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#1 2008-09-07 13:21:52

The Busboy
From: USA
Registered: 2004-06-08
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Tales of the Dead

Check out the description of this DVD I just found out about that just came out on August 25th: … pe_snp_2P8



#2 2008-09-08 03:29:17

From: Montana (surprise!)
Registered: 2006-02-08
Posts: 10145

Re: Tales of the Dead

Heheh, looks a bit dodgy, but who knows - could be a diamond in the rough! big_smile

"I like him... he says okie dokie!"
~ Dean Winchester, Supernatural
"He did so much, without kicking a single butt!"
~ Tommy Dawkins, describing Ghandi, Big Wolf On Campus



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