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Controlling The Urges

Ashlee Star

What are you? The voice roared in my head and jolted me upright in bed. Pain shot into my temples like wild fire. Instinctively, my hand grabbed at the wound on my neck. The pressure built with every pulse that ran through my veins. I glanced over to the clock, which told me that I was going to be late for school yet again.

I threw my feet over the edge of my bed and stared at my room for a brief moment while I let my head clear. The sun was bright and poured through the windows next to me as it reflected off my light green walls. I slid off my bed onto wobbling legs, which nearly knocked me back down. Shaking my head, I took a deep breath to regain my balance before I stalked my way to my large oak dresser.

I grabbed the drawer handle and pulled. Not only did it open the drawer, it broke off and clothes went flying. I rolled my eyes and picked up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and made my way to the bathroom on the far end of my bedroom. I pushed the door open and my dirt and grass covered pants were off and on the floor before the door even shut behind me. I was fully dressed within seconds and watched myself run a brush through my hair. I took pride in my hair. I always took extra time on it, not for myself, but for everyone else. It was a daily occurrence that I was complimented on my luscious blonde locks.

I pulled it up to get it out of the way of the wound so I was able to get a good look at it. I leaned in closer to the mirror and ran my fingers over the marks lightly. I cringed at the sight of them and groaned.

“Escritae,” I whispered as the wounds slowly faded back into my light skin tone. Once they were completely healed, I took the tie out of my hair letting it fall gracefully around my shoulders. A quick hair toss in the mirror, I slid out of the bathroom and strode across my room to my desk. I grabbed my keys, and bag and left the room without a glance back.

            I was still a little groggy on what happened last night. I could only remember brief parts of it. I know there was someone there at the park when I walked by. I knew what he was. I was taking a great risk. But I knew if things had gone any differently, I would know how to stop it.

            I was greeted in the kitchen by the nose cringing smell of burnt bacon and eggs. My mother was standing over the stove in a daze. Throwing my things in the corner, I walked over to her and helped her to her chair.

“You haven’t had your coffee yet this morning, have you?” I asked as I turned the stove off and threw the contents of the pan in the trash. I glanced back to her.

She had never been this bad in the mornings before the accident. We were practicing a few cleaning spells and she had done one on a mirror. If there is one thing you should know about witchcraft, it’s not to use it on mirrors. The spell reversed its direction and sent her into a deep sleep. My father and I had taken turns for the next few weeks watching her and trying to wake her.

It lasted a month before we had realized the one main ingredient for waking her up. She always had to have at least one cup of coffee every morning in order for her to function correctly. It was then we knew what we had to do. Father had gone to the hospital and got a drip. Instead of putting antibiotics in it we filled in with coffee. Within days she was back up and running like her normal self. She only needs 3 cups of coffee a day now. But if she doesn’t get it, she goes into a delusional state of mind where she can hear and see everything but isn’t exactly sure where she is or what she’s supposed to be doing.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and set it back down in front of her. “Here you go, Mom. Drink up; we all know you need it.” She grabbed the cup in her trembling hand and moved it slowly towards her mouth. Her eyes closed peacefully as soon as the hot liquid hit her tongue. She set the cup down within seconds and her eyes shot open. The ocean sky blue color, like mine, had returned to them and she blinked multiple times.

She smiled when she saw me. “Thank you, Rhiley. I don’t know what I’d do without you and your father.”

She always called me by my birth name, unless we were in public. Since the Salem Witch Trials back in 1692, we had to change our names and location. Back then, it was hard to get away with anything without the whole town knowing. Everyone knew everyone and gossip was always the topic of everyday. When Clarrisa Entrue found the spell that kept witches from aging, it was the talk of the town.

We lived in a little town just south of Salem, called Swampscott, Massachusetts. When the news had finally gotten to us, we thought it was too late. But my father was slowly getting sicker and my mother was determined to get the spell. When we set off to Salem, we hadn’t known anything about the witch hunters until we got there.

There were men and women of all ages lining the streets with their pitchforks and torches. They were chanting and yelling at everyone who happened to be near enough to hear them. We drove through the town cautious and paranoid to look anyone in the eyes.

It wasn’t hard to find the hideout of the witches who were declared dead to the town the next day. An old graveyard behind the church. It was heavily hidden by the massive oak trees, native to the area. As we neared it, it became clearer that they were there due to the faint blue light only other witches can see.

We had to ditch our car in the mainland. And walk to our new destination. Upon arriving we were greeted by a large wizard who had been holding one of the strongest wands I had seen in my 18 years. When we asked to see Clarissa, everyone stopped and stared at us. The man nodded and replied, “Follow me.”

We followed him through the thick of the forest and straight to an old watering hole. There was a fairly older women sitting by the water staring into the distance. The man pointed at her, as he turned on his heel and disappeared.

My mother and I exchanged a look and proceeded toward the woman sitting alone. We were not but 2 feet behind her when she spoke. Her voice was raspy and fragile. “Come. I’ve been expecting you.” We sat beside her and I couldn’t help but examine her. She was older than she appeared from behind. Her hair was light and losing color, but her eyes were dark and full of life. “You have come for the spell, correct?”

I glanced at my mother and she nodded. “Yes, we have. You see, my father, he’s very sick.” I explained.

“You are not from around here.” She growled. “Why should I trust you?”

Shocked by her tone change, I managed to stammer out a response. “Well, you are right. We are not from around here. This is why you can trust us, actually. Nobody else will know the spell, and we could save your life by bringing you with us.”

“Nonsense, child. Think of what you are saying. I’m far too old to leave my childhood home and friends behind. You see, I too am sick. And growing older every day.”

“Why have you not used the spell for yourself, Madame?”

