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#1 2009-11-15 19:35:04

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Werewolf game creater looking for some ideas

I have yet to find an online game that actually has graphics. Someone has to make one. All these Werewolf lovers and not one actual game. I would like to make one with a few people. I have a computer genius friend who has the programs on his computer needed to make it. If anyone is interested post.



#2 2009-11-15 22:24:35

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Re: Werewolf game creater looking for some ideas

I would like to see a werewolf fight other monsters other than their own kind.  A werewolf should fight like a monster, like "God of War" gameplay and button smashing finishing moves except with a more werewolf look and feel.

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#3 2009-11-15 22:44:34

Dark Shadow
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Re: Werewolf game creater looking for some ideas

yeah...the "weird" against the "normal" ...if you dont know what i mean
weird= werewolves, vampires, slayers, ect...


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#4 2009-11-18 16:59:24

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Re: Werewolf game creater looking for some ideas

You could try for basics like a RO ish movement with controller based actions. all you need is RPG maker VX full version. or RPG maker 2003. I know a little of how those game engines work but i would need a story for a werewolf game.

How about if we take the feel of Tenchu Z and expand the movements to encompass wall crawling and sticking to cielings and pouncing at people like AVP on pc. You get to custimize your werewolf for abilities you want on it...would that be an idea? Like if you get a perfect kill, you can go into a werewolf frenzy where you can just keep going and killing while being tougher to down and hurting more enemies. that would be awesome. If you want druidic powers or shamanistic powers it could work as well... If though we make a game like that we'd need a superior game engine.

Picture this you are stalking your prey and he just happened to take a cigarette at the perfect place, werewolf pounds his carcass in the floor and starts to tear away at his body working himself in a frenzy, lets a howl of fury escape from his throat and charges the group of humans trying to kill him in visceral and violence. At the end of this little skirmish, all the humans are dead in the area, and you proceed to feed on them. But wait we can't just prey on helpless villagers, right. as you wade in battle you gain abilities to hone your instincts and hunting prowess, like sharper senses, being able to pretend your a normal wolf until he gets in a vulnerable spot and then POOF! you change back in battle form and kill the guy while he's paralysed from the shock. Make it so that you can really go anywhere and climbe everything that should  be climable for a werewolf or human.

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#5 2010-08-12 20:47:52

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Re: Werewolf game creater looking for some ideas

i wold like to see a werewolf game with sandbox game play like the elder scrolls and grand theft auto i thunk it would be cool and funny for a werewolf to carjack humans and take their cars or rip them to shreds and take their stuff i can give more info if you want

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#6 2012-02-21 22:29:39

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Re: Werewolf game creater looking for some ideas

I've like always wanted to make a game where you join it and choose what animal you want to be and stuff, then you fight demons and evil creatures and bad humans and you get super powers like being able to fly or shooting lightning out of your paw, and eventually you can get a other animal forms or more super powers. Then you do this big long quest or something and get a dragon form, and from then on you can do more quests, like Runescape, and it's easier to get powers/other forms from then on.

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