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Silver and the Bullet

Author's Note: A long, long time ago I wrote Interview with a Werewolf Hunter.  This is a completely different version with the same overall concept.  Part two will be here later today.

Silver and the Bullet
By: Robert Kahil

Welcome to these fellow pages new Lunar Rider.  You have chosen to rid the world of a great and dangerous evil.  Here is how you do so. 

At times a human will get in your way of killing a werewolf.  Whether they are a protective spouse or a concerned citizen; it does not matter.  You will find a few of them reluctant to help you.  So simply get rid of them. 

Personally I don’t care if you kill them or not.  You have a job and I wish to implore you complete it at all cost. 
However the local authorities will be inclined to stop you.  Oh no, don’t protect the humanity of our collective civilization.  That simply will not do because it is their job!  Police or any other agents are quite nosy.  Please refrain from getting near them. 

While we are on this dark note please also refrain (I love that word, refrain)… From using too many credit cards.  I generally take to stealing the money of my intended victim.  Or identity; but in this time period that is getting increasingly difficult.  Using another’s electronic money can come in handy.  If they are dead, they are missing.  The authorities will notice their (the card’s) use. 

The authorities are not inept.    Soon after this, you may find yourself in their hands.  I can assure you those hands are occasionally corrupt.  At this time I feel to mention that some werewolves are powerful business men.  They have connections with the authorities.   

So what do you do about this?  Why it’s simple my dear hunters; use cash.  Find a job like any other innocent citizen and move on.  The authorities own the grid.  Hunters, including werewolves and other beasts of the night, have inherited the “outer grid”.  It is a place where you will learn to thrive as the lycanthrope has adapted to their wilderness. 

Land has a much more primal matter in the hands of us hunters and the werewolves.  It is a war that has been raging since the Beast of Gevaudan.  I will explain in plain words a brief history of this monstrosity.  Among the years 1764-1767 a beast terrorized the previously said French community.  By terrorize I mean the sixty confirmed deaths of citizens.  However as is the nature of the werewolf; it branched its territory to the neighboring three counties. 

Needless to say, that land is what kept it alive for so long.  They grow a bond within their fur covered black souls with the earth.  Our organization began with Jean Chastel; the killer of the Beast of Gevaudan.  He did not formulate us no, but he did inspire us.  We took up in arms and declared a war on werewolves.

Jean Chastel won one of the first battles between man and this particular breed of beast.  Now, over three hundred years later we are still doing so.  It is getting intolerably hard to defeat them.  For a long while I felt as if I was betraying Jean because we were going nowhere.  Why must it be that way?  You might find yourself asking. 
Like us regular mortals, they are evolving.  Much faster though.  The Beast of Gevaudan was a quadruped.  It ran on four legs like that of a wolf.  Unfortunately they have begun walking on two.  Do you know the implications it brings upon us?  Mating between human and the infected has caused the blood lines to adapt in unimaginable ways. 

All it took was three generations before the true evolution.  One way to become one of us and fight for the cause is to learn not of their history but their current status.  Today werewolves have ignored their own past.  Not their fault.  Evolution is to blame. 

Now they are creatures which tower above us without a second thought as to their intended nature.  Try pointing a gun at a creature which can see your actions before you can.  Their analytical brain keeps most of the human smarts with the survival tactics of a wolf.  Werewolves can, in a way, predict your moves ahead of you.  The trick to learn is predicting their movements too. 

View the battle as a handicapped chess game.  Werewolves have an unfair physical advantage, as well as psychological; depending entirely on what breed they are.  Try to goad the werewolf out of its personal winnings within five minutes.  Any longer and it would have studied you long enough, run off to its nightly hiding-hole, or brought a partner. 

Now before we speak of those characteristics of new; the partner I find is far more intriguing at this point.  Bear with me as I tell you this person will save your life.  Werewolves re generally too… How do I put this?  Ah yes, favored against you for one person to take them on.  So the partner and or apprentice are there some yards off- out of your way but close enough to send assistance.  Plainly; never hunt a werewolf alone. 

Ah, now for the apprentice.  If you are so able and patient enough to teach one; can be either gender.  We don’t have that sexism bullshit.  If anyone wants to join this war so be it.  They, the apprentice, should be taught at the ripe age of eighteen.  Or if say; one (being any poor sap) loses their entire family and vows vengeance, please save the bullets.  Train them how to hunt safely. 

