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The Sisters
By: Sara Lewis

I guess in my mind,
The shock was so,
It took me awhile,
To feel the woe.

I could not believe,
What I had been told,
Though in mind, I knew,
She was growing old.

I had always believed,
She'd leave in dreams,
But I guess the newcomer,
Unraveled the seams.

Fate, she has come,
She's done what she must,
Blame her not for the sorrow,
It has caused all of us.

Sorrow, though,
Should not consume you,
For Joan's exploring the clouds,
As we all will too.

Fate does not hate,
For she is simply a force,
We must sit by,
And let her run the course.

As much as we wish,
We could control it all,
We must soon realize,

Time will heal,
This most horrid of pain,
And from this experience,
Knowledge we'll gain:

Every moment in this life,
was simply meant to be,
For Fate has a sister,
We've named her Destiny.

For years this deep wound,
Will remain raw,
But worry not,
The sisters shall unite us all.

This is a poem for my grandmother, Joan Bird Lewis, who passed away May 18, 2012 at 3:02 pm



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