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#1 2016-05-09 19:06:55

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Therian Nation Youtube Channel

Hello, I thought I should share this information here on The Werewolf Cafe in case there are some Therians here who do not participate on other forums. Therian Nation will be an educational show that shares accurate information about Therianthropy while dispelling myths and false information. It is not a vlog. The videos will be professional, presenting information in a neutral, news broadcast-like fashion. I'm hoping that future videos will include interviews and audio of group discussions about topics related to the Therian community.

I will add links to new videos as they are created. If anyone would like to receive rough scripts for upcoming video topics and provide suggestions, please send me a private message. Thank you.

Scripts for our videos can now be viewed, saved, downloaded, or printed from Google Documents. … XQ5b0pMRVU

Main Channel Page:
01. Mission Statement Video
02. Origin and Uses of the Word Therianthropy
03. Introduction to Modern Therianthropy
04. Therianthropy Terms and Definitions
05. Therianthropic Shift
06. Psychological Therianthropy
07. Spiritual Therianthropy

08. Pt 1 How to Determine if You are a Therian -
08. Pt 2 How to Determine if You are a Therian -

Special: Interview with Wolfmage and Russian

Therian Nation's Social Media

Google +:

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#2 2016-08-02 14:55:22

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Re: Therian Nation Youtube Channel

Special Video Announcement about the Return of Werelibrary.



#3 2016-08-03 20:25:57

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Re: Therian Nation Youtube Channel

Frankly, I think these are some of the best videos on therianthropy I've ever seen. They do look professional and the presenters try to cover all the major ideas.



#4 2016-08-14 00:02:18

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Re: Therian Nation Youtube Channel

Oh cool!  I should watch these!

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