Your own family will do fine too.  For example a wife or husband who loves to travel.  They willingly go out and blow the faces off of any werewolf who passes near.  Good?  Good, now let’s move.  Oh and another thing I guess- I’ve found that the excitement of hunting werewolves can get a woman quite randy.  If you catch my drift my good folk; whoops.  Must not let the shaft below speak ahead…

Yet with all good things there is a bad thing lurking in the darkness.  Suicide is a vital factor for us hunters.  One of the rules you’ll learn: If bitten, the hunter must promptly commit suicide before turning.  We are not like Blade; we don’t want to risk becoming the creatures we hunt.  Why should we?  To become as strong as those beasts or think like them?  Trust me, it is not worth it. 

In our nature though is the challenge of life.  One bite can ruin it all but a bullet- ruthlessly effective and quick- decides the ultimate fate.  It is hard to find love as a Lunar Rider.  That is why another of our rules is to not find that “L-Word” to begin with.  While some people do want to willingly off themselves; there is often such a pause it doesn’t happen in our experience.  A lover surely wouldn’t and your partner (if not your lover) will more than likely fail at his job. 

We do have werewolf, werewolf hunters.  They are wanted criminals in our stance.  My leader, our leader actually, is extraordinarily strict on this fact.  My wife, whose name I will keep in secrecy, proved him wrong for me.  She is not wanted and I will never willingly chase her.  We have two children to pass our legacy on. 

At times it was hard for us in the beginning.  For a few months we stopped hunting altogether.  Something snapped within me.  I couldn’t believe it.  Hunting didn’t have to be my entire life.  We lost contact with the others for her safety.  Not all of them would have understood.  Our apprentice, a young naïve man, was one of our only allies.  He proclaimed us dead. 

Me and her, we bought a Laundromat on the corner of a silent street… I must move on.  This is a testament for you hunter; this isn’t about my life.  It is about me saving yours. 

To hunt them yes, yes I like that.  To hunt a werewolf you must understand how they look in the human realm.  One of the easier ways is to shake their hand.  Werewolves do not have fingerprints.  Please don’t ask why, after decades of research we’ve concluded they’re just being assholes. 

What of the canines?  You may ask yourself if curious.  I will say now the canines are slightly longer than a regular man or woman.  It is a natural reaction they have for a faster transformation.  They’re unnaturally wolfish face can only rarely determine lycanthropy.  I mean some people have weasel-like faces.  Does that mean they are were-weasels?  I thought not… Weasels, humph!
On graceful strides they move about as the jock of our worldly high school.  They are after all, supernatural superstars!  Why wouldn’t they gloat?  Being well endowed has nothing to do with it either… Things can only get harder…  Or perhaps become thicker from here… Oh dear, where the hell is this going?  Damn the gutter mind, mind him no… Mind, sigh; this is a long night.

Ah yes, the short temper.  Everyone has one at times or are cursed with them permanently.  Werewolves genuinely want to fit in.  Like a professional soldier or hit man.  Their identity correlates with everyone else’s mood.  To almost blow some steam they must either stay calm or go berserk.

Such as the edgy, crowded places they must experience.  Otherwise there is no definite way to identify them while un-furry.  In other words stalking them is the best way.  Unbutton any curtains onto their lives.  Follow them.  You have a week, or should wait that long, until putting the bullet down their throats.   

You’ll want to use binoculars.  They are rather more silent than what comes after the rifle blast.  If you are distracted enough to take a gun, strap it- the shotgun or rifle you should take- upon your back.  Once there at the hiding spot you will want to stay for a while. 

Once you are discovered they will run towards you or run away.  If they run, they are brilliant at hide and seek.  Good luck finding them.  There’s a reason no one can find Big Foot; werewolves are no different.

Werewolves know what weapons look like from afar.  They’re sight is a mixture of black and white with heat cycles.  As in, they can see you in the dark.  A splotch of black along your face will be obvious to them.  If this happens, act like a surprised hunter of deer.  As if you weren’t hunting them.  Hopefully they will run off.

