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#1 2011-10-01 01:32:36

Nightwalker werewolf illustrator
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Poem: Blue to you

Think of the Fiona and Shrek song where their in love. Only this is the tune that you can hum with. Slow to fast to slow to fast. This is for Blue. Even though I don't know you.


Wonder what your doing
Wonder if its right
A flame across the heavens sky
Bright and pearly white
Wonder what the birds up high-
are telling you tonight
I wonder how you look at me
I wonder if they tell you too
I wonder what your thinking tonight
Wonder if you claiming rights
To open the mid way sky
The sky is blue for you tonight,
I hope I can hold you when your old and bright,
Your my darling Blue as the sky.
I open the blinds for you,
I open the better truth
to kiss you another goodbye,
So soar the skies tonight,
even though it can give a fright,
So give me the last goodbye,
I love you darling Blue,
I'll love you are mine



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