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The Pack[ACE edition, rated 18+]

[this is a revised edition of my former story. keep advised that I will have 2 versions of this story on paper. I have created two werewolves of very different natures and abilities. the first are versatile super predators who can pick and choose traits based on location, condition and instinct. tribes are like various groups of werewolves that are highly organised, intelligent, and have personalities. I will call this the Type 1 werewolves, now the second type is based and inspired through natural selection and evolution to specialize into various forms of predation. carnivores, man-eaters and cannibal werewolves. these are the type 2 werewolves. as a lasting reminder, to myself and others, we have the jacks and the aces. Type1= Jacks and Type 2=Aces.]

ok now on to my disclaimer, this is for a mature audience 18 and up. this is because smut, extreme violence and gore, various offensive content including racism, sexism and religious zealotry. You are warned that this is not for little kids or young teens. this literary work of art is mean to be enjoyed and if I can make you feel every emotion under the sun and moon, then I have a achieved my goal. Also there might be accidental references to real people and places and remember this is a work of fiction. some places don't exist so don't think my work is factual entirely, I'm using events and places to help fit in my lycanthropes. Now that I am done with my disclaimer I shall proceed with my story...


             Let me tell you a story... yeah I know, I told you a lot of stories. But this is more than a story friend, you'll like it and fear it I can guaranty it.
It all started when I was eight, remember the vicious animal attack I had? Well...turns out it was a special werewolf alright, didn't know at the time, but that bite had me almost dead from being paralysed. Its was white, female and almost human sized but it was just so fast, I barely could see the attack coming, but when I finally got to have a look at the thing that was going to eat me... something else scared it off and I passed out. But this was going to be the last of those two werewolves. I never knew it, but the other werewolf did something to me to save my life.

This is how it had started. now as a kid I was what they called mentally challenged. you recall I was barely able to function as a normal kid, never mind learning school subjects. I couldn't understand anything going around me. I did what I was told, but I did it poorly. teachers hated me, said I should have been in a mental institute. but mom and dad both kept me from there, but since the attack, man things started to change. first thing that changed was my physical senses, I was starting to not only pick up on what was around me, but pick up far more than the other kids. Then I gradually began to get smarter and smarter, to the point my teachers hated me for being too smart. can't blame them, some people feel threatened when the class retard turns genius.

This was just the fringe benefits of the attacks, then came the various instincts my body needed to survive, knowing how to take care of myself and others, I found a puppy and raised it. Not to mention it lived for quite a while. that was until it got hit by a car at six years of care. Now during those six years of care, I began to get another cognitive boost, understanding Canine speech and body language. you hear barking and whimpering with obvious clues of body postures, I heard them talk like you talked to me. foxes, dogs and wolves.

Now for the downside, I was undergoing a change, an irrevocable change. not the so called shape-shifting, oh no. worse...much worse, each full moon I would get these blackouts and wake up in a field covered in blood whose, probably a goat, probably a cow or even a chicken or rabbit. I would get a serious indigestion and bloating like you wouldn't believe. I ran away swam in a pool of water to wash myself clean, and sneak back home. Sometimes I had these weird injuries, bite marks and claw marks on me. But I was still alive somehow...Now occasionally I had this predatorial sense of looking for food and weaknesses. and how to kill people or hide away. I knew something was wrong but I had no idea.

Part of me was becoming a master psychopathic sociopath. But then at school something happened, I used to be picked on but a girl came to my defense. Hot girl, exotic, gothic appearance, god bless for a uniform-free environment. She called herself Morgan, don't know her name...but she knew mine. and She always called me John...

*********************************************************CHAPTER 1*******************************************************

Lovely high-school day, John gets up from his bed, feeling better than before, this month it was a blackout free month, since the moon has finally passed and nothing happened. Morgan came into mind as he noticed her ever present presence of greeting him at school. He never had friends before the accident and after his emergence into high-school she showed up almost like magic. Beat up his bullies with amazing feats of strength and speed.
and now she was promising a meeting on the school's rooftop. It was like a dream come true straight from a manga or anime.

By the time he stopped thinking about her, it was time to get to school...

John was at the moment the smartest person in the school. His intellect had made him enemies form others. He knew it, so he kept himself from answering the teacher's question. After his morning classes, he got to the rooftop. She was there, fair skinned with a little bit of a light tan going on, her violet eyes to die for. John knew he had a crush on her but he would never admit his feelings, just dismissed them as irration and unfit of someone like her. Love was not something he would have, as befitting a love of a couple, instead he was going to have friendship. This is what he was going to be told;*Can I be your friend?*.

