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The Bond (writing excersise for book 4)

If you've read anything from from the posts here regarding SilentStrider's untitled Story then be forewarned there are many spoilers and a good deal of things that will seem confusing causing you to scratch your head with multiple questions.  Like the title of the post suggests, this is more of a writing exercise.  I still have to go through and clean things up (spacing, adding italics, etc...), but here it is.  Proof I've never stopped working on this tale and the (dare I say) incredible twists and turns it has taken.  This excerpt is something of a writing exercise for me to better grasp the perspective of my characters and to help me understand what they've been through.  I thought it might be insightful for some of you who are more ambitious about your writing to see this and potentially add it to your repertoire of writing tools.  The conversation may or may not take place in the actual story, or more likely will become very edited, but at this point I'm not overly concerned with that.  It is what it is.  Read if you want.  Maybe you'll find something in here you'll like and will give you a little creative spark.


Here's a little bit of background for those of you who have no idea about some of the details.  I may return to this later and add a few more key points of info.

- Chris is a young woman (early twenties) , a bit tomboyish, she has telepathic and telekinetic powers.
- Sean is a werewolf (in essence... there's more to that of which I'm not revealing just yet).  His normal werewolf form is that of the two legged form with a wolfs head (various aspects have influence over his height), at this point in the story he is also able to manifest  a four legged wolf form in addition to managing his size to the point of making it feasible for Chris to ride him.
- Sean, Chris, Dawn, and Tara all share a spiritual/magical Bond connecting them all in a profound way.
- At this point in the story it has been revealed that Dawn isn't half angel half human like they all have been assuming.  She's actually half angel and half devil.
- Where ever you see a set of quotes begin with a "C", that's Chris talking, and an "S" is for Sean.
- italics represent telepathic communication.

This scene would be after they had lost their horses and most likely all their provisions.  Sean would’ve spent the day running in his large wolf form with Chris riding on his back.  More than a couple times he’d have stopped to let Chris stretch her legs and muscles.  She wouldn’t be used to riding a wolf, which would be rather different than riding a horse; it would take some time for her to adjust.  He’d slow down toward the end of the day with about two hours of sunlight left and quickly find a decent spot to set up camp.

C “Are we stopping for the day?”

S “Yes.  Take some time to stretch then collect fire wood, but don’t go too far from this ‘Y’ shaped tree.  I’ll go catch us some dinner.  If you can, go ahead and start a fire, but make sure you clear the area of debris to keep it…

C “I know how to make a fire.  This isn’t the first time I’ve camped out in the wild,” she’d think with an annoyed face.

Sean would huff with a shake of his head and then take off at a jog into the woods.  Chris would spend some time collecting fire wood while every now and then using her awareness of the Bond to check on Sean (it gives a rough estimate of distance when relatively near and general emotions or state of being/health, but doesn’t necessarily let the others know they’re being observed through the Bond).  Sean would do likewise, checking up on her.  After 20 minutes of him being gone he’d circle back and stealthily check up on her visually.

C “Are you spying on me?

Sean would be a little startled upon her realizing he was there, and feel stupid for not thinking she’d know.  Chris would also sense that from him and think it funny.

S “No.  I was just checking up on you making sure you were safe.

C “Then why were you sneaking?

S “I wasn’t… I mean I was just…. Grrrr.  Oh, never mind!” He’d huff again shaking his head more passionately this time and stomp off into the woods.  Chris would find it amusing and funny.

C “Don’t be like that.

S “I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

C “I know.  You don’t like being apart.

S “Please.  I don’t want to be teased.

C “I wasn’t going to tease you.  I was going to say I understand it.  I get like that too.

S “You?

C “Yea.  Despite what you think I’m not always the loner type.

S “No.  I suppose you’re not, but you’ve never been open. At least not to me, and now that we’re by ourselves… I don’t know… It’s weird to hear you say that.

C “If we’re going to be stuck together for who knows how long I’m not going to just ignore you.  And around me your wolf form doesn’t make you exempt from talking.

S “Why do you feel chatty now and not before, while we were traveling?

C “I was concentrating.

S “?

C “Riding on you isn’t easy.  It’s not like on a horse.  Your back is constantly arching and I needed to… adjust with it…” the last part of her sentence trails off as she realizes the intimate meaning behind the words.  She feels partly embarrassed and partly angry thinking that she could’ve given him the wrong impression. “Hey!  Don’t you be getting the wrong impression!

S “Heh!  I wasn’t.  That was you.

C “Whatever!

S “I don’t blame you for keeping to yourself.  It was the same reason I didn’t try engaging in conversation.

