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Skyrim Adventures Part 1 and 2

Skyrim Adventures Part 1:
Newly granted armor.
Armor fairs well against thine sweet roll enemy.
Attendant: "I find your wolfish grin... unsettling."
"Wolfish grin you say?"
"Sayeth again that I have a wolfish grin! I dare ye!
Dremora Lord: "Heel, dog!"
Our hero leaves only blood and bones scattered throughout Windhelm as he escapes into the night...
"I'll be back!"


Skyrim Adventures Part 2:
With a howl, the feral beast alerted the easily spooked imperial soldiers to his presence from below the fortress gateway arch. All that he could think of was of warm blood and fresh meat. The sentries turned around to face the disturbance while one tried to swing his torch into the darkness and peer into what hid in the shadows that made that thunderous wail. Was it the icy wind? Was there something from the wilderness at the gate? They began to approach.
He leaped forward and knocked both men down with a single brute blow. He sunk his teeth into the near soldier's neck but no soon as he drew blood, his ears pricked up to a shuffling of feet on icy packed earth. He looked up and to his left, there quickly ran an imperial archer, bow in hand, stopping to pull an arrow from his quiver. The beast grinned, elongated canines dropping life. An arrow pierced his hide, grazing his neck. He could smell the archer's fear on the wind that filling his wet nostrils. The archer began to draw another arrow and take aim with hands shaking and heart thumping. The beast's lustful appetite, now whetted, could not be refused. The beast sprang forward, claws pointing outward, ripping the bow away before swinging his strong muscular arms and launching the archer into the stone wall before him.
More arrived and the beast's excitement grew. They spilled out from every door of the fortress. The imperial soldiers surrounded him and drew their swords. They tried to lift their round shields to buffer the blows of the beast's hands but he was too strong. Shields flew back as the men were thrown to the ground. The beast spun around to face those at his rear and head-butted one soldier right to the ground. Blades slashed at his dense fur from behind but they could not be sunk in deep enough to matter. He reacted with speed that of an alert Khajiit. Arrows bounced and swords thumped. They could not strike the beast, yet they tried. Their very lives and that of their fellow imperial legionnaires depended on it.
His claws reached out and met with the cold metal helmet of one imperial. The beast knelt and pulled him to the ground, tilting his chin up to expose the frantically pulsing veins of his neck. He widened his jaws, fangs gleaming in the torch light, and bit down on his victim. The other soldiers tried to draw his attention but the beast was too determined, too hungry, and too wild.
More men streamed out from the barracks, furiously awoken from their slumbers. Seeing the carnage, they drew their sheathed swords and charged the beast.
One by one, they swung their gladius short swords. More torches now illuminated fully what monstrosity stood before them. Blood now littered the stone and dirt ground below them and pooling down the splattered stone walls in what could only be described as a macabre painting of rage.
One by one, they submitted to his life stealing blows as he bit down on their chain mail armaments.
The wind began to calm, letting the wet snow flakes to settle softly on the stones and blanket the bodies of the imperials. His hot breath steamed into the bitter cold as the few left courageously charged the beast with shield and sword drawn.
With his hunger satiated, the beast left the fortress. Turning around one last time, he sniffed at the freezing air and listened for any remaining snacks. The tall tree trunks swayed and cracked as the winter breeze flowed around them but his only companions now were the snowflakes that he flicked off his ears and those that landed on his nose.
He knew what he was and he knew what he wanted. He was no ordinary beast from the forest. No, he was an intelligent animal and already, he was plotting where to find his next batch of chew toys...

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Re: Skyrim Adventures Part 1 and 2

Whoa, that was awesome

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Re: Skyrim Adventures Part 1 and 2

Chew toys? Seriousl?

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