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#1 2012-01-09 15:48:52

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Novel idea

Hi i am new to this website, i want to write a werewolf novel about a highschooler who on his first day to school see's a girl that is shy and new and he makes friends with her

But there is a twist............

She is a werewolf and she doesn't want to hurt the only person that was nice to her

Any story ideas, like names, places and other things.

It would be greatly appreciated



#2 2012-01-10 15:27:15

From: TN
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Re: Novel idea

My feedback? It's been done before. It sounds like Twilight in reverse with werewolves instead of vampires. Now, I don't mean this as critical but simply an honest observation.

As for names, places and other things, what I would suggest if you still want to move forward with the idea is to do what is called brain storming.  Here is a link to a website with more details about the different techniques that are geared towards writers: … instorming.

What I will do is when I want to create a place, say, Dawson City, I start out with, "What is Dawson City, what does it look like, what is its history, who and what kind of people live there, what is its major export or import,  ad infinitum." You need to create places that are symbolic of your characters that have the potential of change and growth or destruction as your characters do. Never make a static background. A city or town is never still but always breathing, fluid, roping in and around the lives of the people or creatures who live there.

My second piece of advice is to go out and just find a shady spot in the wild or in nature, experience it, let it fill you, relax and push all thoughts out of your mind and just imagine your world that you want to create. Look at people around you; let them inspire you, get inside the head of your characters. Talk like them. Use their accents, their speech patterns. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent acting out the conversations and dialogue in character in my story and have made myself hoarse from it (but hey, it really helps capture the nuances of conversation!).

If you free write, don't stop to correct grammar or spelling. Write, write, write. Then when your done, go back and correct.

Give your characters a history, a purpose, a life, a family. Learn all their little quirks and behaviors.  Who is this girl in your mind? Who is she in totality?

Food for thought. smile




#3 2012-01-10 15:47:15

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Re: Novel idea

My character is a nice guy, he was bullied a lot but just wants to make sure people don't have that happen to them, The girl i had in mind was not a bad looking girl, she is just new to the school and is very shy, not many friends after moving and my character talks to her, she is shy but i get through to her and tell her that it's ok, you have a friend now, i will be like an emotional stand for her, and eventually i hang out with her at her house, she needs me to leave and i am concerned because it is unusual for her to make me leave early so i ask what is wrong and she starts turning into a werewolf (Sort of like the shifters you have) and tells me to run and i will continue from there.

i've done that too, i had a conversation with my character wondering what he is like, and talking in two different voices, its fun and get's my mind moving, and i probably will go somewhere quiet and do that.

Thanks for the advice!

I have had dreams of my future...............................I see me as a novelist that writes horror novels and have won awards. Hopefully taht is the future that is going to happen. I've wrote novels before and have a passion for werewolf novel's

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#4 2012-01-10 15:59:04

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Re: Novel idea

I have read the beginning of your story many times, may i use your idea of shifters? but on a full moon it is uncontrollable for them because of it, i really like the garage scene from it, it gave me some inspiration.

Wow i just saw that you founded the SSRPS, one more thing i like about you! i am a firm believer in the paranormal and i think that what you are doing is a great science, keep that up!

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#5 2012-01-11 10:10:41

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Re: Novel idea

Well here is the first chapter of the Novel

Sometimes the beasts are more human then we are

Chapter 1: The Hill

Nick Malley was sitting on the hill writing a novel, he looked up at the sky and smiled, he liked

coming out here it was peaceful and he could write in peace here, he had been writing a werewolf

novel, he aspired to be a horror novelist for a long time, but no one ever believed in him so it

was up to him to show people that he had talent. So he sat there and looked at the beautiful trees

and smiled, they were leafless but he like them like that, it shows how quickly beauty could fade

from the earth if not appreciated. He sighed and continued to write his novel, silently watching

the field in front of him, no one was bothering him so he could sit there and write his novel in

peace. He had problems at school with grades and people, he had been made fun of for a while and

just wanted to get away from all of it. His Dc hat on his head, he was comfortable, and he was

wearing his sweatshirt on him, keeping him at just the right temperature, the side of his face was

getting cold from the wind but he didn't care, it felt gentle and kind, like a person that you

think doesn't exist but when you meet them, they are nothing you have ever seen. Human nature is so

cruel to things but no one changed dramtically there is always that little tiny pinprick of

evilness just waiting to get out and cause havoc, even Nick had that problem and his beast was

getting even worse with each waking day, and he just wanted to explode but kept it in so he didn't

go off on people who didn't deserve it. Nick just wanted to have a friend, one that had the same

interests as him, and saw him for him, not someone who was just a overweight quirky kid. Nick was a

nice kid, just no one ever saw that in him, nor did they ever try to see it in him. Nick sighed and

just sat there and looked at the sky, it was very beautiful and had a yellowish color like the sun

but just the right brightness where he looked at it with eyes that had a tear coming out of them,

he felt sad but at the same time he felt very peaceful. He got up and started to walk home to go to

sleep, passing houses, he saw one that he always wanted to go in but someone had moved in there,

and he walked past and waved at the man bringing boxes in, he smiled back so he was happy that he

paid attention to him. "I hope that they have a teenager like me, so then i can make a friend for

once. He shed a tear and looked back up at the other side of the sky and it was a pinkish-red and

he almost cried in happiness, he was peaceful and was happy that he could do this, maybe he would

do this more often, Nick was 16 and walked to his house and got in, his parents ignored him and

continued talking, he sighed and went by his brother's room, he ignored him too, and Nick closed

his door and sat on his bed and got ready for bed and pulled his cover's up and fell asleep slowly,

hopefully tommorrow would be better for him, it was the week after Winter Break so he was anxious

to see people again that weren't his family, and he closed his eyes and went off to the dream realm

where he could imagine anything and be happy, and his body was free of pain for tonight.

Chapter 2: Human Nature
Nick got out of his car and locked the doors with a "Click" and the door was locked. He smiled and

looked up at the sky, it was dark because it was 7:00 Am and the forecast said it would snow today,

so he wanted to go to the hill again after school but the snow might prevent him, and he wouldn't

be able to write as creative as he did yesterday, but maybe if he bundled up in gloves and such he

would feel like a hot pocket in the cold. Nick laughed a little at that thought, he was happy that

he was able to use simile's like that in daily life.

That is it so far



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