S “Having you… or anyone for that matter riding on my back… it’s rather… personal.  I’m not okay with just anyone one doing that.  I’d only let the three of you.  No one else.  And just so you know, I’m not thinking of it in any perverted sense.  It has more to do with trust and respect, and you and the others… well…

C “We’re Bonded,” she says simple and pure and without any cynicism.

S “We’re Bonded.” Sean reiterates softly.

There’s a few seconds of quiet.

S “I’ve got several promising scents to track down.  I’ll be back in a little while; before the sun fully sets.  I won’t be far.  Contact me if you need anything.

C “What’s it like for you hunting?

S “Wha?  What do you mean?

C “Can I stick around and… experience it?

S “Well… I guess so, but you’ll have to take a backseat and stay quiet.  Okay?

Here I can spend several pages describing the hunt through Chris’ perspective as she watches/experiences it through Sean.  It creates an opportunity for a shared experience and another avenue for them to connect.  How would Chris react or feel upon the conclusion of the first kill when he sinks his teeth into the prey, breaking its neck or tearing out its jugular?  Would she be squeamish or would part of her revel in the whole aspect?  I think part of it would be governed by the type of person she is.  She’s more of an alpha type, an aggressor, so the role of predator would sit better with her than prey.  She’d relate better to the predator role.  The other part would be how Sean reacted with the kill.  Being savage or filled with bloodlust would make the whole experience a very negative one for her, but Sean wouldn’t be like that here.  Even though he has to lower his psyche more to an instinctual level it doesn’t mean he’s more animalistic.  There’s a noble beauty to the way he hunts.  He has respect for creature he kills and he’s careful to only attack if he’s sure of the strike.  When he does strike it’s swift and efficient so the animal doesn’t suffer.  Once the animal is killed he pauses out of respect for the life he has taken and to be thankful for the life he has.  It’s a brief/quiet reverie where he feels and enjoys the fact that he’s alive.  He’s sure of himself and knows his place in the world. 

He remembers a simpler, better time in some aspects, when he hunted with a pack.  They had been his family.  Accepted him (mostly), and he had cared for them in turn (this is something that occurred in book 2, Sean was involved with a teleportation spell that went seriously wrong ricocheting him nearly halfway around the world of Gaia.  He suffered memory loss and was stuck in a wolf form where he joined a Gaian wolf pack).  Chris can get a glimpse of this and possibly a hint of his mate, Luna.  Chris remains respectful and stays quiet; only watching.  Sean clears his mind of the past memories and feels a little off balance knowing Chris probably saw some or all of that and is worried/concerned what she might think of it.  She makes the mental gestures of politely and respectfully excusing herself.

C “Thank you for this honor.  I will leave in peace so that you may continue unhindered.” I don’t think she says this word for word (she may not even say anything), but this is the attitude she portrays.

Sean continues hunting while Chris gathers wood and starts a campfire.  I’m not sure if he skins the animals first before coming back to the area they’re camping at or if he brings them back to take care of it there.  Likely what would determine if he did or not would be what he thought Chris’ reaction to it might be like.  I’ll figure out that minor detail latter.  Before he returns he arranges it with Chris to leave his clothes a modest distance away so he can transform back to human and dress.

C “That’s a lot.  Are we actually going to eat all of that?”

S “You won’t, but I will.”

She looks at him with what may seem like skepticism or dismay.

S “What?  I’m hungry.”

C “That shouldn’t surprise me with all the running you did today.  How much distance do you think we covered?”

He shrugs while he’s prepping the meat to cook over the fire.

S “Uhhh… I don’t know… maybe a hundred fifty… two hundred miles.  There abouts.”

C “Holy crap!  Man, you really do move.”

He looks at her confirming her sincerity.  Then turns back to what he’s doing with a smile, taking a little pride in her amazement.

S “It’s not bad, but I can do better.”

C “Really?” she says smiling back at him. “Is that a bit of pride I see you trying to hide?”

He shrugs his shoulders letting the smile drop.

S “The terrain was rough and unfamiliar to me.  I was also trying to stick to the wild and avoid people so not all that distance was a straight line.  And there were a few places I circled around because I thought they looked like hunting territories to things we didn’t need to mess with.”

C “Still though, that’s considerable distance.  Way more than we could’ve done using horses.  I could get used to this.”

C “You know something… with all that riding, it’s a wonder my muscles aren’t more sore.” She looks at Sean suspiciously. “What you do?”

S “Nothing.  The only thing I did was leave myself open to you empathically so you could sense when I shifted and could turn and move with me.”

C “Why would that spare me from aches and pain?”

Sean thinks about that for a moment.

S “I’m not sure, but I guess it’d have something to do with the Bond.”

He pauses and she listens inquisitively.

S “Ever notice how sometimes we seem to adapt certain qualities of each other?”

She raises an eyebrow as if to say, “what do you mean?”

