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#1 2010-03-21 21:43:30

From: Bolton, Greater Manchester
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8-bit Wolf Game Music

i used to make alot of ordinary and generic, i'm guessing, 8bit music, the things you heard on sega and nintendo and atari and shite like that
for like 3 years
and i just gave up on it a few months ago
i thought i'd start doing it again, but making soundtracks for, if there was a classic game on an 8bit console about werewolves
which their might be
but this is my 8bit project, rekindled and reborn
no facebook
no myspace
but just a page
only just started out again

for older songs by me, just search Thank Fuscia in the search bar


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to overcome fear, you must become fear
as the sun reflects off the moon, the sheer sound of darkness
will not overpower our journey to hunt, to fight, to perservere
as our strength is kept alive by never giving in



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