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#1 2009-07-17 13:58:36

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Weresnakes and Polyweres?

Hello this is my first post here and would like to say "Hi!". Now, sorry if I make some mistakes but i'm posting from a DSi.
Now, I'm pretty sure I cannot (yet?) transform into any creatures but just as of late there's been some weird going around.
→ I have always been lured (and I think they have to me) by snakes. I can vibrate my tongue which allows me to make the "Sss" sound extremely vibrato and snake-like. No-body I know can do this and snakes react to it and seem to act ...magickal.
→So..I think, well maybe its just a weird gift but I've been having weird sensations where I can smell where people are and ...taste the smell?
→I never dream about snakes because its hard to picture them in any human-like manner unlike wolves- this leads onto my next question. I dream all the time about a wolf/lupe like creature stood majesticaly with snow or forest partitioned around it but experience no werewolf like symptoms. I'm not sure about craving meat because i'm vegetarian but I have aggresive dreams with claws and shredding.

Its hard to remember everything, but i'm sure questions will prompt my memory.

P.S as of yet to see a werepelican...i guess they're not as striking in the animal kingdom big_smile



#2 2009-07-17 14:00:34

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Re: Weresnakes and Polyweres?

Oh and its hard to tell if im just visualising because i believe in all things occult!



#3 2009-07-17 19:23:52

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Re: Weresnakes and Polyweres?

Posting froma DSi? I can imagine that to be tough...I find using my PSP to browse the internet whilst on the go tough enough! big_smile

A weresnake? That does seem a rather unusual type.
To be honest, me personally, do not believe in a human having a 'transformation' (physically anyway!) into another creature.
A lot of the things you've mentioned I can't be much help with, the being able to vibrate your tongue in a 'snake-like' way could be some indicator to you having some connection with snakes, or it could just be a very odd talent. Same with the being able to smell where people are, although thats sometimes one I can do to some extent...then again, those people could just smell awful! big_smile Tasting them on the otherhand is soemmthing unfamiliar to me.

About the dream about the wolf like creature you dream of, and experiencing no 'werewolf' like symptoms; I personally think this could be anything. It could be your therioside trying to manifest itself, potentially indicating you could be a Therian. It could be just a creative image you've dreamt you said, you believe in 'all things occult' so it could be a product of hat. The craving meat thing isn't a werewolf trait in terms of the Therian werewolf, there are plenty of vegetarian weres, so again this could be the 'visualisation' of things as you put it.

I'm really sorry I wasn't much help, and just babbled on! I'd check out the Therian FAQ within the Therianthropy section of the Cafe, also, try to think of other reasons why you may be experiencing these things. It could just be the mind working in mysterious ways. smile

Sidenote: I know of no werepelicans either. A wereduck biiled platypus would also be rather unusual. I think there will be though somewhere. smile

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