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Links are like werewolves and Werefelines but they are descendance from hell. ... I made them up but i thought maby you guys would appreciate them. Any how a Link can turn when ever they want but have to do the devils bidding or they get stuck as wolves, or felines. Also having the same reaction to stuff as a wolf or feline. You might kill your friends or family. sad In the link blood line all its offspring are born as what ever the mother is at the time. so if mother is a wolf and goes though birth the babies will be born wolf,  ext. At the fragile age of 16-17 the Link child goes though dramatic changes with his/her inner animal. For example
- Needing to run like crazy.
-having high bolts of energy at random times of the day or night
-Vishase thoughts about anyone that gets him/her mad
-bad body pains
-not being able to turn human as fast as normal (this would be the animal inside trying to take fool control) it some times works.
-vision changing on and off
-the need to eat row meat
also last..
-hormones reallly kick in (...bad)-(some times called 'the gift from satin')
This will end at the age of 20-25. most have control by then if they really try. When links are adults they find there blood mate. This mate is always a nother link like them selves. Wolf links can mate with Feline links making a mixed bred. This started in the 18th centry. The most mixed breds of Links are only three types of link.
In Maine Link Wolves are band from, because of a hug war killing hundreds of leopard's and Timber Wolves. (they were the ones in the war)-(everyone else ignored it)

We are all floating on the same boat trying to push each other off the edge, but only a JackAss would but a hole in the bottom.
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Re: Links

Interesting creature to create, a human who can barely control their animal instincts, I like it! 

Oh, and welcome to The Werewolf Cafe!

-Nods to Hominaka in acknowledgement.  Then I slink back into the somber darkness from which I came-

big_smile (with fangs!)



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