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#1 2011-04-13 00:05:07

silver shadow
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great wolf spirit.

has anyone here ever heard of the great wolf spirit? i keep finding prayers and chants but no real information.

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#2 2011-04-24 17:52:00

Fenris Lupa
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Re: great wolf spirit.

From what I remember reading....well also depends on what tribe you're reading about.  Great Wolf, is kind of like the mother of a certain, strength or emotion.  Something along those lines.  Do you kno what tribe/nation these chants are from?  I kno quite a bit about the ancestors of my nationality, but I kno more about my Norse ancestry and the roles us wolves played.

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#3 2014-01-17 13:24:18

From: Broomfield, Colorado
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Re: great wolf spirit.

Well, I'm not sure what you mean by "lore", but individuals don't usually have preferences for lore because lore develops with a culture and it's always a "group effort". In my culture (thus, my "preferred lore"), werewolves look a lot like everyone else except for minute differences you'd never notice unless you were particularly looking for them. They go through very significant behavioral changes, though and their baseline behaviors can be very distinctive from the other people around them.



#4 2014-01-17 20:05:42

From: Montana (surprise!)
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Re: great wolf spirit.

arda wrote:

ey guys new to the forum.

What do you all prefer for your werewolf lore?
(1)A werewolf that transforms only once a month on a full moon, or can they change at will?
(2) Painful transformation or instant?
(3) Can they be killed by anything like a bullet to the head or is it just silver?
(4) Are they immortal or do they age slower?
(5) Do they look like a normal wolf, do they stand on two legs and are beastly looks creatures that look like a contorted mess of a man and wolf or are they perhaps on all fours that are larger than a tiger and look like a hell hound?
(6) Do they have control in their 'beast' form or are they running rampant killing anything in there path?
(7) If they have regenerative capabilities does that mean they can't have tattoos or scar tissue?
(8) Do they have the heightened animalistic senses in human form or is that just in wolf form?
(9) Does wolf's bane hurt them or does it not?


1 - Change at will, or change due to emotional state
2 - Painful, though the pain's not really the thing, it's more the amount of time. I think it's silly to have an instant transformation.
3 - Silver
4 - Age slower, not immortal
5 - Two legs, with ability to drop to four
6 - Control depends on their emotional state, and I kinda like the moon having some influence wink
7 - Unless they've been hurt by silver, no
8 - Heightened senses in human form, though nowhere near as strong
9 - Wolf's bane doesn't do anything, but don't really have strong feelings either way wink

Thanks for that, that was fun big_smile

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