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Black Silt Rebel: Rebel R-14

Long before the Black Silt Wars...

There was a clean and peacefull world that did not fear from what would happen from pure negligence and selfishness...

Modern society was negligent when they heard of reports of rising fogs that were so toxic that you needed a respirator.... Those were the first signs of the calamity that would ensue 20 years later, the death of millions of people....

Yet as always, man found a way to avoid entire annihilation by building tall massive cities they would call Epitals.... Cities that streched for 1000 feet into the very sky while the fog remained at 200 feet, the another 100 feet would be claimed from the Mist Margin, 400 feet of of it would be claimed as territory to the Underworld, where the poor would reside while the Surface World were claimed by those who had money the wealthiest being at the top...

Each City had it's sydicate to rule it and rebels to persecute....

But in the City of Marin, there was a very powerfull Syndicate named the Black Sigil Syndicate and they ruled Marin with an iron fist, If you could pay your tolls you were accepted if you couldn't you were exiled and when there was too many exiles? Well....The Black Sigils eliminated the excess population by sending them into the mist.

From these exiles, a group of freedom fighters were born and those were the Black Silt Rebels...They had foud a base that was remodeled and even more advanced than the Epitals themselves...

Yet when a digger found the shiny black sand they would one day kill for... The Black Silt rebels emerged and the black Silt wars began...

And all that was 300 years ago....

Soon the war will end but how will it end?

Meanwhile... in a room full of junk and music of the mommas and papas rang through the entire place, as a stereo built by a mechanical and electrical expert, exclamming its music as the one truth to everyone without discrimination. a hand grabs at a pipe wrench and another at a double glased powdered donut that was partially bitten off. A few fix ups later a head bearing a kind of wild long hair behind an ever squinting face as a genius is smiling at his own creation whatever THAT is...

"Great now my suit's got this added plating and uhh-"


Smoke came out of the rear as the back support unit was damaged.

"Oh shite! don't die on me! I gotta get this fixed by tomorrow! or I'm so dead!", He said as he went back to work at breakneck speed.

several hour later...

"Allright! Now this is a little heavy but it will work quite well for now.", He said as he finished the last of his donuts and sipped away at his coffe, " Ok. I'd better go to meet some friends at the liscencing bureau."

Norne Vangaer, a mad mechanical genius, wipes the grime off his battered overalls (from all the accidents from fixing things fast), then he puts on his blue baseball cap and off he went to the bureau of liscencing. On his way there he crosses a gentleman making a black sigil official nervous.

*Probably caught someone important by mistake. Mind you I'd better stick to my own business...* he though as he veered off to the right and took an elevator to the top world where the liscencing bureau awaited for his presence...

OOC:-((I dont know if this story of mine is any good but here's a part of it, anyways. enjoy, criticise and do what ever your heart tells you. But this is my story as it came from one of my old posts at surreal twilight venom. I'll just put a new spin. By the way therians are mutants and lab rats fro blakc sigil laboratories, they are breed to not need an air filter to breath in the fog of death. By the way the BR # R-14 is the only fog fanthom to be immune to the fog of death other than the genetic labrats of upperworld.))

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Re: Black Silt Rebel: Rebel R-14

You have an elaborate poetry to many of your descriptions in this post, Ryptide. You started general, and then began to spiral into the specifics. That's a nice technique.
  I'm assuming that the therians will soon make an appearance and are werewolf-based, at least, hence your posting it here?
  The story is obviously heavy sci-fi, which I don't mind one bit. The setting is sufficiently described, as is the back story, but development of the main character seems to be lacking - other than he's a mechanic who has a aversion for donuts. A name for the character would help the reader keep interest in him. You might want to explain a little more about him after th continues his repairs at breakneck speed.
  Just a thought.

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Re: Black Silt Rebel: Rebel R-14

The elevators always have things like the "waiting call music", probably to keep people patient as they go up and down, but sure enough Norne's ascent into the bureau of liscencing would be witnessed by a couple security guards.

-"you here for renewal of your expectancy licence?",Thom asked him,"Or are you done with the overhaul of those things you do?"

-"Im here to renew my digger's liscence and my citizen licence.", Norne answered with a smile,"By the way with my new vehicle im going to have a much highier output on my black silt quota! well, at Least I hope I do!"

-"you never change do you?", A voice caid behind him, "But then you are always insuring that our supply of black silt never dries out."

Norne turned around very nervously as the figure of what would seem to belong to a black silt syndicate member, medium length hair slicked back with hair gel, a white uniform with a black Rose like emblem, a face that seemed serene. This was Kai Shubato, one of the four executives of the black sigils, not only that but he faced more than a thousand rebels and actually lived to tell the tale. A very powerfull man, and a very dangerous man.

-"Ha,ha! I didn't think I would see you here Kai-sama!", Norne answered as his voice betrayed him with his nervousness taking its toll, "I was just arriving to renew my permits and my citizenry."

