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(this has not been completely edited. Im sick at the moment so please excuse my laziness.  I like constructive critism  and opinions, so feel free to tell me what you think. smile )

Chapter 1
The Letter

The silver eyes of the wolf were cold and yet cautious as I grew closer to the bars of the cell. He bared his teeth warning me to back off but there was nothing that he could do and he knew that. I let my hood of my dark purple cape fall off, revealing my face. Instantly he recognized me but I know we have never met before. Everyone knew me; I was the niece of Tobias Pierce, the man who holds great power over this darkened city. I was best known for my knack of not listening or obeying the rules. That is why I got shipped here, to work on my behavior. I sat down by the cell block trying to show the wolf that I wasn’t afraid of him and that at the moment I had the upper hand.

What does she want? His thoughts came out in snarls.

“Well my initial plan is to let you free but that’s if I can trust you not to kill me as soon as I bust that door open, In return I want you to deliver something to Warren for me.” I said in a hushed tone as I braided my long black-blue hair into a fishtail braid. He knew exactly who I was talking about. Warren was someone that always seemed to hit close to home for me, my father is a shifter and my mother a witch, not just any witch though; she comes from a royal family, and has kept me a secret, until she had passed away just a year ago. The last visit with my dad was obviously in secret, but it did not end like I hoped it would and we left on horrible terms.

Tobias still had no idea that I’m a crossbreed and I’d liked to keep it that way, because if Tobias were to find out that I am a shifter then I would be standing behind bars preparing to executed.
You can hear me? He asked and I nodded in reply. He stared bewilderedly at me.

“We don’t have time, I’m sure they’ve sent my seeker by now.” I gave one more glance around the dark corner to be sure that they hadn’t already found me. My heart pounded through my chest. Ah, the adrenaline. I looked back at the big brown wolf. “You can’t just walk out of here in your wolf form, here.” I took the canvas bag off my shoulder and squeezed it through the bars; I got up and turned my back to him. There was a low groan and then the shuffling of feet.

I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to shift. It has been so long since I’ve had the chance to explore that part of my being. Sometimes I can hardly control it, like the wolf is just dying to come out of me. But I had to control it, I had no choice.

“Done,” his voice was deep and husky. I turned to see a well-built man that stood a good six and a half feet tall. His brown hair shone almost red in the moonlight coming from the small barred window, and his eyes were still the silvery blue that they were in his wolf form. My heart skipped a beat and I looked away trying to make it seem like I wasn’t staring. “Well?”  He prompted.

“Don’t ‘well’ me!” I snapped, “Back up.”  The man did as he was told.
I held my hand just above the lock and began and focused deeply on the lock. I had begun to whisper the words of a spell that my mother had taught me when I was young. Normally, the locks have little charms on them, making it so a spell cannot break the prisoner loose. But my power was too strong for a little charm. I channeled all my energy into my hands and repeated the words over and over until the blue light had quickly flashed from hand to the lock. The sound of the door bursting open was loud, like banging two metal pipes together. When I opened my eyes I realized I had taken the door off of its hinges.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Nightly-Ambrose, Night for short, yours?” I asked as I handing him my folded and stamped parchment.

“Talen,” he took the paper and stuck it in the hidden pocket in his cloak. There was a rustling outside and the sounds of two men in conversation, the seeker and the sheriff.

“shite,” I muttered, “come on.”

We slowly made our way up the concrete steps and around the corner of the jail house. We both put our hoods on and began walking down the alley way. Luckily we managed to walk away unnoticed. We managed to avoid Main Street and anyone passing by didn’t notice us. Luckily, no one had seen Talen in his human form yet, which is a shame. He was gorgeous and far out of my reach. I couldn’t be more thankful for how well my hood hid my face because I couldn’t help but steal glances. His jaw was chiseled and his cheekbones high, his dark red hair fell in curls just above his eyes.
I couldn’t imagine how nervous he was right now. He was walking through the streets of Starlet City where he was not accepted, where if he were caught he’d be killed and here I am with all to worry about whether I’m going to get grounded or not. His jaw tensed and he walked rather stiffly. I grabbed his hand slowing him down a hair or two.
“Relax,” I nearly whispered but I knew he could hear me. Talen took in a breath and walked slower and smoother. He clung onto my hand letting me know that he was still nerved by with fear of getting caught.
We made it to the outskirts of town and through the field of an old abandoned farm. Talen let go of my hand and I longed to keep his warmth. I crossed my arms over my chest and kicked the dirt with my black leather boots.

“Thank you Nightly,” he stared into my eyes with a sincere look, “I’m in your debt now.”
Blushing I replied, “You don’t owe me anything; just make sure Warren gets his letter.”

“I hope to see you again,” Talen walked backwards for a moment, taking one last look at me before he turned and disappeared into the thick forest.

“Me too,” I said to myself, “Me too.”

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Re: Nightly-Ambrose

Well begun is half done.

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Re: Nightly-Ambrose

When I crept up the stairs of the old castle I was greeted by the one person I despised the most, my seeker Gavin, I stopped dead in my tracks. His hazel eyes looked warn and tired and his dark hair was a mess. It was quite obvious that he had been out searching for me for a long while.

“You’d be better off being a cook than a seeker, Gavin. I was at Cassie’s, we lost track of time in school work.” I lied. 

“You’re better off in the gallows than an heir to Starlet.”

“And I don’t think you are in rank to make that comment.” I cocked my eyebrow. Gavin’s eyes narrowed and he stuck out his chest as he always did when he got extremely pissed, as if it was supposed to scare me or something. He was very well built and very handsome, in fact everywhere we go there is a girl drooling over him, I find him to be nothing but a nuisance. Then again I’m thankful to get a seeker who is young and easily outsmarted than an old wise man. Gavin is only twenty and is better off seeking crows instead of me. I stepped pass him and opened the big wooden doors of the castle.

Violet, my over-dramatic half-sister, hopped up from the piano stool gasping. “Night! Where have you been!? We were so worried!”

“Yeah, so worried,” My cousin Archer sarcastically muttered. He’s my Aunt Meredith’s son. They live in a small town named Crammel just outside of Starlet city. I had lived with them originally and I wished I never got sent away. The small town wasn’t as prejudice as the city and my uncle Toby.
I still never told my aunt or uncle about me being a shifter. Archie found out on his own when he had pissed me off beyond repair. I’m usually good about controlling my anger. Nonetheless, he had a way of getting under my skin. Any piece of dirt he could dig up on you it’d be spread around town and through the schools in an instant. He had a knack for not keeping his mouth shut. When I had turned on him, I dove for an attack and luckily missed him and went into a bale of hay after a heated argument at the farm we were working on. When he went home to Aunt Meredith he had told her, but nobody believed him. He even got in trouble for even thinking my mother would sleep with a shifter. I apologized to him in secret because I felt bad the scolding he got for only telling the truth. But sure enough he spurted a venomous comment out that made me smack him against the back of the head.

Either way, I wasn’t revealed and that’s all that mattered to me. Archie and I haven’t talked about it since and I’m not really sure what I’d say if the subject got brought up other than, it is what it is. I can’t change who I am and by keeping this secret I’m keeping myself alive.

(not finished, ran out of time. Will write more tomorrow or weds.)

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