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#1 2010-07-28 02:22:20

Nightwalker werewolf illustrator
From: SA
Registered: 2007-10-22
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All my poems

Searing words

I don't feel the same,
The severing words,
words cut me,
a bleeding heart.

It's pounding in my hands,
it's on the edge,
the simplest words,
try to fix a tormented.

The love of others,
so far away,
I have to run miles,
Jump through the blades.

Death stares at me,
spitting at the end of ends,
faces stare down upon me,
the darkness enfolds.

Confinement, need space,
The sky turned to black,
The rivers to red,
clawing through in the end.

Revised version/21 July 2010



Fear keeps me back,
I can't stand seeing him,
The angel of death stands before me,
He grins a white wide smile.

Be wise, forgiveness for killing,
Oh no, but he stares at me,
Dark voids of misery,
Seeping into my soul.

I see him raise the sharp talon knife,
A cut here and a cut there,
the rebel you once were,
is now on the knees.

Begging please,
“A thousand years.”
“And what?”
“You shall atone for in a thousand lives”

Revised version/23 July 2010


To be just you

There was a time,
That there was nothing,
The world was created,

Each person has a personality,
Each person has a dream,
Each person has feelings.

Your willpower is strong,
It’s up to you to choose what is right.
You can be the knight or the scout,
There are so much more responsibility,
To be just you.

23 Dec 2008


I'll wait for you

The wind blows a breeze,
some of the fresh flowers,
can not tell me anything,
I sit here with tears in my eyes.

We were heroes to each other,
spending time together,
and bringing the positive back,
into this world isn't a dark soul.

The wish is that the land of Oz,
where some wishes get granted,
and the flowers bloom once more,
that you return to the land of sun once more.

I will bring back what you've taught me,
the time tell tales of long forgotten,
the time of fun has just begun,
that is right you'll return,
in due time.   

Revised version/24 July 2010


Beaded heart- to my dad and mom-
The graying hair,
Sometimes matted.
Brown beaded eyes,
Glittering in the sun.

Working hard on the engine,
Oil covers the overalls,
He turns to look.
Little roads at the corners.

A warm smile,
Breaking the awkwardness.
He takes you by the hand,
Reassures you, “Everything is alright.”

Talons cannot touch you,
Fiery eyes cannot harm you,
Words won’t hurt you.

No matter what,
He is there,
To comfort,
To care.

You feel safe by his side,
He prays each day,
Sunlight and guidance,
Collage life is tough,
So he wishes it won’t go rough.

He cares plentiful,
The goblet overflows,
Spilling out onto the soul.

Molding a feeling of security.
Bring in this present,
Of love and joyous hope.

That the turn of your life is,
And always will be,
Making everyday count,
Even when he is a grouch.

24 Dec 2008 – 3:25 to 4:25


Winter iced SA-

Where the fire burns brightly,
And the win yowls at night,
The voices on the wind cry,
Scaring the little children with a fright.

Little bodies scrawling on the wall,
To reek havoc on the unsuspecting world,
Where the time isn’t counted,
And the people sound asleep.

There are times,
Of flowers tickling the toes,
A wind bellowing through the trees,
There is calmness throughout the town,
And ploughs working on the field,
Cows are grazing through the pasture,
The dew is new.

24 Dec 2008


Friendz of the forest

Does it symbolize the strength of our friendship even more?
We can learn to be friends forever.
Why are your letters gone?
I can’t find them, but I remember each one.
Why aren’t you here?
That’s right you will return.
Why should we live different lives?
We’re not so different.
We’re equal.
We live the life of adventure,
Of joyful moments,
Take care,
There are many more seconds,
To treasure,

5 January 2009


Return home.

Returning home,
Where the rivers meet,
Quench your thirst,
Over flowing tears,

Joy and life,
Become what you want,
Make bright choices,
Buildings built in his name,

Praise and believe,
Messengers bow to him,
In honor and love,
Honor the words.

It’s spread across the book,
It’s here and it’s now.

