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#1 2014-05-14 09:15:04

The Busboy
From: USA
Registered: 2004-06-08
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Werewolf Spirits bound to werewolf related items...

I have seen a few items on the internet (for sale) where werewolf types of items (rings, pendants, etc.) have been spellcasted to bind ancient werewolf spirits to them.  Any thoughts on this?



#2 2014-05-14 12:38:44

From: Broomfield, Colorado
Registered: 2004-09-01
Posts: 4717

Re: Werewolf Spirits bound to werewolf related items...

Doesn't sound like a very good idea to me if it's factual. That wouldn't make you a Werewolf. What that would do is make you someone who is stuck with a Werewolf spirit (whutever that is). Would you really want to be haunted by a Werewolf? After I get rid of this body, I would be very ticked to be bound to someone I don't like. I might eat them........

By the way, Werewolves are immune to magic and they can kill entities - I want to see the schmuck who thinks they can bind a Werewolf anything to do anything.



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