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Honor the Spirit of the Wolves With Us!

Really, all I do is stuff related to showing my alleigance to the wolves. I am also a poem writer, so I often go to and write about wolves. (For those of you who want to see, my username is Verio). Anyways, I also made a wolf RPG game that I've been working on for a while and it is meant to honor the powerful souls these creatures have within them. They are my role models, and I swear I would die for them.  For those of you who would also like to honor my allies, please join my game, Ajiss Fang, at:   the game will be more fun when there are more users.
      Who else here is devoted to honoring our rightful leaders of the Earth?   If you are, then join us. I also have a forum called Ajiss Spirit where you can chat about wolves, roleplay the true life of a wild wolf, look at wolf facts and much more! And this is a show of my respect and devotion to the wolves, so no, it does NOT cost money!

Over time we have forgotten, that we too feel pain. We too feel sorrow. Now that we must remember, as the darkness of the blood moon shines upon us, and our curse again prevails.

             Remember that we too must fight. We too must kill. We too must die in the end.



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