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Slave Dreams

This is the first actually kinda good book I finished, but it's just a short story, I am working on better ones, but maybe I am better with songs? Anyways, here it is!:

My name is Aliska, and I used to be a slave for the queen and king and other royals of Kanos. I wasn't allowed to address anyone by their names, I had to call them by their titles. I really hated being a slave and had a secret dream that I wished so much to acheive, although it was highly unlikely.
"Aliska! Can't you work any faster? We musn't waste time!" the bratty princess said. "Alright alright." I said, cursing her in my mind. "Don't you know the right way to respond?" the queen said to me. "Yes, sorry ma'am." I said back, rolling my eyes. I was cleaning the floor and it seemed such a stupid thing for someone like me to be doing. I'm not meant to be a slave!! I thought to myself.
I finished my work after hours later, then I headed outside. I sat in a tree on a cliff where I had a clear view of the warriors training. I sighed and just stared for a few minutes before heading back into the forest. I went to my secret cave and got out my stick shaped like a sword. I slashed the vines and plants around the forest, but I was careful not to hurt the plants too much, especially the beautiful ones.
This is my dream, to be a warrior. I was raised as a slave and my brothers were sent to be warriors because females weren't allowed to fight. It is in my blood to fight because all the males in my family were warriors and I have some werewolf blood in me. I am very smart so once I come up with a plan I check over it many times to make sure it works. I almost tried some plans to become a warrior but I either failed or decided there was a flaw in it.
The next day after I did all my chores, I did them fast enough to have extra time. I went to my cave and got out the feather I found and some ink I sneaked out. I started writing on a big leaf. All I need to do is escape and find a way to disguise myself as a man. I then started thinking ways to do this. After hours I finally had a few good ideas written down on leaves. I had to go then, so I left my leaves in a safe place.
The next day I didn't have much time so I ran to my cave and took my time to check over the ideas. I checked the ideas each day for about a week then I decided one plan was good enough but I had alternative ideas if they didn't work.
The day I decided to put my plans to action was here. I finished my chores as usual and practiced my plan in the forest. Finally at midnight when everyone was asleep, my plan came to life. I left a note on my bed saying I ran away to live with wolves and no one should bother trying to get me back. I silently opened my door and went out, heading to the room where the warriors keep their things. They had plenty of extra things with no symbol since they were for training, so I took two swords and some armour made of anything quiet. I tip-toed downstairs and out one of the smaller doors so it wouldn't make so much noise. I camped in the forest that night. I heard wolves howl and one got very close to me and was very curious because I had the ears, eyes, and tail of a wolf.
The next morning I awoke to the sun shining through the trees, something I've very rarely seen before. I walked to a town nearby and kept walking on until I saw the biggest castle i've ever seen in my life. I was glad of these changes, but suprised a little too. I slowly aproached the entrance to the grand castle, telling the gaurds in a lower voice that I meant no harm. I fooled them easily in pretending to be a man, however, they did not accept me. I tried everything I had then finally, "Prove you mean no harm? How will you do that?" one of the gaurds asked. "Well, maybe you could ask your king?" I said in my low voice. The gaurds whispered something then one went inside the castle and told me to wait.
Finally a man came out and spoke. "The king of Iklarn has told me all you shall do to prove you loyalty, and I must watch over you. First, let's see how well you hunt." he said, then motioned for me to follow him. We went to a nearby forest and he told me to hunt a rabbit. "They are small targets and very fast, so it must be hard to catch it with your bare hands." he said, and took away my weapons. I caught it in a small amount of time, but I was on all fours like a wolf. "Ah, so you are not all human?" he asked. "Uhh.. well..." I said while standing up, nervous that I would be banned. "We accept wolves! as well as foxes and others similar to that. But what we don't want is cats." he said. I sighed a relief, glad I could stay.
I passed the test and finally my dream was becoming true, the king had me in training for a warrior. Everyone trusted me mostly because I was a wolf, since most there are wolf or similar to wolf hybrids. I had my own room which was a good thing since I wasn't exactly male, although it was a very small room. I missed being female but it was worth it, my dream came true!
Everyday I trained and tried my best to avoid talking to others since I am very shy and wouldn't want anyone to get too close. I ended up having a best friend though.
One day after our morning training when we ate lunch, I over heard some people talking about how one of the girls wanted to fight. I was curious so I listened closely. "Can you believe that a female actually thinks she could fight? Females are for nothing but staying at home and maybe hunting a few times." one said. "I agree. She must be stupid to think she could actually fight!" another said, and they both started laughing at the thought. I growled quietly and glared at them and someone nearby came over to them. "Why is it such a funny thing for a female to fight? Or at least to want to fight? I think we need some change around here. Wouldn't it be fun to fight with your mate by your side?" he said. They argued and I couldn't help it, I joined in and fought for women's rights. It ended up into an actual fight and my side would've won if they didn't have 5 more people. But the fight ended when someone said this was a stupid thing to fight over.