10 January 2009



The loveless,
The breathless,
The lady in white,
The heart as dark as night,

Walking the beast,
Creatures are abreast,
Men’s souls for sale,
You should quail,

She’s your dark nurse,
Don’t accept a curse,
Anger subsides,
Anger hides,

Timeless hundred years,
The saddening tears,
Forever existing,

11 Janaury 2009


Friends forever

I never hated anyone,
I never asked you to go away,
Don’t think and no talking,
Just let it be quiet for a while.

I feel torn inside,
There is a lot to say,
So little words can express,
What I feel is continuous.

There is a wall in the road,
Will there be absolution,
Laughing at my silliness,
I once loved you.

There are a lot I can say,
Nothing has meaning,
As much as my heart,
I’m willing to start over.

11Janaury 2009



Mysterious eyes,
the puzzles it withholds,
those hazel eyes,
you have been haunting me,

With you I could spread my wings and soar,
Without you I will plummet down to fate,
The voices tell me I should forget,
Every time you’re in my dreams.

The angel of compassion doesn’t compare,
I could almost touch your face,
I miss even more than I should,
“Why have that dream dispersed?”

13 July 2009



I'm caught in this world,
where the love of those dear
Are close at heart,
but when I'm broken
I can still hope and still feel love
Somehow I'm caught in this world
Of those I loved in the past
Of those who cared
those who would dare
Dare me, don't betray me
I've been stuck in a world, where?
Where I've been in.
The world of unraveling hope
But deep inside there is still
A light
Each day something is new
I can almost feel it
Something deep inside me is telling me
"Where do I go from here?"
"I don't want to sit here?"
I am dreamy in my mind
Where I'm the falcon or
The tiger prowling at the night
A Misjudged world...
Fixed to be right...
Beneath these webs leis an inner peace
Please oh please.
I have been caught in this world for far too long
I suddenly come to a conclusion.
“There are many more who feels the same pain.”
Many who have read and have seen compassion.
Compassion is hope.
Love is hope.
Happiness is hope.
Somewhere I know that I'm not dying.
Instead I've been beating my own faith
My confidence has but almost not withered.
I can say that life has just started,
That I'll hope for a brighter day.

10 January 2010


My little world

From whence I've come,
To where I'm going,
Am I going up in this world,
Or am I sinking down,
This world could see better days,
Carnage in one city,
And trash in the other,
You can't break a girl,
Who has already been broken,
“Break my heart and I break your face”
I do not like anything just because it's fancy,
“I like it because I like it, not because you approve”
Man slaughter isn't one of them,
I'm miss murder...
with my words of steel...
I break a gap between what is real,
But nothing is ever to blame,
Everything has fallen,
but that's never true,
until someone picks you up.

11 January 2010


Where we're off to

March into the line of staring and thought,
Guns poised to shoot,
You trust those close to your heart
You'd rip out your heart to give it like a grenade
is there something that will blow
something you wanted to tell us
those black ringed eyes,
or the way you read,
the deep set mind you try and write away
give up everything that ever bothered us soldiers
We walk every single day in three lines
Sadly enough,
There is flickering hope,
and withered life,
March on,
cause marching isn't like the may poles,
No peace until the war has been won
Feel no sorrow,
But don't die for something not lived for,
Remember when the war is our life,
our sin and our crossing.

11 January 2010


You know

I have forgiven, but I'm starting to forget
but I'm not naïve enough to be fooled
Little love,
a lot of love,
Emotionally challenged,
You guys held me together,
I'm small and weak,
stronger emotionally,
Is there a strong will somewhere in this world,
someone who can teach us everything
I've wondered how would it be to be there,
To be with those,
but no,
The ones who were...
and always was,
they dance,
they sing,
“Is there something I can learn from them?”
I'm sure the fortune is in the love,
with the love these people show I'm sure,
in every bone of mine,
that there is more than what I can learn,
We learn fast of the time passed by,
smart moves makes a darkness shine...

