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#126 2010-04-13 19:13:14

From: MI
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Re: TV Werewolf Watch

Just came across this online, but if you have the Chiller TV channel, this week is "Werewolf Week". The channel will be showing several werewolf movies, including  "The Howling","Dog Soldiers" "Werewolf Hunter", "Werewolf: The Devil's Hound", "Howling 2" and others, plus a mini marathon of the Wolf Lake series.

Reading the schedule, it looks like they'll show a doubleheader each night this week at 8PM Eastern and repeat it at 12AM.

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#127 2010-04-13 21:23:39

From: Hell's Half-Acre, GA
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Re: TV Werewolf Watch

Crap, I forgot to watch it tonight.  Got caught up working on a D&D character and it slipped my mind.  (A longtooth shifter, no less! -- pretty much a werewolf descendant)

I did watch a few of the Wolf Lake episodes they had on last night, though. Fun stuff.

Hooray for Chiller!  Even though I find it kinda funny that they're advertising something along the lines of "All this week, there's a full moon on the rise..."  Have they looked UP recently?  Someone's on the wrong end of the lunar cycle!

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#128 2010-05-13 22:54:50

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Re: TV Werewolf Watch

They've been having werewolf marathons on scify or however it's spelled. I forgot to mention that but check out that channel every so often.

True Blood Season 3 trailer is out and it shows a werewolf (well it's a wolf). And they show the guy that's playing Alcide.

Vampire Diaries to feature werewolf possibly for season 2. Man oh man the season finale was great!!!!

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