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Communicating with wolves

I believe there is a simple way to communicate with canines such as: Dogs, Wolves & Bears.

When animals communicate, they do not use language. There is not a "sound" for "I" or another sound for "Want" and other sound for "to" another sound for "Go" another sound for "something" etc etc. And most animals can't have discussions, like "Where do you guys want to go?". They communicate by tone and body language. So their sentences are more like when we say "Let's go!", no one needs to know where or why, just "We are going!". That is their tone and body language, and the other animals understand it and follow to see what it is leading them to.

Dogs would be extremely hard to start with, because we have been breeding them with their own brothers, sisters, cousins, moms and dads for so long that they are basically retarded, because they are inbreed. But wolves breed by who is smartest, who is strongest, who can survive. So they would be more intelligent to begin with. But to start the communication program, what we need is a smart breed of wolf, or we need to create a new mutt breed of dog, that is bred ONLY for intelligence.

I'm sure most people already recognize this pretty well, but when you have something in common with someone, it is easier to relate and discuss things. Ex: We all like wolves here, so we relate. There is a similar phenomenon with electro-chemical signals. people who smoke weed can relate easier to others who smoke weed, because they have been on the same "wave length".
There is a chemical in every animals brain, even ours, known as DMT or Dimethyltryptamine, which is what is released into your brain at night, and is the reason you dream. Your dreams ARE DMT. So that means EVERY animal experiences dreams/DMT. So that is where we can relate. I believe that if we were to take pure DMT with animals enough times to have a casual calm experience, we would be able to break the barrier around human language. Humans are trapped. We think that other animals need to "get on out level", when really, if we want to communicate with animals, we need to create a whole new language that comes to THEIR level. Which is tone and body language.

Then once a dog or wolf knows how to talk, we can start teaching bears, and other humans. (Many humans will consider talking to animals stupid and a waste of time at first)



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