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Wolves Of Dominion Need You!


We are a Guild of werewolves in the remote Empire of Tamriel (ESO Tamriel unlimited on Playstation4) and we are looking for werewolves or want to be one to join our Pack and hunt the desolate lands of Cyrodiil and soon the Imperial City.

The Guild Wolves Of Dominion is dedicated to multi-adventures and a large dose of PvP! You like gaming as we do and let's be honest there is not much werewolf games out there! Fancy a try?

If you are interested in joining Wolves Of Dominion, you must be an ESO player and be on Playstation4.
You are an English speaker but our Pack speak many other languages too (Danish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian), this way we are not short on communication!
We Bite for Free unlike some rogues Lycans in ESO!

OK, now we want to hear from you. To do so visit and to go even quicker use our Launch code: facereapers

                                                                         Old Grey Pack Leader (Guild master)



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