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New Facebook game: Werewolf

Hi guys,

We have just gone into Beta with a new game on Facebook called Werewolf:
or directly to the game:

To quote the game blurb:

Your aim is to survive in a village were there is at least one Werewolf at large. To survive you must become a Werewolf and maul villagers, be the seer and find the Werewolves, or remain as a villager and try to lynch the Werewolves and free the village of them!

I would really appreciate if we can get some community feedback. While the game is in Beta all new players start with 1000 free Crowns (credits).

It is a multiplayer game, so a good idea to play at the same time as friends. We currently have two bots in each game to make it playable when you are on your own, feel free to maul and lynch them!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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