The only one on my side asked me what my name was, and I replied, "Aloskato" since it was similar to my name but for a male, and I used this fake name for everything else. "Ah, that is a nice name. It means 'shadow of the moon' right?" he asked. "Yes, my mother named me similar to my father." I said, which was true. My father's name was Atayo, which means 'shadow of the wolf'. "Ah. Well, my name is Dazato." he said. We after that started talking to eachother a lot more.
Sometimes I cried quietly at night and howled sadly to the wolves because I didn't want to stay female so long, and I was afraid of what others will think. If no one finds out I'm a female, what happens? I don't want to find a spell and become a full male, but yet I don't want to have to deal with being mateless. I will always be different from all the other warriors. I thought to myself. I was actually one of the strongest warriors since I was so hard working and trained extra. Sometimes at night I'd sneak and get a sword and go practice.
But one day when I was sneaking out to practice, Dazato heard me and followed me silently. It was really dark and even my wolf eyes weren't doing good in the pitch black darkness. But after I got a sword out and headed towards the door, I heard someone behind and turned around to see a male pitch black wolf anthro. Dazato was a shifter, so he could even become a full wolf. "Aloskato? Is that you?" he whispered. "Yes. What are you doing?" I whispered back. "I was going to ask you the same thing. I heard something and I found you. So what are you doing?" I sighed and replied, "I'm going to train. You should go back now, so you don't get in trouble."
"Can't I come train with you?" Dazato asked. I sighed and answered, "No. Just leave please." although he still refused to leave. "What's so wrong?" he asked. I didn't answer, just looked away, wishing he would leave. "It's not good to keep secrets. They cause you pain if you don't tell anyone. I know from experience."
I was annoyed with him although I wanted so bad to tell him the truth. I told him if he didn't go back upstairs, I would myself. Of course he refused to leave once again so I went upstairs to my room. I later went back out and found him following again. This time I nearly slashed him with my sword on purpose. "What was that for??" he said. "Go now, or I might get my practice on you." I slashed near his feet to get him moving. He tried to get my sword but I nearly cut his paw. I growled at him and he took the sword out of my hands and gripped it tight.
"Why are you acting this way? Give me answers." he demanded. I hesitated but the truth had to come out. "I used to be a slave girl in Kanos, but I ran away to become a warrior." I said in my normal voice. It felt good to have my voice higher again, and to finally let the truth out. I never even told anyone I wanted to be a warrior when I was in Kanos, so I was extremely nervous. I was still staring at the ground and it was still very dark, but I could tell he was suprised.
Dazato was silent for a while. I could tell he was shocked. "You sure know how to pretend to be male." he said, still shocked and unsure of what to say. "I guess we should go back to bed, since it's too late for midnight training." I said, my voice sounding uneasy.
The next day during training I was still nervous around him and so was he. At lunch he would barely talk, he used to talk a bunch and joke about lots of things. I began to regret telling him. I started a conversation by saying, "I bet if we were in a war and we were on opposing sides, my side would win just because I'm there." He looked up and said, "Why would we be on opposing sides?" This was unusual, he used to joke and say something like "Actually, your side would lose just because you're on their side." but now it seems his mind is lost somewhere.
He did this everyday, he looked down or anywhere away from me but sometimes I'd catch him looking at me then he'd turn his head around. At night he just slept but sometimes I swear I'd hear his door. When I was angry at him I had more energy and anger in my training.
Finally at night he came out of his room and I didn't notice him until in the middle of training. I saw a slight movement in the shadows by the castle but my eyes worked a lot better since the moon was shining and I was outside. "Dazato, I know that's you." I said, slowly walking towards him. He looked down shamefully. I stopped right in front of him. "Stop acting so strange. Why can't we still be best friends?" I said. He was silent and kept staring at the ground, just as I was when I told him the truth about my gender. "Are you acting strange just because I'm female? I thought you were the one to stand up to the others when they said females couldn't be warriors." I said, glaring at him.
"I never thought I'd meet a real female warrior though. I'm sorry, this is just so strange. I especially didn't think I'd meet a female pretending to be male." he said, and now his voice was uneasy. "I'm sorry too. I should've fought for my rights, not pretended to be someone else." I said, looking away. "Don't be sorry. I think it is brave to do what you're doing. I bet the king of Kanos would hang you for doing such a thing. Lucky my king isn't as mean, the worst thing he would do is banish you from this city." he said then gave me a quick hug.
After that he finally went back to normal. Although, he still was a little nervous. He still was uneasy being anywhere near me, but at night he hugged me more and loved spending time with me. I asked him why he does that but he says he still thinks it's strange.
War finally came and we trained harder. The city of Hlusha was against us. In Hlusha, there were lots of cats that hated wolves a lot. Many other cities joined each side and the war became huge. A city of all creatures, called Kixur, was split in two sides and joined the war. Soon the young warriors were at war, I was nervous. I wasn't the only one nervous though. I noticed a few people acting scared or worried or nervous, but we stood tall anyways.