Now in the case of an early attack and you find yourself weaponless.  Don’t run.  Running triggers the wolf’s natural instinct of chasing prey.  Prey generally fears the hunter and run so they are obvious.  Werewolves are really damn fast.  Most have been reported to go at least 38-40 mph.  Humans move at an average fifteen for a short burst.  They can chase and stalk you for miles.  One of the reasons for killing them quickly as I mentioned earlier is the strain.  Even the strongest men can go down in a flurry of claws and heat.

If this happens you are unlucky.  By then the beast would have taken over the human mind.  A scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will generally follow.  A much darker form of evil residing within the human soul is unleashed.  The primal nature is simply to inflict pain.  Death is slow at the hands of these particular types of werewolves.  They are Feral. 

Even still they can enact such revenge for merely looking at them.  I’ve seen it.  You won’t be enough.  Younger members of the hunters can’t take it.  I will explain later just what they are capable of. 

They go after everyone you know.  If you have family your arms would have been a filleted, useless mess to warn them via phone.  Feral werewolves have such a dark sense of revenge and justice they must have twelve limbs for an eye.  Somehow within their minds, they know.  One taste of your blood and they’ll know everything there is to know about you. 

Occasionally, if they are old enough, feral werewolves will even steal that entire identity.  More than killing or stealing your family.  It is worse to think of not being able to tie my soul with my wife’s own now.  It is the beast, the feral creatures out there, who become you.  For the first time in their long life; they will fit in. 

Fit in how?  You may ask; when they are simply and literally monsters.  Deep within their animal soul the human resides.  The werewolf will finally let you go.  It will endlessly watch you.  For years even; just to steal everything that you claim to be.  Eventually, when it feels the time is right; they will almost literally transform into the person you once were.  The transition is almost seamless.  Any of your old friends (who aren’t werewolf hunters) won’t know what’s going on. 

If they aren’t ignorant, it is still too late.  Oh you would have been eaten by carrion at some point in all of this after starving or- if lucky- bleeding to death. 

As to killing these beasts; you will need silver.  Either to the head or to the heart works.  However I will say the former works better.  Not many are expert shots for a raving, squirming monster heart.  There are potentials to miss.  While it will take a while for the said heart to heal, pissing werewolves off in such a way is a horrible idea. 

Decapitating works as well.  Be warned though; their thicker fur and necks make for a hard target.  If it is not a silver ax even a deep slice will heal.  Blood loss from a shredded carotid artery only works upon the silver not allowing the wound to close.  A werewolf who smells its own blood goes into something we like to call ballistic. 

Kind of like a werewolf Hulk, really nasty business.  It will move around so quickly and ferociously a mere scratch almost accounts for a severed limb.  Until they heal- which only takes a couple of moments- you would be wise to just finish it off.  Drive a blade into its brain or use the ax with an overhead strike.  I’ve done it before.  The ax will do either of two things: 1) deeply slice a chunk of its crown open; 2) travel below the ears, between the eyes, and finally split the muzzle in half. 

Knives are messy business but effective.  While dangerous, getting close enough to a werewolf for a boxing match with knives is incredibly fun.  If they see you- and I assure you they will- getting into the stance; the werewolf will match it for a while.  Just watch for the clotheslines which are generally followed by a skull crushing right or left hook.  Oh and the hooks use five claws. 

At least- hopefully- you’ll be dead before hitting the ground. 

On the case of fire be aware that we hunters generally try to be environmentally friendly.  Burning a werewolf to death is easy.  However if not controlled in a woodland area; it might cause a forest fire.  Forest fires mean business so please make them die down.  Besides, burnt fur smells absolutely horrid.  Add to the horror of a flaming, enraged, seven foot beast.  They won’t run towards water first; they’ll charge you.  Take it from experience; being tackled by a werewolf is dreadful (especially when they are on fire.)

To find all of this silver will be difficult.  It can be expensive and depending on the size of the bullet; smelting the right amounts has faults.  Generally a former Lunar Rider will pass the techniques on to you.  Along with the weapons and whatever rewards were reaped.

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Re: Silver and the Bullet

Part 2

I finally discovered a peculiar aspect in their physical nature.  A werewolf’s ears- residing at the direct top of its head- are the same length as their talons.  Depending on their size and age; the general claw size ranges from four to six inches.  Top it off with hands the size of an average man’s head.  No I don’t stop here.  Those ears; they can hear a rodent scurrying in the grass from a mile and a half away. 

