gargoyle, hence the wings. My fiance was a vampire princess, who bite me, so I now have 1/3 vampire in me, & I was trained in the mystic arts by my mentor turned arch-enemy, Qualipus, the world's most powerful warlock. The reason why Qualipus & I are now enemies, is because, I found out that he was evil, that & he murdered my fiance.
Is that good, or do you want more?

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#11 2005-07-12 20:54:43

From: Maryland
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I have been debating whether or not to post but ah goes...big_smile I'm Jamie...and yes that's my real name...big_smile I'm 34. I'm an ICU nurse in Baltimore MD and have been a nurse for <shudder> 13 years...I'm single and I don't drink like Speedie..LOL!! big_smile I read voraciously...mostly paranormal/historical romance and lately...BUBBA!! big_smile  I have a weiner dog, "Bruno" that drives me nuts and a daughter who does the same for fun...big_smile  I'm a Creative Memories Scrapbooking consultant and do take tons of pictures...<where are all of your pictures btw???> I like music...have played or do play the piano, trombone, oboe and daughter's violin is beggin me to pick it up..big_smile  I'm pagan...perhaps not as die hard as most...and I love to DANCE!! big_smile I also write on occasion but have a sad tendency not to finish. LOL!!  I just found a part of a story I wrote when I was 17...big_smile
I embrace the moon and I enjoy being outside with the animals...big_smile

<whew> that's enough...big_smile

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#12 2005-07-12 22:58:19

From: Haginasita Temple, Japan
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

im me and i have a wolf as a pet/freind i am half blackfoot indian and half japanese i have many black belts in martial arts, i have worked on/as a beta game/design tester i also helped in the makeing of a few animated movies in japan awhile ago, i am 24.

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#13 2005-07-13 20:24:14

From: NE Ohio
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Me? Okay...

My name is Tom and I go by Werewriter (or TA). I was born and raised in Chicago and secretly wanted to grow up to be Walter Payton. Alas, not to be. I live in NE Ohio with my wife and our "lil monsters."

I've always been a huge werewolf fan, especially the old b&w films (Lon Chaney, Jr. was the man). My mom, on the other hand, says it comes from my grandmother...she got me hooked on "Chininya" (blood soup with noodles) when I was still in diapers. Don't eat it that much anymore, not because it clots, no one does a good enough job on it since my grandmother died many years ago. ((sigh))

I work in banking and love writing fiction. Between researching topics and legends, it's become an addictive hobby. My first book, The Naphtali Chronicles: A Whole New Breed, is the first in a planned series of three books about a werewolf. I'm writing the second one, The Circle of Serpentia, off and on and the third one, The Gaelic Curse, is a ways off but the research is a pretty much done. I also have several short stories out there.

That'll do. Questions? Go ahead and ask...rarely hard to find. smile

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#14 2005-07-14 11:46:00

chaos werewolf
From: albuquerque, new mexico
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

im chaos werewolf, my real name is merik miguel carlos sena de villianueva de gabaldon. i am a 14 year old dude that loves werewolves. i dont have a job and dont really have 2 get 1 till i am 20 years old. ummmmmm i was in tie-kwan-do karte but i left at blue belt at age 8. so from there on i was self taught. i love to fight and run. and i think thats it.

- Merik Wolf
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#15 2005-07-19 07:18:05

From: California
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I'm BlueEyesWolf and the writer/artist of "Why There's no Documentaries on Werewolves" in "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf" #6 (a.k.a The fan-powered issue)

I also did some fanart pictures for the Werewolf Cafe's Art Gallery that can seen during the full moon phase.

Also check out my art gallery at the art section of the Werewolf Cafe for more artwork of mine!

I'm also a big-time Disney fan especially their wolves despite the fact that almost all of their wolves are stereotypically bad. (The Wolf from "Peter and the Wolf" is my favorite but only as a favorite Disney villain.)

I like the other animation stuff from all over.

I really like to read comics too (especially about heroic werewolves like Bubba The Redneck Werewolf or funny like Harry from the Scary Godmother comics & hardcovers)

This is just a small part of what I like.

