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have you ever had one of those days when things just seem bad so you clear your mind and look around and think and come up with a cool little saying that goes with your surrounding? well i did its not much but it means something to me. and its called hope and that's it. it sounds a little cheesy but oh well. 


Hey, you...
Open up a little...
People will come around soon...
Everything will be alight... trust me.

its not really much but it means something. the way i see hope is like a greeting. like hi or hello or how are you. the simple ways to greet a person. hope starts with an H and so do those greetings. a simple hi and actually caring can bring a person who is down in the slums or someone close to ending something special such as their life to bring up a smile, their self esteem, or just helping them out and making feel like they aren't alone. i hate being a lone wolf. it sucks. being alone is only good for a while until you get tired of it. all I'm saying is have hope and someone will come around.



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