In the war, Dazato tried his best to protect me anytime someone fought, but I was worried he would get hurt. We slept in caves and dens made in the ground. We slept whenever we needed to, depending on when we expect an attack, or just sleep whenever we can.
Dazato still acted strange. When we were sleeping he would lay on the floor almost right next to me. When we were fighting he was never out of sight and always helped me fight someone off. I was tired of being protected and when I got mad at Dazato, he finally left me alone. So I was fighting a tiger and a lioness when I felt a sword go through my shoulder. I cried out in pain and my helmet was taken off and I felt something bang against my head then I blacked out.
I wake up to see the cave ceiling and a black wolf licking near the wound on my head. I smiled as I realized who this was. "Ah, so I see you have finally awaken? I knew I should have never left your side." he said after he stopped licking. I tried to talk but couldn't, so I just laid there. I soon fell asleep while Dazato continued licking my head, he didn't want blood covering all my fur and skin.
I woke again in the back of a cave where it was pitch black, and I could hear faint voices coming from towards the entrance of the cave. "What should we do with her? She shouldn't be fighting in the war." one voice said. "Find out where she came from and take her back if possible. Or just take her to where she will be safe." a deeper, more dominant voice said. Oh no! They can't take me back! I highly doubt there's another female in this war, I know they've discovered me. I thought to myself.
I heard footsteps and a big grey wolf anthro appeared. "Hello. Feeling better?" he said. I growled in response. "There's no need to growl at me, I'm a wolf." he said, stepping closer. "I know that." I said, growling again.
He kept stepping closer and trying to get me to talk, but I jumped up and used my warrior skills to attack him. I punched him in the chest to paralyze him for a few seconds then hit his head against the wall to knock him out. I got my stuff from beside the bed and ran out of the cave. Outside I went to the right to climb a mountain and see where I was. It took a while to climb it, but at the very top I saw a fight going on miles from here. I climbed down and walked all the way there. When I arrived the sun was going down but the fight still continued. I saw a black wolf anthro with two swords and armour with my city's symbol. I ran over to him and had to fight a few tigers on my way there, but got right behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.
He sensed it more than felt since he was wearing armour, but turned around with his sword raised high. He saw who it was and gave me a long hug and I told him all that happened. "Wow, I told you you're brave." he said. I smiled and told him thank you
The next day, the people from yesterday trying to send me back came to our cave and asked for Aloskato. Dazato stayed in front of me and didn't say anything but someone pointed to me. "What do you want with him? He's one of the best warriors we have." someone said. "Well, Aloskato is actually female." the wolf said, looking suprised but trying to hide it. Everyone gasped and looked at me. "You're really female??" someone said. "That's impossible!" another said, which I'm guessing was the person who Dazato started the fight with. Everyone was talking and staring at me, and I became very uncomfortable being the center of attention, especially in an almost negative way.
"Well just because she's not male doesn't mean she can't fight. Haven't you all seen what she can do? She's not a normal female." Dazato said. "Thats true, he, I mean she, saved me from an attack one time." someone said. others joined in saying I was actually better than most males, especially females. "But females can't fight! It's some kind of trick! Aloskato is not a she!!" the wolf that fought Dazato said. "Well, maybe I could let you stay. just one thing, prove to me how good you are at fighting." the wolf from yesterday said, ignoring the other wolf.
So the next day I got prepared and went to fight him. We had to have no armour or weapons. We got in a spot far away from the war and a few of the warriors gathered around to watch a female fight a highly trained adult warrior.
"Are you ready?" he asked. I said yes and we got in fighting positions. "Win, Aliska! I know you will win!" Dazato shouted. The wolf jumped at me and I ducked and he missed and tumbled over me. "I'm just going easy on you, by the way. I doubt I will have to do my best against you." he said, laughing. I was mad from that and lunged for his leg. I missed and he dove down to try and bite my neck, but I rolled towards him and knocked him over. He tried to get up but I kicked him back down. I put my hands around his big furry neck and attempted to choke him, but he kicked me off and got back up. Dazato was cheering for me and some others, but people still cheered for the wolf. He tried to punch me but I used my hand to block it and punched him in the chest. I tripped him while he was trying to punch me again, and he fell over backwards. He tried to trip me but I jumped over his leg and bit his other leg. I had the strong jaw of a wolf so I bit through his skin. He tried to punch and kick me lots of times but I eventually won, with him on the ground with his ears and head down and tail tucked between his legs.
"Alright you win, you have proven to me that you are a true warrior." he said once he got up. From then on I could fight in wars and soon more females were allowed to fight and other things. I was so proud of myself. I told this story to my pups I had with Dazato, and grew up to when I was very old, and eventually died. But I didn't die from old age, I died saving my smallest grand-pup from a demon.

The feeling of being a therian cannot be described in words. It's not just a label so we an find somewhere to fit in, it is who we are, who we have always been, and who we always will be. No one can change me, this is who I am. For more than ever.



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