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#16 2005-08-14 23:35:58

Black Shuck
From: Moab, Utah
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

*looks around* Okay guess I'm the next one in the circle big_smile

I'm currently 16 and hail from a tourist trap in South Eastern Utah. I work part-time at a vet clinic and have 5 cats and 2 rottweilers (they're very nice).

Apart from werewolves, I love paranormal things, history, animals, and music. I listen mostly to 70's and 80's rock and heavy metal from the same era, although I love newer bands like Black Label Society and The Darkness. I listen to a little bit of punk and I also like Celtic music and am learning to play the great highland bagpipes.

I like movies, especially really corny musicals like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Moulin Rouge. I like all sorts of movies though smile Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my favorites and I even bought the books (yes, there are books and the first one is nothing like the movie based upon on it).

I like books. I have history books, some of the classics, ghost books, Harry Potter big_smile , and some vampire books in my room. I like writing too. I like writing stories, but I write poems sometimes too.

I also draw a little bit. I usually draw Celtic artwork (I love Celtic stuff big_smile ) but I've drawn some werewolves and some Disney characters too. I've attempted a lot more, but those are some that turned out well big_smile

Er...that's all I got for now. If someone wants to email me, that's cool, or message me through Yahoo, that's cool too big_smile
'Shuck (okay, one small thing, lol. I just go by Shuck for short so I'm not confused with Black Wolf, hehe)

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#17 2005-08-15 10:49:45

From: Ft. Polk, LA
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

My name is Crystal, i'm 22 and live in Louisiana with my husband and 2 kids.  I like to watch all kinds of movies I would have to say horror movies are my favorite....I'm also a disney fan I collect all the dvds.  My husband thinks i'm crazy for doing it everytime a new disney dvd comes out i'm running to the store!! I listen to some rock music but mostly country (I think i'm gonna get shot for saying that) and I can't stand rap!  I don't work right now i'm a stay at home mom because my husband is doing his duty in the Army...I also like to read mostly about werewolves and vampire, Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors...I got a black lab named Calvin..I think something is wrong with him he runs into things alot!!

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#18 2005-08-16 13:46:36

Army Grey Wolf
Werewolf Writer
From: Pineville, LA
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

hmmm... im AGW, name's Tristan, I serve in america's army as a 63b h8 which is mechanic but im really the wrecker operator, basically thats recovery, whether they are stuck or broke i go get them at any time, ambush or not...  anyhow, im presently in preperation to go to afghanistan, and yea ive been in 3 years, im about to become sergeant..

me, im 22, born on christmas, im wiccan, though not as "hardcore" as some, i love nature, and thats it for now, ill edit it some other time

Author of Blood Bounty, Wolf's Release V2, Man Eaters (incomplete), Aaliyah (in progress), Offer (short story), Hide (short story, published in Wizard), writer for an upcoming webcomic/graphic novel series featuring Aaliyah. 

One of these days I'm going to solicit my work for publishing, it's just that my work is pure and a publishing company needs to be reasonable with content editing...



#19 2005-08-18 15:52:25

From: MI
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

OK, guess it's my turn for the bio thing...

Hey there, my name's Mark, but I go by MarkOne on the 'net. I'm from Detroit, MI originally and still live in the state. I currently work as a clerk at a local area supermarket, but I aspire to get involved in broadcasting, primarily sports radio or TV.

I am a die-hard, hard core werewolf fan for as long as I can remember. My first memory comes from seeing the old WolfMan movie as a kid, then I saw AWIL and The Howling and I was hooked.

Among my many hobbies is writing, reading, playing video games, going online, going to movies and sporting events. watching DVDs (I have a ton of movies and TV box sets) and watching all kinds of sports. Writing probably is my favorite hobby. I've been writing off and on since I was a kid and maybe one day I can turn that into a career as well.

I've written several short stories on werewolves (and have several others in development), and I'm also writing my first werewolf novel, "A Date with Destiny", which I'm quite proud of and hope to get published someday. I've also written a movie script, called "Mark of the Wolf" which I hope to start filming sometime next year.

That's about it. I love being in the Cafe. I have met some very cool people in the place and it's good to talk about something all of us love. Take care.

