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Your personal werewolf lore?

Hey guys new to the forum.

What do you all prefer for your werewolf lore?
(1)A werewolf that transforms only once a month on a full moon, or can they change at will?
(2) Painful transformation or instant?
(3) Can they be killed by anything like a bullet to the head or is it just silver?
(4) Are they immortal or do they age slower?
(5) Do they look like a normal wolf, do they stand on two legs and are beastly looks creatures that look like a contorted mess of a man and wolf or are they perhaps on all fours that are larger than a tiger and look like a hell hound?
(6) Do they have control in their 'beast' form or are they running rampant killing anything in there path?
(7) If they have regenerative capabilities does that mean they can't have tattoos or scar tissue?
(8) Do they have the heightened animalistic senses in human form or is that just in wolf form?
(9) Does wolf's bane hurt them or does it not?
(10) Do they have a warmer body temperature in human form or is it just normal for a person?
(11) Should they have 'Super speed' in wolf form ala the vampire diaries or hunt with increased speed,
(12) Do they howl like a normal wolf or is it a monstrous roar ala American Werewolf in London.
(13) Do you have to survive a werewolf bite and or claw swipe to be a werewolf or is it more like it's a genetic thing?
(14) Can a werewolf be changed to a vampire or is werewolf saliva and or blood poisonous to vampires?
(15) Should the werewolf wake up anywhere or well I guess this would fall under if the werewolf has control..
(16) Should there be a "Kill the wolves blood line or should it be realistic in the sense no spirits pestering you?"

I prefer a realistic take on my mythological creatures. It's more interesting to me.

I prefer a werwolf that changes on the full moon, very painful because well they are transforming into another being, I'm not sure on this... I think silver can weaken and kill a werewolf but decapitation by another cause should be sufficient in death. Hm? I think with a prolonged life they should be mortal, I think they shouldn't look like normal wolves. It sort of cheapens the whole thing. Being a werewolf should distinguish you from a wolf. I think they should be the a hellhound looking monster ala American werewolf in london. It should be able to slaughter a bear or a hippo. So all fours for me, I think they should have control but newbies should have self control issues and just act on instinct,  I think they should have whatever tattoos they had before the infection and after they should probably not have any,  wolf's bane shouldn't hurt them,

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