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#51 2007-01-09 15:45:48

From: Germany
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I guess I will be merly lingering about here and not so much post in these forums, but I thought while here I could as well sign up. smile

So, something about me.
Let's see, I'm obviously interested in almost everything werewolf related but mainly in comics, movies and books.

Apart from that I'm a movies poster collector (actually posters and lobby cards) topical Sci-Fi/Horror and the 80's era in general, a damn shame they don't do these kind of movie posters anymore.

I stumbled upon this site while cruising the net fore more info on Renny Harlin's Full Moon Fever project, so you see I like to roam around. big_smile

Usually I tend to hang around on the Lionhead Forums or TheXTM forums (under the same name as here).

And because I love to read I'm signed up with the Distributed Proofreaders site.

That's pretty much all there's to know about me.

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#52 2007-01-09 20:55:45

From: USA
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

My name is Emily and I am a 16 year old female who lives in Ohio and New York,I love werewolves and wolves and do art and writing on both.I have horses and love riding,I love anything with animals in general.Another passion of mine is filmmaking,I hope to become a script writer someday.
I am a Therian and into spirituality(not any specific religion though,still figuring that one out),as a wolf I am all white with a silver streak on my head.I have always felt a deep love for the wolf and feel it is a part of myself,writing and art really help me express this.I am a very lucky therian when it comes to freedom,I live on a big farm and go for daily runs in my woods and fields.That's bout it for me,

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A therian who's a wanna be screenwriter, but doesn't have a life story that fits the bill...



#53 2007-01-23 18:08:53

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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Yo, I'm SlidewaysWolf, and like Speedbump (up near the start of this topic) It's really more for mental imagery. can you picture a werewof running an AE86 Corolla sideways down a mountain road.... yeah, me too.

so, anyways I'm 18, I like to drift (read: I want a car.) and such stuff.

uh... not much else right now. i might come back, and add more later.

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#54 2007-01-29 07:48:28

Quint the Wanderer
From: In the middle of Europe
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hi! I just joined after Grigio's invitation (it did take me a long time, though, didn't it?).
Shortly something I wish to say about me: I am interested in all kinds of werecreatures, wolves, many comics and I like to make fun of everything.
Let me just take a look around, I'm sure to find a lot of interesting stuff here.

The question is mightier than the answer.
The difference between chaos and order is just in the point of view.



#55 2007-03-09 18:51:22

From: California
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Alright...time for my story big_smile
Well, I go by Alan, 22 in California, and male.  I'm just your average, single, fun loving (and lazy lol) guy just trying to get through life each day at a time.  As a warning, I can a be a bit quiet at times, hard to come up with good conversational topics, ...and yet I can be generally insane with random quotes or word plays.....PINE-AP-PLLLLLLLES! XD
Explaining my username, I'm technically more cat at heart, seeing I somehow behave more like one at times and have certain qualities relating to them.  But I've come to discover that there is a bit of a wolf in me too.  It becomes confusing whether or not I want to yowl or howl lol .  So you may catch me on days when I feel like laying around and being curious to days when I'm too wild and want to take a long run.
How I got into this mess XD :  In the beginning, I think I was afraid of werewolves, always hiding when the changes and wolf came into the picture.  Then I started have these weird to intense dreams, ones where I'd become the wolf (or cat :p) and I got to experience living like one.  I mainly got hooked because of the fascination with Transformations...and though its still a part of my love for Werewolves and Werecreatures, I've also begun to appreciate the spiritual side of embracing/respecting the animal within and such.
Other facts:  I don't consider myself as a Furry; I don't wear animal suits or go to conventions or have plushies or anything (though I don't know if that fits), yet it would somehow feel content and natural if I'd somehow suddenly grown fur and fangs lol .  I've expanded my fascination publicly if my own artwork and stories.  If anyone is interested you can check out anything you may like (including a couple of werewolf drawings and a in-progress WW story) at my DA page (I'll post the link later, but I'm under Werekat-meow >^.^<).  It's one of the few reasons I liked the idea of being a member here, cause...well ^^: If I ever get the chance to post any drawings and stories soon I thought it be better to get feedback from folks with a deep interest in the genre directly than hope random people on DA or other sites who pass by my works even leave a comment (Though I won't push XD).
Finally, last piece of info for now, I am a gamer (not fully online compatible though yet ^^; ) and I do love the horror/suspense genre a lot (examples are Silent Hill and Resident Evil), but also some fantasy themes as well.  It is because of these certain genres and a particular game that I'm in the middle of trying to write some good stories, involving transformations, werewolves and other, and a FanFic on the particular game itself.
I think that's it for now.  If anyone wants to find out more about me, give me a howl.  Until then, thanks for putting up with a this catty wolf big_smile.

