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#1 2013-12-27 10:34:26

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Curious werewolf questions need an answer xD

Hey everyone. I'm new to this site, and my curiosity can mostly get the best of me, and the things that have gotten my curiosity itching to reach the surface, are werewolves. I know I could just type them into google, but getting 300 answers that are hard to choose from is a frustrating routine. And besides I say your all smarter than google anyways xD But, post any questions you have about werewolves, i'll post a few of them myself. If you feel you know the answer to any question, answer it if you want to.  And one of my questions are:

Why do werewolves have to change on a full moon? Why are they tightly connected to the full moon?

Kick ass, be stubborn, and curious as hell xD



#2 2015-03-10 21:18:55

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Re: Curious werewolf questions need an answer xD

Some people belive they change on the full moon, some people believe they change at anger or at will, and others believe all or none of the above. The reason that werewolves are connected to the full moon is because wolves are seen to "howl at the moon," when in reality they are just howling, and sometimes they howl at the full moon because not nisbbright and it is supposed to be night.



#3 2015-06-04 23:05:08

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Re: Curious werewolf questions need an answer xD

Werewolves are a legend created by man, like religion, used as a means of controlling the more vulnerable among us.

The full moon was added by Hollywood or other fiction writers capitalizing on the legend in order to create a literary tool.

That we still believe that werewolves only change on the full moon is testimony to the power of "Propaganda" ( a book by Bernays which is the manual for controlling the population.)

As to practicalities, I had reasoned at one point that given my ego is that of a wolf, that allowing him to have my body only on the full moons seemed a reasonable means by which I could remain in control of something I am quite sure would be an addiction for me

At this point however, I do not feel the moon has much bearing on any ability to transform.

A wolf has no mirror.  The only reflection I see is in the faces of those I affect, good or bad.  I make it a point to always remain beautiful in this measure only.



#4 2015-06-14 18:01:26

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Re: Curious werewolf questions need an answer xD

Until the movie "The Wolf Man" (The Lon Chaney one) there was no association between Werewolves and the moon. In Petronius' Satyricon, a man telling a Werewolf story made it a point that, when he saw his friend change into a wolf, there was a full moon but that was to emphasize that he couldn't have been mistaken due to the darkness. In Herodotus' History, he said that the Scythians told him that the Neuri changed into wolves once a month, but the full moon wasn't specified. I don't know of any other "historical" document or past Werewolf fiction (before the 20th century) that links Werewolves to the full moon.



#5 2015-07-16 19:22:00

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Re: Curious werewolf questions need an answer xD

Maybe this will help ya out a bit. The moon is closer to the earth. Which then pulls on our beastly urgency to full fill. Our primal instinct is to hunt food. The change can be triggered by this impulse. No better way to be out here in open wide moon lit fields. Just remember to honor the meal and be content. Not many humans ever have an opertunity to go out and be one with the night. If you don't feed the beast you can see a change and fill it in you. Never deni the creature food.



#6 2016-10-17 20:52:36

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Re: Curious werewolf questions need an answer xD

'Ello! New to here myself so thought I'd jump in feet first and see how I fair smile

Probably wrong things I've come up with:
I suspect that the legends about werewolves might be down to our old friends the vikings. More specifically the beserkers, they'd supposedly show up wearing bear/wolf furs, possibly out of the gourds on psychoactive substances and run around generally tear the place/people up like beasts before the rest showed up and 'finished the job' (not all 'visits' were like this of course, they were generally peaceful farming folk from what the records show).
As for the full moon thing, well, it is the best time to hunt as it has the most light. Though not sure it's such a big deal for something that can see well in the dark....?

Weird question:
Man has long proved it's not very comfortable with its own animal nature, like when absolutely NO ONE seems to understand why and overly stressed out worker/kid/quiet person goes on a rampage one day and slays a bunch of random people.... (Really? one? one has ever been that angry? one ever thinks about strangling their boss/partner/off spring/class mate when they've been driven nearly mad by them for extended periods of time?.... sure, most of us might not actually do it, but to deny that it hasn't crossed our mind at least once in our life time..?....really?...) it possible that some people that believe themselves to be therians are just dealing with their own, very human nature, in the only way their mind will allow?...

I wonder about this a lot from a personal perspective....if I'm just hiding from my own 'human animal' nature in a world that denies it even exists.



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