“My dear, I haven’t given this spell to anyone. Only the hybrid can center the power to the spell. Give it to your parents and it will heal them with enough time for you to activate the immortality of your family.”

Clarissa started coughing. Each breath she took shook her lungs and made her cough harder. “Madame!” I screamed and tried to hit her back and help her, but it was too late. Her face was turning purple.

“Fortigae,” she gasped. “Rhiley, you, will, turn.” She gasped and coughed again, spitting blood everywhere. She was gone. But we had the spell. And it was my job to use it.

Back in the kitchen my mother stood back up and strode to the stove. “Looks like I’ll just have to restart,” she said brightly. “Will you stay for breakfast, dear?” she asked me without breaking concentration.

“Sorry, Mother. I’m already late for school,” I murmured before grabbing my thinks and slipping out the door.

Hitting the automatic starter button on my car keys I strode to the 1997 Blazer my parents bought me over the years. Through all the cars I have had this one has lasted the longest by far. As I slid into the driver’s seat, I shoved the keys into the ignition.

“Apajue,” I said closing my eyes. As I opened them, I was sitting in Wolf Water High’s student parking lot with 3 minutes to spare.
            The large double doors called my name as I walked towards them. As soon as my hand touched the handle, I heard the ear piercing screech of the homeroom bell. I took of straight down the hall and made it to class right before the late bell sounded.

Ms. Branson barely glanced at me through the thin glasses on the bridge of her nose as I stood in the doorway breathless. “Have a seat.” Her black hair fell in her face as she tilted her head back into the book on her lap.

I could feel the discomfort of my peer’s eyes following me as I stalked to the back of my room. I took the last open seat in the far corner and opened my purse. After rummaging through the contents, I pulled out an old metal covered red and black notebook. I ran my hand over covered and sighed deeply holding it to my chest. I looked up and was greeted by the dark blue wave of my nightmare. Averting my eyes quickly, I opened the book and began writing.

My heartbeat quickens and my blood is running cold. Pieces of the night keep coming together in my brain slowly making progress as to what really happened and with whom. What do I do when it finally comes back? Because as of now, I know I saved my parents from the horrible fate of death. And I know what I did last night was the reason they are saved. I just didn’t realize that my nightmare would haunt me for the rest of my life. I glanced back up to meet the dark blue eyes once again, before continuing my writing. My nightmare, is sitting beside me.

The bell rang, pulling me out of my dream world and back into reality. I bent to retrieve my bag and knocked my notebook off the desk.

“What’s this?” I heard the voice coo in my ear.

“Nothing,” I replied, turning slowly toward the voice.

“It doesn’t look like nothing,” he whispered softly when I had finally faced him. “My name’s Rayne Moon. I’m new here.” He handed me back my notebook and smiled warmly. I grabbed it and shoved it deep into my bag and turned to walk away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him, tilting my face up with his other hand. When my eyes met his I flinched. His rustled snicker calmed my heartbeat and gave me the courage to explore his face.

He wasn’t as pale as pale as the classic vampires in the movies, he didn’t have fangs; he had the complexion any prep school girl would die for, and the facial structure of a male model. Other than that, he looked like an average teenage boy.

I took a long, deep breath before I managed to speak. “Thank you.” I took a step back and spun on my heel as I headed towards my next period class.

I could hear his footsteps behind me as I kept my brisk pace down the narrow hallways. As the footsteps grew closer, I sped up. I glanced over my shoulder and could see him following me at a distance. As I turned to walk into the classroom, I collided with the door. I glanced behind me once more to make sure nobody had seen my head on collision before I rubbed my face proceeded into the class.

I walked to an open seat and sat down trying to steady my breath.

“What’s wrong?” I jumped at the sudden voice in my ear.

“Nothing really. Just stupid stuff.”

“Are you okay?”

I groaned, trying to ignore my flush cheeks. “I’m fine. It’s just this kid. I think he’s stalking me.”

“I wouldn’t call it stalking. Just interested staring.” I then realized who the voice belonged to. I whipped my head towards him and gasped.           

            Coincidentally, Rayne had my exact schedule. Every single class he was sitting right next to me. I don’t think he realized that I know exactly who he is and why he was there.


           When last period English started, I was relieved. I plowed through the assigned work for the day and brought my notebook back out.

            I have been waiting all day to vent. And now that I finally have the time, I don’t know what to say. I’m more scared than I have ever been in my life. Being around him is like being around a cannibal. How am I to know when he’ll snap and try to eat me alive? Rayne is the nightmare I was talking about. Rayne is the vampire who bit me last night. Rayne is the one who has come after me to finish the transformation. And now Rayne is the one who has fallen in love with me. So now my question is, do I move on and act like he isn’t there OR do I let down my guard, risk being killed, and give him a chance?

            The bell sounded, giving me the freedom I had been after all day. I gathered my books and slid them back into my bag. I left the classroom without a look back in Rayne’s direction.

I made it halfway to the student parking lot when I noticed Rayne walking 2 feet next to me. We walked together to were my car was parked and paused at the trunk. As our eyes locked the kids piling into vehicles all around us froze. Rayne moved in closer to me, but stopped and looked around him.

            He mumbled under his breath and looked around him wildly as if he were looking for something, or someone. “What’s happening?”

            I cocked my head and looked at him confused before I finally snapped out of it and kids noticed the problem at hand. Backing up, I stared at him. “I- I have to go.” I blurted out. The kids around began moving again and Rayne stared at me awkwardly before nodding. I jumped in my car and watch him walk away slowly, his head turning in every direction.

            I pulled my notebook out and flipped to my last entry. I need to give him a chance.

Time to reinvent yourself and move on with your life as someone new - As said by me. <3



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