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#1 2013-03-15 03:45:56

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Surgically added shifting capability


While most threads like these are usually trolling, bare with me while we explore the science of this particular funny topic. One of the perks of having completely realistic dreams is the ability to come up with completely unconventional solutions to various problems. Consider this:

Sea creatures like starfish do not move around with muscles like us surface animals do, but instead do so by pumping an internal fluid into vessicles, which give them structure that causes their limbs to move either left or right. (You may note a structure using a similar principle exists in some human bodies.)

If you managed to create and implant such a structure in human tissue (without it being rejected; not entirely improbable, via the use of cell cultures), you could, with a lot (and I mean a lot) of implantation and ligament reattachment, permit the human body to be able to create structures and internal volume where needed, and asuming you also managed to overcome the problem of stretching the skin to accomodate this, to reshape the anatomy, at will, into that favorite gnarly quadruped of yours.

You wouldn't be able to remove volume, only add it, so to create the desired shape, a lot of volume may need to be added everywhere, meaning you'd be a very large wolf, but then werewolf fiction never had a problem with the creatures being way too big. There is also no apparent solution for reshaping things like the jaw -- because in this case you'd have to reshape the skull itself, my solution only works for soft tissues and simple bone-like structures (hydroskeletal -- eh close enough), but then if you're happy with just getting to be a quadruped, you could overlook having an incorrect jaw. There is also the minor issue on how to control all this added tissue, as the nervous system isn't really as plug-and-play as you'd like to think, so I'd guess electronic implants and electro-stimulation would actually be the easiest solution here. I also have to mention that while anatomy can be changed this way, I can think of no solution to instantly generate fur.

Thinking back at it though, lying in a hospital bed all for all that ligament reattachment (which takes notoriously long to recover from, if I'm not mistaken) is probably not worth getting to be a wolf for my owner's amusement.


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Re: Surgically added shifting capability

Ya in don't think staying in a hospital for who knows how long us worth it. Plus the cost of having that done would be outrageous! I think I'll be keeping my own body wink

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Re: Surgically added shifting capability

You'd have to take into consideration the conservation of mass. You can't just take 8 grams of muscle tissue and turn it into 8 pounds without INSANE amounts of energy and resources to manufacture that many new functional cells.

However, let's say said device is the last part of a connection that has the huge storage capacity for adding significant mass to your body and changing your form. Then yes, it'd be plausible.

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