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I want to introduce myself. I have a lot of excellent ideas for movies

Hi everyone. My name is Mike. My favorite actor and martial artist is Sonny Chiba as I have all his martial arts movies from the 1970s including THE STREET FIGHTER series and I listen to that theme song everyday.

I have always used my imagination for any movie I liked. I've done that since I was a kid and I always feel like I can make any movie 10 times better or think of sequels to movies. I did that with martial arts movies, Ninja movies, horror/action, etc.

Werewolf or horror movies aren't my favorite types of movies, but like I said, I can always use my imagination very well. My favorite werewolf movie was Dog Soldiers because it had guys with guns fighting werewolves. And those would be the types of werewolves I would use if i were to write a story of werewolves. I would add more weapons for those army men to use such as a chainsaw, corrosive substances, traps and many other weapons.

If anyone would be interested in my ideas, we can discuss it.



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