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#1 2009-06-26 20:31:53

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Guardians of Luna: An Update... … toked-tour

Here is a small Luna update for those who have been following its incredible journey. Cybergraphix has informed me that they are very close to bringing Luna to life and have now officially opened the website. The link I've provided also provides a link to their site. Right now there isn't much there, but there will soon be. If you want to keep up with the updates, just register your e-mail addy (and don't forget to validate it) and you will recieve timely updates.

The series is looking fantastic!!!

There will be contests and such, as well as a few surprises!

Stay tooned... :p Get it... tooned... okay... okay... I am lame... big_smile



#2 2009-09-15 13:00:16

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Re: Guardians of Luna: An Update...

That sounds interesting. I can't wait to see this show.



#3 2009-09-16 02:18:57

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Re: Guardians of Luna: An Update...

Man, I remember first hearing about that show years ago. I thought it was dead!



#4 2009-09-19 20:43:27

From: St. Louie
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Re: Guardians of Luna: An Update...

Wonder what station(s) will host the show.

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