You’ll hear howling at peculiar points, not dependent on which moon decides to rise up.  Did I mention that yet?  Werewolves don’t follow the lunar cycle.  That myth was only brought upon when recorded attacks were prevalent around the full moon.  I myself am not exactly sure why this happens; but it is proven that werewolves are more active during that time. 

Under the light of that moon they may be seen with the next topic.  As wolves often do, werewolves run with packs.  These members are extraordinarily loyal to each other.  Alpha wolves are out there and they’re actually hard to determine.  Do you kill it first and get three to six more enraged werewolves on your ass?  Or do you kill a few of the weaker members and go against head honcho beefed up to eleven? 

Try to include your team in this decision.  A team, or squadron, should include at least four to six members.  Please try to even out the playing field.  Two humans against so many werewolves is a tough ordeal.  On the last day of the infamous Adam Case’s life he took his inexperienced son and invited the man’s wife (who was a cop) and her partner. 

While things still went hairy (pun semi-intentional), it was a smart thing to do.  In the end they won, husband (William) and wife (Sarah) being the only survivors.  The story of what happened afterwards is a different matter entirely.  You can ask others of their ordeal, but leave me alone. 

Separating and tracking the beasts is a good idea.  More ground can be covered and at some point, depending on how large the team is, you can begin to trap the werewolf into a net form.  Everyone who is alone dies in the horror movies!  Yes, well so does having sex more than surviving.  In reality a cornered werewolf will become much more agitated.  Do you want to know why you will most likely survive anyways?  Well you don’t have a choice! 

So here it is.  All of you should have guns.  Naturally, duh, you can’t go in there with nothing on.  In the event there is more than one and you are attacked while commencing the tracking; your partners should be dispersed at about every tenth of a mile.  Shout and run towards them.  Refrain from engaging the werewolves solitarily because attacks will happen in pairs or triplets.

They act in such a way as sending the omega wolves (lowest on the ladder) after the hunter first.  Such a tactic enables the alphas (male and female) to formulate a more dangerous plan amongst you.  Now before we move on too much farther, a group of seven contains the following: three omega, two beta, and two alphas.  This simple fact alone should give you more reason to call for help. 

Yet again there may be another factor.  Children of the pack members, or what we like to call, quite simply, pups.  These adorable (yes they are) creatures will either be transported somewhere else by an extraordinarily protective mother, or help in the fight.  Make no mistake about their fluffiness. 

Pups may only reach a little above your waist in height.  In being so they are much weaker than a full grown adult.  Their claws and teeth are short but the latter is far deadlier than an adult’s.  A gland, as in all werewolves, resides within the gum.  Venom travels through the roots and into the wound.  By then you are dead either way.

Survival is limited for these weaklings because a werewolf’s nomadic nature keeps the parents away at times.  Not all werewolves live in packs.  Sometimes it is just the parents and their pups.  Evolution has granted the pup with a fast acting virus containing components effecting (in this order): respiratory difficulties, inflammation and degradation of the vocal cords, and a shutdown of central arteries leading to final paralysis of all bodily functions. 

The previous is what happens to a human is bitten.  I have seen it happen.  Just end the pain with a bullet to the head.  This handicap begins to dissolve over time as the aging pup can rely on more than just poisons to slow down its prey (or predators such as bears and normal quadruped wolves.) 

Different breeds have differing pup feeding habits.  A basic werewolf will only have the venom in when they go all furry.  Otherwise you’ll see a normal infant suckling from their mother’s breasts.  They do eat human food along with the parents.  Basic werewolves only turn as they please, so keep that in mind. 

In the wild rogue werewolves (who rarely turn back to their human natures) feed their children by hand.  The mother or father tears shreds of meat with their claws or teeth.  They either drape the strips over their palms or give a small batch within a cupped hand.  No need to worry on any of their parts because adults are immune to a pup’s venom. 

Otherwise in an alternate universe would you like to adopt a werewolf?

Finally are the feral werewolves.  They (pups) are fed straight from the hot corpse.  In a sort of deranged bestial mind- hardly noting the human side at all- the parents make sure to train a pup early.  Say the torso of a deer is torn out; it will be up to the pup to bring out the innards.  I’ve never gotten close enough to see what a feral does to disorderly pups.  However I heard what goes on from a distance.  Let’s just say they learn fast. 