-"Oh?! Excuse me then but my boss wants to speak with you...", he said with that cold uncaring face, "But we can wait after you get your licences renewed. it's not pressing, it can wait twenty minutes at most..."

Norne gets to the registration counter and fills in his forms, the attendant then passes his cards into a machine to validate them for renewal, the machine beeps as it signals to the attendant that its duty is finished.

-"Here you go and have a nice day!", the lovely attendant said as an idiot by the name of Norne Vangaer dreams of sexual fantasies with her in his bedroom.

-"Right this way, Norn-kun! The Boss is waiting...", Kai said as he guided his protege to his "evil overlord".

As they get there, an explosion is heard topside, attracting both their attention. As they make their wait to the Black Sigil HQ black silt rebels swarm the place in a Kamikaze rush, of course the heavy defences of BS HQ
leveled the playing ground leaving to rebels to stand when it ceases fire.

Finally after about ten minutes they arrive inside and before the most dangerous man in Marin Epital, This man was standing at seven feet tall, frame of a demon in muscle, and yet his face was quite happy to see his new guest.

-"I trust you had your reasons to run a little late?", he said as he kicked back in his luxurious black leather chair, "I have a proposition for you, as a long time provider of black silt you made your mark, your inventions helped the digger's association to increase and update their equipment to further improve our quotas of black silt,
however it seems that the neutral organization Diggers is now being targeted by rebels, many of them are being killed while gathering our precious resources, for your safety I have given you privy to an edge over other diggers, your digger liscence will renew itself and you will no longer need to fear the fog..."

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#4 2013-08-11 21:02:23

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Re: Black Silt Rebel: Rebel R-14

Norne looked stunned at this reply, he was now a premium vip for the black silt syndicate? His ears must be deceiving him. Seeing Norne confused but a small smirk on the Head of the Syndicate Sir Leonard Bergeron. He was amused so Norne began to relax a little.

-"I know it's hard to swallow, but you have been irreplaceable to our society, saved me with sturdy defences and upgrades to my weapon stock.", he continued on with a cheerful disposition, "This is why I'm going to make you into a vip membership, you earned it! also being a premium member in our society, your clearance has been improved, since you might need to convey me some information. Just be sure to call first ok, Norne?"

-"Yes, sir! I will do my best!", Norne said before turning back to face Leonard once again, "I'm currently testing a new suit designed for extended foraging so I can maximize my quota. and later there will be a new trial for an experimental projection excavator to go with a digital conversion storage unit. Just thought that I would let you know..."

-"Norne...Don't work yourself too hard, your going to be like an old friend of mine who worked too hard. just improve the quota reasonably in a 12 hour time frame, its easier to manage on paperwork.", he said as Norn left the Bureau alive and endorsed by the man himself.

-"Kai put Blaze on security detail, I don't wan't anymore intrusions from those rebels, they're getting smarter and closer to the kid!", He said to Kai, "I know you won't fail me Kai."

-"Yes, Sir. I will do as asked by your grace...Blaze should be able to handle the intrusions with his recent upgrades right?", Kai said with a devilish smile on his face.

-"Now you're learning Kai...You'll get far if you don't f-uck up, these rebels won't stop till they get us all killed.", He said with a serious frown, "Now make sure that his cybernetics are at peak performance. I don't think we can compare to that crazy kid, But blaze should feel glad to be able to serve once again in battle, I didn't spend a few hundred billions into his recovery for nothing. I reward loyalty. And Blaze was loyal and never went beyond his station. I can respect that and if anything bad were to happen to you Kai the same will happen, You have my gratitude at your unwaivering loyalty to my leadership. unlike that stupid Silt Syndicate council, in the other epitals... Wanting me replaced for my ruthlessness. Hah! when I'm the only one succeeding where they have failed You will be at my side basking in wealth and glory, and so will my son Blaze."

Kai left with firm resolve and speed mentally projecting his forbearing sense of familial duty to his adoptive brother Blaze. Blaze had been seriously injured and nearly killed by the R-type rebels but now they would no longer pose a threat. This was a cyborg with the best money could buy and blaze was feeling much better with each improvement to his body, as soon as Kai arrived...Blaze opened his helmet's visor to greet his adopted brother.

-"Is it time yet?!" He asked with anticipation.

-"Yes you are to patrol around for rebels and be on the look out for any weakness in the structure for possible infiltration, your job should be quiet but I can promise you a little action tonight!", Kai answered, "You are going to lead a team of cyborgs on this security detail. you are to discretely investigate and eliminate rebels, I trust you won't fail. If you do we'll have to check your systems for errors."

[ill write more later I'm afraid this is all I have right now bed time lol]

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To be enlightened is to see that which is beyond most men and see the truth through unclouded eyes. Watch the world from the outside and find where you belong... That is my creed. …



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