There can be only one. MarkOne. smile



#20 2005-08-19 13:58:55

New member
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

hi all 24 m ny here check out my profile if u'd like to talk about werewolves. i have always loved them smile



#21 2005-09-06 23:19:09

From: IOWA
Registered: 2005-05-24
Posts: 209

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hello.  My name's David.  And I suffer from Lycanthropy.  Uh, ermm.. what?  This isn't the Lycanthropes Anonymous meeting?  My bad. lol

Anywho, I am a 43 year old male from central Iowa.  I was born in Germany.  Not my idea, my father was posted there, he was in the U.S. Army.

<that's it for now-more in coming days-I just wanted to get on the front page, hehe! >

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#22 2005-09-24 19:59:58

From: anywhere w/great mexican food
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Not into bios but I'll do my bit for the community.  Name is Randy.  36 y.o. Asian male currently in Sacramento, California.  Love comics but a former collector.  The Avengers & The X-Men are still my favorites though.  I will still get comics that are wolf & werewolf related.  The wolf is my favorite animal and I guess that transferred over to the werewolf being my favorite monster.  I have a wide range of DVDs.  I don't have every documentary, movie, TV series, music video or Anime out there but it is a diverse range of my tastes.  I like to listen to rap/hip-hop, R & B, alternative rock and a little pop music.  I have a Playstation & I like to play any video game but that would be expensive so I put limits on buying video games.  Think that covers the basics.

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#23 2005-10-02 02:36:48

From: Orlando , Florida
Registered: 2005-09-30
Posts: 47

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hello Pack,
         My name is Shawn Surface and I'm an artist living in Florida,not married ,no kids that I know of. I do art  centering on comics,sci-fi,and fantasy related material, been working professionally the past five years.
   I'm currently working on three independent comic titles;
              "FIREDRAKES" by Aaron Killian- a fantasy based comic coming out in 2006
              "SUPER-7" by Robert Wawrizniak- a science fiction epic maxi series coming out
                                                                in 2006
     and "BUBBA;the Redneck Werewolf" by Mitch Hyman-a horror parody about the mis-adventures of a small town southern werewolf currently in publication(next issue coming out in February/2006).
    I'm a former Army brat so me and my family moved around a lot (my father was a career man) ,I was born in Lynwood ,Washington on September , 3, 1964. I am one of four sons , my mother was Shirley Surface she passed away in 1995. Besides my drawing ability ,I have over twelve years experience in theatre work , mostly in projection and management,I'm a huge movie fan and I have extensive knowledge on the subject.
   My main goal is to someday see my own work in publication and to see it be a success. For any who may be interested in seeing some of my work you can visit my website, the SURFACE ART STUDIOS at;    smile




#24 2005-10-22 00:57:03

New member
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hmmm... well I seem to be one of the oldest so far to post a bio.  Let's just say I've seen quite a few years in my lifetime so far.  I'm a recent discoverer of the werewolf/vampire genre of books and have fallen in love with them.  Some of my favorite authors are Lori Handeland, Angela Knight, Laurell K. Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon (yes, she has some were creatures) to mention a few.  I live in San Diego CA and am married.  My family roots hail from Ireland so I do like anything Celtic-drawings, music, jewelry and stories.  No kids but we have a crazy 3 yr old beagle/doberman dog named Mocha and a brat cat (anyone who's had a cat can relate to that) named Callie who rules the roost.  For those who like trains, I work at the light rail system in San Diego in the maintenance department handling all that wonderful repair paperwork.  Come to San Diego and take a ride sometime, you'll love our new cars!



#25 2005-10-22 22:58:37

New member
From: Orangeville, ON , Canada
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Name's Erin, I'm 16 and living in Southern Ontario. Right now, i'm being pestered by my 8 year old cousin and attacked by his cat so , i'll keep this short. I love supernataral stories, and loud music. I go to a catholic high school but am not Catholic. I'm in love with my girlfriend but she does not feel the same and is going the Newfoundland for University next year (she's 1 year 9 months older than me), I have no chance of getting her in bed but I don't really care cause tongue I LOVE HER  tongue  .  Whether i sleep with her or not she's my girl.Tomorrow is our four month anniversity big_smile.

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