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Best Werewolf Book I've Read in a Long Time

I'm a pretty huge fan of the werewolf genre in general, with Ginger Snaps being my favourite werewolf movie. I recently read a werewolf book from the backwoods of Canada called "Lune" by Philip Glennie and thought it was incredible. It's about a girl named Lune who's locked up by her abusive father when she's young before escaping and falling in love with a servant girl named Michelle. Here's one of my favourite passages (which happens to be on the back of the book, I know I know):

"The night of the next full moon arrived. Invisible waves radiated from its surface and passed through cosmic lifetimes before descending over the northern forests. No cover of clouds could block them. The waves fell upon trees, rocks, and cabin walls alike, penetrating every crevice, passing silently like wandering spirits. Jean and Marie-Claire Comeau were blind to the force that slipped into their home and altered every supple cell in their daughter's infant body."



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Re: Best Werewolf Book I've Read in a Long Time

Here is a link to the book on … lip+glenni



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