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#1 2013-06-20 14:10:55

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need help from real werewolves.

Hello everyone! I'm new on this site. So I heard that some people can be born a werewolf. I think I may have been. Lately I have been getting angry for no reason. I also have gotten A LOT harrier. Even going through puberty I have hair in places where most don't. I also almost overnight seem to have noticed what is starting to become a unibrow which is a folkloric sign of Lycanthropy. I'm often restless at night but tired at day. I'm not sure if I was born one or not. But when I was younger I drunk water from a wolfs pawprint in Europe. I asked my parents and they don't know of any lycanthropic ancestors. But my moms side is a long European lineage with royal blood. Perhaps I inherited the werewolf gene from them? And no I'm not a hopeful twilight fan. My interest in werewolves comes from old folklore and legends. I always felt non human. I also recently did a werewolf spell and right after I felt my back changing and my head got really hot for a little. I have also recently became a little bigger, stronger and extremely fast at night. When I see a wounded person I seem to get excited and predatory. I even get the urges to bite people and I don't have any mental disorders at all and I'm not psychopathic. My eye color is even changing.

       If you know anything please give me feedback I really think I'm starting to become one. Also if you think I am please give me some tips on how to shift if possible. Thanks!



#2 2013-06-22 13:54:06

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Re: need help from real werewolves.

Hey A.J.

Therianthropy is more than just thinking your a werewolf.  Your still young and it sounds like your just proberly experineing normal human-like puberty.  So changes physically and mentally will naturally occur.  When you get older like maybe 21 and are still experenceing these things than I would take you more serously.  Right now it's really hard to tell the differents, but I'd check back when your much older and mature enough.
P.S.  Dranking water from a wolfs paw print will not turm you into a werewolf, but you might do so because you already are a werewolf.  When you are older you will know the differents.


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#3 2013-06-27 05:54:28

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Re: need help from real werewolves.

Yeah.... actual werewolves (although I prefer the term wolf therian) don't get the urge to bite people. Either you have anger management issues or you need to see a therapist.

Also all the stuff you listed are signs of puberty, not therianthropy. Please read the "Why You Are Probably Not a Werewolf" sticky.

Disclaimer: I am actually female.



#4 2015-03-15 09:56:56

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Re: need help from real werewolves.

Take from one I am a few years older and for sure know I am and royal blood don't mean anything because if they saw anything out of the ordinary like someone being a werewolf in the royal cort would be hung then burnt to the stake

Even in the eye of midnight him self he has seen many wars but nothing like what man has brung to this world and is why he fights back



#5 2015-03-15 22:17:27

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Re: need help from real werewolves.

I dunno. There have been some royal lycanthropic families. Vseslav, for instance. In fact, in the Sorbian world, lycanthroopy is a mark of distinction. Then there was Arminius. And several Were saints. There were some regions where Weres could get away with it.



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