Morgan:-"John, I have something very important to tell you and I want to listen to me without panicking or overreacting."

John looked at her and spoke back in a soft voice:-"Ok...I'm all ears."

Morgan:-"It is about our first meeting..."

John:-"About, that? It's ok they kind of stopped bothering me, since you emasculated them with a beating."

Morgan looked at me disappointed but yet she retained her calmness:-"No. That beating wasn't our first meeting, but it's alright. you were eight at the time and I wasn't in human form so I couldn't talk to you in English. Don't be scared I wouldn't eat humans even if they were the only meat around."

He froze, John never knew what happened after the white werewolf went:-"If you didn't attack me, then who are you?"

Morgan:-"My real name is hard to pronounce as it is Egyptian in nature, Morgan is easier to speak and remember is it not?"

He responded with a lowered gaze in shame:-"Yes..."

Morgan took off her clothes and John started to freak out:-"Just calm down we're not going to have sex, I just don't want to shred my clothes at school. You'll understand why...I am a Lycanthrope, of the Lineage of the Anubis or "Anuban werewolf" in English terms."

As soon as she finished undressing her body began to change, at first it was quiet and subtle, then bones were snapping like when you flex your shoulder you hear a loud crack...only this was with every bone in her body. You could also hear the tension of muscle and sinew. Jet black fur started to sprout along her body, wolf-like features began to emerge, this was not a painless change but she felt only minor discomfort from the looks of it, by the time she finished changing. I was like seeing the most beautiful and frightening creature that could kill anything it wanted, and she stood to almost twice my height. She stood to about eleven feet high, sleek frame form being female but still powerfully built. Under her eyes were white markings to accentuate her perception. Yet her eyes were still violet, and unlike the fabled stories, she was not a killing machine hell-bent on killing everything that moved.

When she hugged me I recognised her scent but not from where, it was only familiar somehow. And that left me confused...

Morgan shifted faster when reverting to human form since it was oddly enough easier to perform. She became once again human and promptly dressed herself.

Morgan:-"I saw you give me that look of knowing me and yet not knowing why I smelled familiar. That was because I held you in my arms before I bit you, you see my venom has a strange property of preserving life, it was the only thing that kept you from died from paralytic asphyxiation from wraith venom. But you survived barely, I can see the small changes in your body. you are smarter than you ever were, sharp senses and you can even understand canines. this wasn't natural from birth, but the result of fringe lycanthropy."

John looked at her puzzled yet again:-"Wraith venom? Fringe lycanthropy?"

Morgan looked at him, held her hand softly at the side of his face and spoke in a gentle tone:-"Wraiths are...*Huge Sigh!* are chapter from our history we wish didn't happened, and it was all the matriarch Shuffth's fault. She turned on all the males of her tribe. and ate them. The wraith are treacherous females that hunt male werewolves, but not all. They do wipeouts of entire communities in a region, by paralyzing everyone and killing them all and the first victims are the youngsters since wraith are so small they can pass for young females. WE the Anubans , have found they cannot emulate our youngsters since they have to no shielding of their minds, and the silent stalkers aid us in finding and hunting these wraiths since they cannot hide their smell to the stalkers refined sense of smell. Wraiths will eat ANYTHING...animals humans and werewolves. They will only breed with humans and once they female offspring reach an age appropriate for training and tutolage of their laws, they kill and eat their mate. She was going to eat you simply, because you survived and was going to turn into one of them."

John looked at her with a bit less confusion:-"Ok so they are after me? Did you kill that wraith?"

Morgan looked at him:-"Of course I did, I had to save you. Since they don't usually try to turn humans. I thought they were desperate for food. a werewolf has a lot more meat than a mere eight year-old human boy. Males are usually bigger than females so you would have given her a lot of meat for a while..."

John-"OK so why do I get blackouts?"

Morgan then looked at john with genuine surprise:-"What blackouts?"

[ok I'm going to edit this post later]

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Re: The Pack[ACE edition, rated 18+]

John looks at her surprised before speaking anew;-"I get blackouts and when I wake up, I'm in a field covered in blood which isn't mine,  some times I get weird injuries from bite marks or claw marks, almost all the time I have an indigestion with bloating. Kind of scary if you ask me but it only happens during a full moon. last full moon though it has not happened yet. Am I becoming a monster?"