AWWooooooooo...oo...oorrahh...??? ^^;

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A Howl to humans scare them; A Howl to me is a harmonious song...
And I Howl back.
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#56 2007-03-14 02:47:36

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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I'm a male, and as of March 2007, I'm 16.

There's nothing much to say here, just that I don't speak too much (I tend to just read everyone else's posts).

My ambition is to be a writer, and I'm planning to write a few stories regarding werewolves (and other stuff). If I'm lucky, they'll be published... heh. I've already written a few stories (none of them werewolf-related yet) and about 30+ doggerels (only 2 of which are werewolf-related, as of March 2007).

I tend to be tactless, so please bear with me!
I think this is a great place to hang around. Everyone's so friendly. I've learnt lots of stuff here, about werewolves, therians, etc. and I'm hoping to learn more.

I like surfing the net, playing videogames, writing, drawing and exploring (though I've never really explored).

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#57 2007-03-15 22:49:59

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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hi, my name is SomeRandomKid, my real name is Cody. I'm a 14 year old male. I live in Ohio. I really don't have any fantasy's of jobs, but since I was eight I always wanted to be an artist of some sort, but that ended once I realized I had the gift of psi and a possible werewolf. These two things really got me interested in the human Genome, how the brain functions, and other things that you would never really hear about in the news. I am normally up for anything, if you need something done, people would come to me and I'd do it. So I am your typical kind of 14 year old tongue.

The origin of my abilities is unknown. I have reason to believe my father is a werewolf, but I do not think he was awaken to them as I am now. I have been practicing psi for almost 3 years now. For those of you who do not know what Psi is it is an energy that each human being owns and posses but only few who actually learn to use this.

I've been asking around my friends, knowing that there was some reason I was with them, if they were werewolves, vampires, hybrids etc. I got about 5 of the 20 some I have that said yes. One of them was a newly made friend who had been trained a werewolf since the age of 6 (I think.) He said he killed the person who turned him, as do all the other newly born werewolves. I asked him about things like shape-shifting, full-moons, fangs, need for blood,  and other stuff. I almost asked him if on a full moon I could hang around him to see if he really did shape-shift, then I said forget it he might kill me.

So that is my story, I hope I'll be able to learn something from here big_smile.



#58 2007-03-18 07:40:37

From: St. Louis, Missouri
Registered: 2005-08-26
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

heh well I been here but I never made a Bios so here goes ^^;

Human Name: Jannelle (hates it)

Werewolf Name: SabreWolf aka DarkJokerWolf

Age: 23

DOB: 1/26/84

Current residence: Missouri (hates it here XP)

Sex: Female

Race:African American/ WereLupin

Fur Color: Dark Brown with black mane

Eye color human: Dark Brown

Wolf eye color: Indian yellow(sorta mustard color)

What I do: FreeLance Fantasy style artist, try to make people smile an laugh

What my destiny is: I don't think I've found it yet, but I feel that it will surface soons

Mated?: Yes I have a girlfriend who lives too far away for my comfort..*whines*

What I love: nature, art, wolves, werewolves, some humans, waterfall, forests, grasslands, driving in the car(it's so relaxing to me :3)

What I really want in life: To be happy, be with my mate somewhere we both wanna be, A true professional artist,  To travel around the world,live on the move in a moblie home, visit various wolf centers an sanctuaries, be free, lose weight XD

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#59 2007-04-18 05:25:02

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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hi. Female southern Californian wolf therian here. I don't use my real name online, but perhaps after I'm more comfortable with a place I might.

I'm 37 but timeless. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful direwolf for a mate. I have a background in various healing methods, magick, shamanism, herbalism, meditation and the like. Am self-defined spiritually, blending my ancestral spirituality both NDN and European with Taoism, Zen and whatever else suits me. Mundane interests include all things dark and divine, death, cemeteries, sexuality, abnormal psychology, feral children,  animals, nature, classic cars, classic film, tattoos, all things 'abilly, swing, big band, old school goth, eclectic tastes in everything.