While on the subject of breeds I think it is best to tell you what they are all about.  There are three types and lets review them now.  Basic werewolves, rogue werewolves, and the feral werewolves run amok of this world with us.  First we will discuss the basic werewolves. 

They are towers amongst men at nearly six and a half to seven feet tall.  Weight ranges from four to five hundred pounds.  Note their eyes because it is the easiest way to determine separate species.  A basic’s eye replaces the whites with whatever the iris of their human is.  On the actual iris is a fine golden color.  The pupil remains glossy and blackened. 

Basic werewolves are actually more playful than dangerous.  We don’t hunt many of them.  There is no point.  Most of the human retention remains beside the beast.  They have jobs and go to parties.  Some even turn in cities and joke around with other citizens.  Not many of them interfere with the lives of humans however.  Occasionally there will be the mauling of a local thief or other thugs. 

These would be in places where the cops don’t pay attention.  Order may be retained and we leave them be.  I use Basic werewolves at times to help for reconnaissance.  They have the ability to go places and experience things we can’t.  Even in the inner-city Basic werewolves have found hidey-holes.  However they only work for favors or a small band of hard cash.  As I’ve said before; the businessman wolves of Trade or Main Street are powerful.  I have a few as allies I frequently visit. 

Out in the woods they’re still close enough to humans for playfulness.  Messing with their territory or children/pups is naturally a bad idea.  Basic werewolves have the ability to speak.  Albeit in a highly guttural voice; the tongue has trouble rolling off of the roof of the mouth.  It is distorted but easily understandable.  At times it can get eerie with bursts of growls or snorts. 

Having a full conversation can really get disturbing with baring teeth.  At every word it looks like they want to eat you.  Tension can rise because… Well, I’m a werewolf hunter you know?  They don’t know that unless I need help with the rogues or a feral.  Uh-hum, so if you were to hunt a basic werewolf.

Luring one of course is easy.  They can detect and predict forest fires so are naturally drawn to them in an attempt to put them out.  You good werewolf hunter, are the cause of such fire.  Once there, the werewolves may sulk around for a while and wait for you to leave.  Act as if you didn’t notice the fire.  Keep spurring it on to piss them off.  Let the battles commence. 

Basics have a disconcerting ability to heal themselves.  Sounds like the normal rapid paced skin and muscle rejuvenation right?  It is in a sense, of course.  Werewolves like these have a common knowledge of healing herbs.  Many of their meals contain the herbs so the pain resistance is ramped up again.  Even with silver bullets and fire.  It still takes a while to heal but those little plants do help them. 

As I’ve said before and will keep reminding you, once you lose them, werewolves are difficult to find again.  If they know you (as a hunter) are there they will suddenly change typical hidey-holes.  All the work you’ve been doing in the previous week was useless.

Before we move on to Rogues I will tell you about sneaking up on any breed.  Werewolves have a scent of smell one hundred thirty times greater than that of a human’s.  Don’t worry though; you have greater scent sniffing from a bear.  They can sniff up to three hundred times better than you. 

In this line you should use odorless soaps, shampoos, and deodorants.  Primary care should be represented among the armpits and nether regions because we (as humans) generally smell the most down there.  Just don’t fantasize about your crush without clothes in the middle of the forest; no matter how cold it is.  The werewolves will know…

Is it double dipping if you use the same chip on two different dips?



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Re: Silver and the Bullet

Part 3

Wear warm clothes though because at night it will get cold.  Sole-less shoes are advisable if the mission goes awry.  The werewolf will track you down at the human jungles.  If you change them to ones with soles a werewolf can become confused.  For a little while anyway you will have enough time to plot death! 

If it’s a warm night wear slightly baggy clothes for extra protection.  Instead of ripping off a part of your leg it’ll just get a load of pants.  So keep moving for that opportunity to pass through.  I mean, stay still to take aim with your long ranged weapon of choice.  Otherwise just be smart. 

You’ll need all the brains and will power you can get when battling out with a Rogue.  They are initially taller at seven and a half feet on average.  Let me explain- because you know, otherwise I wouldn’t be good at my job.  Rogues don’t generally pressure themselves into buildings like their predecessors.  In turn the pups simply have more room to grow. 