Morgan;-"No but this kind of behavior is predominant of were-pups starting to shift. that's the flaw of birthing in human form. but it can be corrected I'm sure. I mean if you haven't seen our kind much you'll probably guess they all out grow it at some point."

John;-"So apparently I'm a werewolf now..."

Morgan;-"But you shouldn't be turning, you have the venom of 2 very different werewolves in your veins. I have never heard of an Anuban/wraith combination before. You should retain your human status. It is worrying that you show symptoms of a shifter, but you still have your clothes...If you really shifted you would be naked for sure. I'll have to look into this matter with my elder as to why you are hybridizing with two very unlikely breeds of werewolves."

With this our conversation ended and we returned to class, They were boring but at least now I can place a portion of truth into my past. This isn't something that mom and dad could understand so I had to shut up about it. I was slowly becoming a werewolf in a new breed that is scaring Morgan's known knowledge. But if it came down to it, I would let her put me down peacefully. She is a friend and I would rather not become wraith like werewolf that eats everything it can get...

For the following days John and Morgan did not meet but elsewhere in town Morgan returns to her pack... One of her own looks up to her and speaks.

Bloodman;-"Hey how are you, still going through with your pet project with that twerp?"

She looked at him with a mean stare, it was enough for Jason Bloodman to know when to back off. a pack leader is far from weak, so this was an affront to her authority. She spoke in a stern voice;-"Bloodman, shut your face I'm in no mood for your little antics! we have a problem regarding the boy."

Bloodman and the others gathered with intent to hear about that problem. She looked at them and began to speak again;-"The boy is showing symptoms of a shifter but he still retains his clothes. I have never seen a double 'V' turning so we need to get to the tribe at the museum tonight and determine what to do with him."

Bloodman looks at Jeff Kellyar and speaks to him;-"Whats a double V turning?"

Jeff looks at him, with a serious look;-"Morgan are you sure that he's hybridizing?"

Morgan looks at him and nods;-"Yes he's getting blackouts, he's waking up covered in blood with an indigestion, gets weird injuries. That is the markings of a feral hunter, pups usually hunt like that don't they?"

Jeff agrees with her notion and ponders some more, this grizzled beastlord looks at her again;-"There can only be one thing to explain this phenomenon, I think The Head priest will tell you the same, no normal human can hybridize with two venoms period. they die, he should have died when you injected your life saving venom. How ever I remember before the split there was a group of werewolves who were looking into that possibility.

But they were executed by Grisham The White, their research was a total failure and a waste of precious resource, I was there so I have looked at the logs they kept. wraith cannot hybridize with other breeds from their research, the venom is too toxic for someone to turn from their venom. But they had a prophecy which was the basis of their research. we call it the Chaoslord a breed that defies all reasoning of our known tendencies, bearing the venom of the 15 breeds, the ultimate werewolf. Grisham would shite his pants if they had anything remotely true about it."

Morgan;-"Oh puh-lease! The Chaos lord prophecy isn't true. we all know that. not all the tribes have venom."

Jeff;-"Morgan, this is one thing where you are wrong, the venom is in our saliva. not our glands. If what you say about this boy is true about the double V, it means that he's the chaoslord and if you place your cards right we could have a second chance at the return of our Empire. Not to mention the most influence with your current ties to this kid. Imagine Grisham would have to swallow his pride and step down and you would have regency for this kid. No matter what happens he has to be raised like any other pups. you took him to your own. Live with the consequences."

Kayla looked at Jeff and scoffed at him;-"As if... he's just a fringe lycanthrope, he can't turn. all he'll have is a werewolf syndrome, it's mostly going to be psychological shifting nothing more."

Bloodman;-"Kayla Just like you said the wraith couldn't exist anymore but That kid is proof they go after humans too when pushed. Maybe there's a grain of truth somewhere. I mean if the kid is turning with both the anuban and the wraith venoms, then the chaoslord exists. might not be the ultimate werewolf, but would be the future of lycanthropy. could have the most adaptability of all the breeds. A universal breed."

Morgan looked impressed at the young bloodfang;-"Most of the time I want to smack you one for being stupid, but there is only one way to make sure he's turning, we need a cat scan at our hidden hospital. But its nice to know you're not a complete moron. I guess we'll have to smuggle him in somehow...

[might re-edit this post later... tired again...]

To be enlightened is to see that which is beyond most men and see the truth through unclouded eyes. Watch the world from the outside and find where you belong... That is my creed. …



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