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#1 2011-07-04 10:29:15

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I noticed there isn't a forum thread for Otherkin, but I saw some noted Otherkin, so I'd like to talk about that.

First of All, what is an Otherkin?

All therians are Otherkin, (I expect that by now you know what a therian is), however not all otherkin are therians. How can that be?

Example: Dragons, Griffons, Sphinx etc

An Otherkin is a person whose spirit isn't human, but another kin. (hehe play on words)

Vampires are Otherkin as well, (though some people debate that)

What are your thoughts?

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#2 2012-03-10 14:17:12

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Re: Otherkin

Vampyres aren't nescessarily otherkin in my opinion. Vampyrism is a practice (that is usually nescessary to the person practicing's well being) and the people don't usually believe themself to be non-human (they know they are human and they just need psychic energy or blood or both). In order for a vampyre to be truly otherkin...the vampyre would have to have been reincarnated. The vampyre legends stat that the person is soul-less. So for a vampyre to reincarnate how would that occur? They have no soul so technically they can't reincarnate. Of course otherkin also has psychological areas. A person who believes that they are really a vampyre (in the fictional sense) is likely to have clinical vampyrism. Besides the clinical vampyrism thought, I don't think there really is a mental illness for otherkin. There maybe a bizarre brain wiring (like Aspergers) but thats besides the point. My point is vampyres aren't otherkin at all just people who practice vampyrism (though it is very possible for a person to practice it and be otherkin). I hope I made sense

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#3 2012-03-10 20:24:54

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Re: Otherkin

Which is why I have a serious problem with the idea of otherkin. Most of the otherkin I've run into do consider vampires to be otherkin and to support that, most otherkin sites I've been on include a section for vampires. "Otherkin" seems to be the blanket term of blanket terms. Anything that doesn't fit into the typical human mold can find a home under "otherkin". The divergence in the categoy is breathtaking.



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