That's it for now I guess. wink



#60 2007-04-29 22:47:57

la vengeant
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Bonjour. My name is Loki - Lokiiri Vengeant - or various other things. To be blatantly honest, I am a fragment of the mind of a whole person. With a very mixed-blood background and a bumpy past, we as a whole suffer some form of a multiple personality disorder. This is the wolf side, for obvious reasons.

But we'll try not to dwell on that.

I am seventeen, anxiously awaiting the day when I will no longer be jailbait. >.>; I live somewhere in the sort-of-south on the east coast; that's all I'll say. Dancer, musical theatre actress, writer, and student of all cultures and forms of spirituality or magick. I live a very hectic life, juggling school, work, and family - the mundane - with all manner of unusual occurences that seem to follow me wherever I go.

I have a most incredible mate, though he lives far from me... we're working on getting his sorry tail up here, so I will not have to be a sad little emo wolf anymore. *glare*

Um... I'm a tiny, pale little (dyed) redhead with eyes that refuse to choose a colour; I have temper problems, a penchant for sarcasm, and a disconcerting tendancy to adopt strays. I don't consider myself a good leader, but I must be so for said strays. I'm in the midst of what has been one of the most difficult years of my life, but I'm trying to survive it. I tend to be good at that.

Other then that... I'm just a girl, really.

"The jaws that bite, the claws that catch..."

Love always to my mate, Aiden (seWeReWoLfRaGe)



#61 2007-04-30 13:31:22

Registered: 2007-04-25
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hola. My name is Aiden, birth name Rage McCalahan. Now known as Aiden McCalahan...I am one of four children of the McCalahan clan of werewolves. I own two wolves, Legato and Kila. I am....a teen at heart, i live In the florida area. I work for the CIA and i love working and hacking on computers. I am a writer and i love making music. I am very athletic guy, my family is constantly pushing me to stay home with them.

I have an wonderful, beautiful mate. Whom i love dearly. We have been through some things but we'll be together forever. I know it.

I am an alpha male and i have been since the days in my families pack. I am also and incubus and a hybrid of vampire. I'm a tall, jet black haired guy with (contacted baby blue eyes) true eye color is blood red. I'm muscular and well i have a great smile. So basically...I'm Aiden




#62 2007-05-03 09:22:32

From: USA
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Silly me.
Ive been posting for while and never did this!

So here goes:
I am Fenrir, or that's what most folks (yes even close friends) call me.
I live in Miami, but travel all over the US, and occasionally, Canada.
I am unmarried, bisexual, vegan, and a "health nut" who runs, bikes and swims a lot.
I am of southeast Asian and European descent.
I am 28 and I love all kinds of weird music and films, esp. horror/sci-fi.
I am a wolf Therian and a legally ordained minister and Magus in the Ordo Vir Bestia, the decision-making council of the Therian Temple. I am NEVER trying to recruit for the TT, please keep this in mind.
I am here for entertaining discussion and exchange of ideas.
I generally keep to myself in real life and I try to keep an open mind and give fair respect to all types of ideas and systems of belief. I have studied "magic" and esoteric meanderings for many years.

For my werewolfism* here is a brief history copied from another forum.:

"As for myself, I always liked wolves.
I watched them on nature shows on TV, read about them, and really felt like I could relate. Later on, I got into "werewolf" films, books and folklore and started to think maybe it was all metaphorical tales of people like myself.

I never thought I would / could physically transform into an actual wolf, but rather that the attitude and instincts of the wolf were close to mine.
When I have come across wolves in the wild (very rare) they did not run away, nor did they try to attack they just stared and I felt a sort of "peace", and "familiarity", a "home" type of feeling as I was staring back into their eyes."

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#63 2007-05-18 12:55:42

From: South America
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

was up everybody!!!!I'm native-lycan, my real name is edward, and I'm 18 years old, I was born in Colombia south america, but now I live in the U.S,in florida.I'm part native indian(tulue-inca)part italian, and part african(sierra leonne).I got into were-creatures, including werewolves, when I was eleven years old, when my grandfather told me stories of shamans in our ancient ancestors' tribes, that have the capacity to turn into wild dogs, jaguars and even crocodiles'so I got fascinated with this stories. I'm also a huge environment activist, and indigenous rights activist..........

