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An Awakening

The full moon draws near,
the thoughts become louder,
the blood rushes through my veins.

Short burst of joyful-psychotic laughter echo through my jaws, filling the world around me with panic

the full moon draws closer,
the creatures start to flee,
the world has become engulfed in silence.

Roaming through the graveyard that is yet to be created with eyes glowing bloody red.

The full moon arrives,
the hunger grows intensely,
the hunt has begun...

I lurk under the night sky only accompanied by the endless shower of moon light in search of any beast who dares to challenge me.
Drunken with power and driven to madness i slay anything in my sight.
Satisfied with the slaughtered victim who lay before me i roar into the night sky that is once again silent with the stench of death summoning the fear of the weak.



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