11 January 2010



I'd bend my arms to look like wings
Can you see through me?
I'm not that tough,
A fallen angel,
My metal wings weigh me down,
unmoving wings,
They stir only for you guys,
My soul has been gone!
And now It's found!
Be with me!
I can soar over the fire!
Breaking an icy cover... cover
A confined love has been seen.
I am a dark angel,
I am a light angel,
I am a mortal,
I am demi human,
No, but I'm just a soul,
Seeking you out!
Seeking...seeking... seeking
There's been a lot of silence in the world
Break me free from the chains binding me
I can see that you've become neglected
The nemesis could break you,
Hope you can take it,
Paper is weak....
Take your time in making this world a better place.
Take away the water to feed others,
Make way for others in your heart,
I'm a dark angel,
I'm a mortal,
I am a soul,
Walk with me.
Take good care of yourself,
I'm serious at times,
I'm kind,
I'm compassionate and open to be talked to,
My heart tells me to leave you for now,
Make it out tonight,
break free from the unbinding wishes,
We're fading... fading far “goggatjie

12 January 2010



I couldn't wait for the work to begin,
Each day I hoped that another day would pass,
Until I have my qualification,
I've been dumbstruck by some,
and others have childishly run,
I can't be brought down to easily,
but strike a cord of my heart,
and you might just drown,
this is a story of a girl,
not actually seen in high-school,
but a punching bag for words,
and some a toy,
until the last day...
I heard someone sweetly say,
that she knows,
what went through my mind,
at the time of day.

12 January 2010


Din as in noise

It's funny I'm drawn to people with problems,
I've had flowers as much as my way of showing love,
Whenever there was something wrong,
I'd write a little letter,
either hate,
or goodness,
now I won't try,
I don't intend to burn you,
I don't intend to hurt you,
burn the last paper,
It's not worth it hurting anyone,
somehow this is my home,
my cocoon of noise,
this gray TV screen looks like my mind,
there's nothing I can do,
funny enough the TV have colors,
enough colors to make anyone happy,
funny,funny how I act,
silly little girl,
make up your mind,
but I've chosen two roads,
nothing can stop,
the over brimming water bucket,
wisdom is knowledge,
but... does this mean... anything
yes, I think it may be...

13 January 2010


The end

Geomancer is the water controller of earth
Given breath of air when being birthed
He stands tall after growing up
Strong like an ox and tough

Don't cry for it's too late to save the world
The water has been damned in the sea that curled
It's late and people stand and stare
Do they the people of this world dare

Fight for the last time
For it would be your last cry
He won't stand in your way
for he wants to stare from the sea bay

The last of the bird's ashes fall
from heavens, but a sad call
He won't stand alone
His family should atone

For nothing is better than a new beginning
From the thieves to the cunning
He stands here the last breathed
He stands and with his sword being sheathed

He drops on the ground
The water for all eternity, earthly bound

8 March 2010


Time counts clocks

Eleven years of writing fun,
Times has shown that even...
The sands of time,
It can't run backwards,
The life of mine has been lived,
backwards for far too long.
I know why I should keep... this...
round powdered form.
Otherwise, if I don't drink it,
the words of even the great...
J.K Rowling won't make sense
Cause how would it sound...
that if harry was normal,
A hatred to his cousin.
Even if he 'please' for help,
that there is no helping hand.
I say that I would have a trip,
not of the traveling kind,
I'd probably end up dead more than alive...
Tick, tock,tick, tock went the clock

15 July 2010



Tick,tock,tick,tock and off went the clockworks,
The clock struck one in the morn,
off ran the mouse with the spoon and the cheese.
Not afternoon,
Or even a dinner night.
Hungry for the mother's food
It takes time to know,
even if your brave,
if the last of the sunlight,
the last of the forgotten village boys.
To see if there was such a beast,
a murderer not to speak,
non existent soul,
un-driven time of the introverted,
the mind speaks for itself.
Time tells,
what he's thinking about,
a letter written on the wall,
long forgotten halls,
Of a mansion no more ballrooms...

15 July 2010



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Re: All my poems

Return home is my favorite as it reminds me of my home smile
Great Poems! smile

Im a freindly MONSTER



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