I'm A True Follower Of The Ancient Ways, Which Include Believing In Ancient Spirits, Like The Spirit Of Predators Like The Wolf Or The Jaguar, This Are My Spirit Guides..... THE DARK PREDATOR WILL PREY ON YOUR SOUL, I'M THE WEREJAGUARWOLF.......GRGRRRRR!!!



#64 2007-05-20 02:00:55

From: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...


My name is DeweyWolfyn.

I have been a fan of werewolves since I was a little girl. I'm from th New Orleans area originally but now live in Michigan. I was born under a Gibbous Moon  in a hosptial nestled on Bayou Tesche in New Iberia.

I am a photographer and artist, graduated from Chicago Academy of Fine Arts where I majored in illustration and photography.

Louisiana is Loup Garou territory, steeped in the rich culture of Vodun. Zombie and Vampire central in the USA, how could I not have been a fan?!

Ive seen many renditions of werewolves, from Lon chaney Jr to Henry Hull to the Howling series, to American Werewolf in London and Paris, But I would have to say that the Werewolves of Van Helsing -- partuclarly Van helsing himself were quite the most beautiful I have seen.

I will be posting my first two werewolf rendering in the art section when I figure out how to make smaller copies of them.

I currenlty work for a major cable company stationed here in Walker. My real name is PJ Morvant-Alexander.

I enjoy movies of every kind but you will always find me in line if there's a werewolf involved. I'm a horror  and sword and sorcery fan.

I must figure out how to make an icon like so many of you have.

I am Gaian Pagan, and I am Cajun/Apache/British by heritage.  I am gay and married to my wife of 21 years. We went to toronto two years ago and made it legal.

Presently I live in a little Victorian house with my wife and 6 cats in the historical district of our town.

Hm I can't really think of anything else to say, so I suppose its time to shut up. Like many of you, writing a bio is hard for me.

Happy hunting!


I don' eat nobody  ceptin' dose animals dat wants eatin'. Gators, chickens, nutria, muskrat, lizards, snakes....So don't be 'fraid of little Dewey, no. I just a puppy dog in a wolf suit.



#65 2007-05-30 04:54:51

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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

*waves a paw to everyone*

Well, I've been lurking here for some time now and thought I might stand my furry butt up and say "Hi" finally, so...

"Hi, all."  I'm Stormwolf, and I have to say that I'm extremely happy to see a place where were's and people can come together and play nicely.  It gives me hope for the

Anyways, I'm 26, live in the States, and can't really think of much else to say.  *insert suckiness at bios/introductions here*

I hope everyone is doing well!!



#66 2007-06-01 15:17:49

HAHAHAHA...get it?
Registered: 2007-06-01
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hi, I'm Totalimmortal, though you probably didn't need me to type that out as you can clearly read that.  I'm not really comfortable sharing my real name with people on a message board, but I may do it if I become active at this forum and feel a little more "at home" so to speak.  However, if you're interested, my nick is the name of one of my favorite songs.  Wooooo...

Anyways, I've always had an interest in werewolves, since I was ten years old.  I'm pretty knowledgeable about them, and people find that scary for some reason.  I see nothing wrong with it, I just think werewolves are really interesting.

and that's it.

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I'll come down and get you high.  Maybe sing you a lullaby.  Sing you to sleep, a sleep you'll never wake from.  Sing you to coma, so to speak.



#67 2007-06-22 00:10:06

From: The City Of Black Stone
Registered: 2007-06-21
Posts: 246

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

I have decided to rewrite this for accuracy sake ^^

Hello, my name is Matthias Bane, I am 17years of age and live in the USA(for now). I write and draw, but am horrible at both. I plan to be a nurse when I get older, and I currently write adult fictional books as a hobby. (Yes, adult meaning what you think it means). Actually, that hobby is on hiatus for 54 days or so. Don't ask, it's a loooooooooooong story. In any case, I am not looking for a mate really. I'm more a believer in Eros and all that. <3 I don't want children, I have no patience for them, and honesty it wouldn't work. I am a werecat with a fox streak you wouldn't believe. I intend to move to London upon completion of my degree.


