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Various Songs

Def Leppard - Animal:

"Cry wolf, given mouth to mouth
Like a movin' heartbeat in the witching hour
I'm runnin' with the wind, a shadow in the dust
And like the drivin' rain, yeah, like the restless rust
I never sleep"

"Cry wolf, baby cry tough
Gonna hunt you like an, an, an, an, an, animal
Gonna take your love 'n' run"


Incubus - In The Company of Wolves:

"In the company of wolves I sat in silence
observant and afraid

It was there with their eyes like glowing embers
the man you see was made."


Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise:

(Roaring/howling in the background during part of the song)


Queens Of The Stone Age - Someone's In The Wolf:

"Tempt the fates, beware the smile
It hides all the teeth, my dear,
What's behind them"

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