Eyes are- in my professional opinion- downright scary but only less so than a Feral.  The iris has been entirely removed and replaced with the black pupil.  Whites are the same as the human iris; however an additional pattern of irregular, luminescent crimson intersperses.  Do you know how demonic that is?

Rogues are humans who have decided to let the beast take over as a fleshy shield.  They are the connecting link to the Feral werewolf.  Not much is different but for two things.  Packs have rampant mating rituals and the level of aggression rises exponentially at such times.  When freaky- in more than one sense of that word-    strong pheromones permeate the surrounding few hundred feet.  '

It well, makes you want to do things with your partner that you wouldn’t normally do.  Doing so is a pleasurable- my wife thinks so to- distraction.  She, my wife, is a werewolf because of this event.  We didn’t know the Rogues were mating nearby.  It was our first encounter of a kind and if Rogues weren’t so territorial we would have joined them.  They heard us, waited, and attacked. 

Things like that, the sex, are unavoidable.  You just simply cannot get away from it…

Anyways, Rogues eventually forget how to deal with humans.  Riders are testier against them because of recorded attacks in China, Bolivia, Nepal, North America, and Canada.  They are particularly harmful to infrastructure.  We have occasionally been secretly hired by the government to rid them of such threats. 

Conditions in some of those areas are so drastic it takes more than a couple of weeks to end.  Finding them and transporting supplies without detection isn’t easy.  Their ability to survive in harsh conditions is enhanced by that shared bond with Mother Nature.  While you need sleep and food, the Rogue- it doesn’t matter what sort of environment it resides in- has found matters easier. 

They sleep more often to keep up energy before scourging for another food source.  When Rogues smell blood a primordial lust is driven for flesh, no matter where it comes from.  At times like that they can simply ignore pain.  Decades ago they could feel pain, so you see where this evolution concept is causing us problems. 

Now where do I start on the Feral?  You have already of their ability to literally alter, quite drastically, its own life.  More disturbing than any other breed of werewolf’s are the eyes.  That shimmering crimson engulfs the entirety of the whites and irises.  Only beady pupils, devoid of any emotion but rage, let you know they’re even from the earth. 

Some Riders have theorized as to why the Feral is so filled with rage.  Some say it (the beast) is a vessel to carry our primal emotions.  Others say, in the way I’m inclined to believe, is that the lost human is trapped.  They feel like escaping and tried the beast and nature in a sweet little combo.  Unfortunately the beast’s personality imprisons them in the body.  Rarely cases have appeared where the human finally breaks out. 

Even then, when close enough to other humans, the Feral hardly looks it.  The eyes are lost along with the slightly bulged muzzle and fangs.  Claws and slight points of the ears make an appearance.  One sight of it draws people away with horror and insanity.  In tattered clothes these poor men who I will kill without hesitation appear unperturbed by whatever weather is the situation. 

Generally they will hide like a wolf does until prompted.  They do live far, far away from other human beings.  Unlike wolves though, solitary Feral werewolves tend to survive longer.  If you do happen to see a pack, which is rare, there will be only three of them.  Their tough environment creates a violent hierarchy for survival.  We have never been able to study them long enough to tell which one rules the pack.  There haven’t been enough cases recorded for research. 

Just go with the one which… Uh, how do I put it?  The one which seems to go after you the most; there isn’t much else to say about pack hierarchy here.  Feral werewolves have the mind altering ability to hypnotize other creatures in their habitat.  I’ve only seen it five times because I’ve only gone after five Feral beasts.  They have sent two deer to pummel me, a pack of wolves, a bunny rabbit, and a bear. 

Now while Killer Bunnies aren’t too much of a threat; the bear and wolves (notice multiple wolves) are a hell of a lot more dangerous.  Fortunately there aren’t many of them out there.  Our world has not been explored enough to see any of the other numbers of creatures that haunt among us.  There are others yes. 

Vampires, the Naga (you know, snake woman with scaly tits), elemental witches (generally harmless), and creatures we actually don’t know what to name are out there.  Not all are dangerous but some like the Unknown (that’s the only thing we have) have turned it into an art form. 

Some battles won’t be won.  Some of you fellow Riders will die.  A war is brewing though and we must be prepared.  Our human species is depending on you.  Go forth, and don’t forget to take silver and a bullet!

Is it double dipping if you use the same chip on two different dips?



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