That's about it I think. If you have any questions, feel free to pop over to my thread in the members area.



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#68 2007-06-23 22:46:53

From: Wiltshire / England
Registered: 2007-06-23
Posts: 187

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

hello!! my name is badger.. im 23 year old girl living in england... my life revolves around punk and werewolfs..and my lovely fella . (yes i finally found the one! he doesnt mind me being obsest with werewolf as he is its a match made in heaven really! lol)  ummm...thats it really. i spend my life traveling around (england ..i have yet to take on the world!) i go to lots of gigs and just make lots of friends...i eat lots and sleep. i love sleep! lol... i also read comics and watch alot of movies...horror..kung-fu..anything entertaining.. i read alot of books (at the moment im very in to timetravel) and i go on the internet WAY to much! lol..
...i have no idea what i want to do when i 'grow up' ..i'l let that be a surprise to even
um yeah. thats it really. life is not much more than that...

thankyou and hello! smile



#69 2007-07-15 23:19:07

From: Puerto Rico
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hello!! My name is Yesenia but everyone calls me Chuckie... I'm 19 years old i have a wonderful daughter of 5... I love werewolves and it will seem a bit silly but when i was a kid i believed (and still do) that i had a special connection with the moon... I've always loved watching he moon... I'm new here and i'm a little lost in this site... but  I hope i can meet new people and anything else you would like to know well i'm here ok!

"Death to the weakling, Wealth to the strong!!" Anton Lavey



#70 2007-07-23 11:35:23

From: U.S. for now.
Registered: 2007-07-22
Posts: 148

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hi. I am 22 and have been a contractor since I was 14. My dad died when I was 16 and my mom was psychotic so I left. About that time I started floating around the world doing jobs to get by. When I was almost 17 I had a somewhat traumatic experience, and changed into a were slightly thereafter (I assume there is a correlation). I decided to join here and contribute in the hopes of finding more out about this, as I have never actually run into another.

As far as legitimate life goes, I have taken a lot of classes trying to find a legitimate job I wanted to do, and have a few degrees, although nothing that I really like. In the end, I have enough from contracting to go wherever I feel and do what I feel like doing, so I do that. I do a lot of martial arts, take a contract every so often, and pretty much spend all the downtime working out and studying. In the end it makes me pretty well rounded.

Nice to meet all of you.



#71 2007-09-25 08:26:44

New member
From: Belgium
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Posts: 3

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

i'm Ankhares, but you can just call me Ankh.
I'm 16 years old, live in Belgium(far far away).
i'm a lot of the time online, working on my packs, reading & posting on forums, msn,...

I'm interested in otherkin, magic, occult, ofcourse werewolves,...
There is more but it's not so interesting to say

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! wink

Windssong Behind The Rythms Of The Wind, Come Sisters.



#72 2007-09-30 12:04:03

wolfman andy
New member
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

My name is Andrew
im 27
live in Australia
and spend most of my weekends as a werewolf for my job:)
have always been into werewolves
always thought i was one too lol
as im rather hairy but gets worse round the full tongue



#73 2007-10-14 13:00:56

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2007-09-10
Posts: 25

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hello. For all intents and purposes you may call me SoulScream. I am 24, Canadian and female. I am a therianthrope (Not a wolf) and just think werewolves are neat. I hate those Laurel K Hamilton books though.



#74 2007-10-14 19:54:05

New member
From: Yam-Yam Land, UK
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Posts: 8

Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

Hi, I'm a new member, bit nervous .... about me. I'm a British woman aged 22. I'm a part-time "special needs" nursery assistant, also an author (with nothing published) and a professional timewaster.

Excuse me if I act a bit ditzy or don't know what I'm on about (I'm an intelligent woman who just happens to have a distinct lack of brain). Bits edited out.

See you around the boards,

Raven x

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- James



#75 2007-11-25 23:37:10

New member
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Re: The Werewolf Cafe Forum Members Bios...

So I figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself.  I'm T.R. I'm a 21 y/o fem from Arkansas (currently residing in Louisiana).  I've been drawn to wolvesand  the like for as long as I can remember.  I absolutely love the outdoors.  Like others, I've written a few stories containing the supernatural here and there.  If there's anything you're dying to know, drop me a line.  I'd love to meet others in my area.



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