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#1 2008-12-11 20:47:42

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Guardians of Luna...

I know another thread already exists for this, but then again, I always believe that good animated werewolves deserve more than one thread...

One of my friends is in the middle of producing a new animated series called "Guardians of Luna", and a few weeks back I was privileged enough to get to see a teaser trailer of which is to come. It is going to be AWESOME! He has a few interesting tidbits on his live journal.

What I like best about this animated series... well other than the fact that it is about werewolves, is that it harkens back to the mid-90's where the likes of Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series reigned supreme. It is a much darker toned animated series that is going to blend traditional animation with that of cell shaded, of which is very similar to what is used in "Ghost in the Shell".

Cybergraphix is the one producing, and they've hit a few snags here and there, but I believe they are finally moving forward. I've had the pleasure of helping them a bit too... more moral support than anything, but who knows.

Speaking of Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series, the screenwriter who wrote those stories is writing Luna, and it really shows. The series has his dark gritty story-telling vibe that is desperately lacking in a lot of animation these days.

The story is being developed in the US, while animation is being done in Japan. It is an amazing blend of American story telling mixed with Japanese anime. Yes I'm already a fan... big_smile Here's hoping for an PAWESOME... 2009... yes... I am that lame. :p

Here are a couple of cool links. Now granted the animation style has changed quite a bit, but the info is really interesting.



#2 2008-12-11 23:49:41

From: St. Louie
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Re: Guardians of Luna...

Pft. your not lame just giddy wit excitement. Werewolves hardly ever get the limelight on television and now there's a well-developed series under-way.  And yes 2009 is definitely a year of werewolf fiction: GofLuna, The Wolfman, Underworld 3, possibly the Werewolf Chronicles by David Hayter, as well as the usual list of B-movie werewolf movies that come out every year.

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