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Silverline Blodline: The Goffer

I had been watching the royal family, many had come to bow down to the darkness of tonight. The dragons as we were known, were known as draconian. Our name coming from a scholars of the human kind.  It seemed so feeble to wait upon such small three eggs. Each had the same blue coloured shells.

The king and queen, whom were my fairest and strongest of friends. Kept an eye on the three new souls that would hatch this very night. I am Quintis lady of creatures, I can summon upon wolves, those who believe in man-wolves would be chosen under my choice and rules.

I can call upon 3 wolves, Anger, Silence and Mute. At this very moment I can see the king sweating profusely and the queen singing a song. “When the nightshade bloom, where the earth and sky meets in the dunes. The life and blood of royalty...”

The queen winked at me, she had the recent day told me that she feared for the life of her young. I had told her that I'll protect them with my life. As a draconian you follow the queen's advice.

I am 28 years old, a very young dragon... I've waited 10 years for new borns. This night was the quietest of all the whole year through. Pathos was an priest of the dragon kind, he however taught me to summon the wolves of song. I might be a simple peasant, but he is the closest thing to a father. His gray hair and green eyes, a silver scale-complexion. He was about 1200 years old. Seeing the olden times of humans.

This dragon year was called, “Flight of song”, only one egg will be chosen to bare the life blood of the dragon colony. If no female is born the world will fall apart and the union between dragon and draconian will wither and pass on to a new life. If no egg hatch, the kind and queens soul will latch to the most kindest- sweetest soul until the new born is chosen, no matter if they are peasant.

The light of the cave, sharp glittering stars, even if they were not real ones. The eggs all turned to dust... There were no young ones. The queen cried out-loud, screaming her last and awful expression of seeing no new borns.

I cried out aswell, having to say goodbye to my two best friends, I held onto the queens hand, “I'll miss you”

The king and queen passed on....

The spirit of the young unborn were felt around the whole of the council, their whisperings were of the, “Chosen bearer” , “We're going to die” , “What will we do Pathos!”
I however tried ignoring all the comments, spending my last while without the king and queen, sarah and Methathalic. The spirit of the unborn had chosen me. I could see the glittering around my palms. The power of no restful days, “Sarah and Mathathalic I feel your wants, your needs.”
Then I knew I was going to have to choose a mate... but who??



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Re: Silverline Blodline: The Goffer

Great story, can't wait for more.

Whenever you see a raven or a crow, just remember, that that's me, watching you.

I have a dick, there for, I am a MALE!!!!!!!



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Re: Silverline Blodline: The Goffer


the texas octogenerian
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