S “Okay... for example, when we were all Bannon’s prisoners and Tara was able to let you see through her eyes so you could get that hood off your head.  Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but there was no way for you to contact her so wouldn’t she have had to initiate it telepathically?”

C “She could’ve had a charm or used magic or something to that affect.  It doesn’t mean she suddenly gained a telepathic ability through me.”

S “How about when we were on the run from the Veil right after Gregor’s manor blew up and we got ambushed by that giant werewolf.”

C “Your overgrown furry cousin?”

Sean frowns at the mention of being related to the giant werewolf

S “There were several times that thing should’ve sliced you into pieces, but you somehow managed to stay just out of reach?”

C “What?  You’re saying that had something to do with you?”

S “What I’m saying is you were moving faster than I’ve ever seen you, and you may have temporarily gained a measure of my speed and reflexes.”

C “Ha!  Really?!  I think you’re reaching just a little too far.”

S “Consider how you are right now.  Even you know you should be in a lot more discomfort.”

C “And you think I… what… gained your stamina?”

S “No.  My regenerative ability.  That’s what allows me to maintain such a harsh pace and push myself beyond normal limits.  It was constantly in use and I believe through the Bond you were able to tap into a portion of that.”

C “Hmmm… maybe, but I’m not sold on your theory.  I could just be in better shape than I thought,” she smiles at him jokingly. “All I know for sure is I don’t hurt and I’m grateful.”

S “I don’t think you gain these abilities.  It’s more like they’re borrowed or a small portion is lent through the Bond based on how near we are and what we feel is needed.  As in this instance I was in a steady state of regenerating and I guess a combination of being connected to you empathically and my desire to protect you would’ve created an avenue for you to tap into my healing qualities.  It’s something you would’ve done on a subconscious level and not even be aware of.”

Chris would only be half listening at this point.  Her attention would be more on the skewered meat on a stick she’d have rotating over the fire.  It would look close to being done.

C “Are you sure this is going to be safe to eat?  It won’t make me sick?”

S “Hmmm… guess there’s only one way to be sure.”

With that comment he quickly grabs her stick, moving the meat closer to his mouth and takes a quick bite.  He chews, making a show of being thoughtful while she protests in a playful manner.

C “Hey!”

S “Yea.  I think you’ll be all right.”

They continue eating with little talking.  Chris, in good nature, takes ahold of his meat on a stick (shame on the dirty little minds misinterpreting this) and takes a bite to make up for the one he took, and an extra one for compensation.  Sean doesn’t resist and smiles at her usual antics.  There’s a few comments of how it could taste better if they had some herbs and spices, and in the future they should include that with their travel packs.  Sean continues to eat well after Chris has had her full and she tends the fire some poking it with her stick until it burns down.

S “It’s getting late.  We best get to sleep.”

C “I’m not too tired.  I’ll take first watch.”

S “Not tonight.  There’s no need.  There’s nothing dangerous around, and I’m a light sleeper, especially in wolf form.  We can both afford to rest.”

C “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d sleep better if we agreed on a watch.”

S “Okay.”

Sean gets up from his spot by the fire which is now starting to burn lower.

S “I’m going to change.  Be back in a minute.”

C “Wait a second.  I just realized… where are we sleeping… in the open and on the ground?”

Sean smiles reassuringly.

S “Don’t worry.  You’ll be fine.”

And with that he goes a little distance away into the shadows to strip and transform into his large wolf form.  Before he does he neatly folds his clothes and sets them up so he can easily pick them up in his wolf form and bring them back to their little camp.  He pads over to where Chris is sitting and curls himself around her.

C “What are you doing?

S “Protecting and keeping you warm.

C “The fire will do the later and as for protecting, that’s my job.  I’m the one on watch.

S “We can’t keep the fire going all night.  You’re going to get cold.

C “That’s good.  It’ll help keep me from dosing off on watch.

She start getting up, removing herself from the “C” nook Sean made for her.

S “Chris.” Sean would think at her in a no nonsense tone that would make her pause and get her attention.

S “The road ahead of us is not going to be easy.  We won’t have many nights where we’ll get proper rest.  It’s wiser to take advantage of the ones we get.

C “I...,” she’d start to say, but get interrupted.

S “Do you trust me?

Slight pause.

C “Yea. Of course I do.

S “Then sit back down,” he’d think in a more gentle tone.

She’d sigh, giving up her argument.

C “Fine.

C “You know, this arrangement isn’t very fair.

S “How so?

C “If you’ve got my back, who’s got yours.

S “I’ll get your back at night and you can get mine during the day.

Chris lets out a solid friendly laugh.

C “You are so hopeless!  You know, I’m not made of glass, right?

S “I don’t doubt your strength, but it’s not a competition.  It’s about friendship.

C “Are you even capable of letting anyone else take care of you?

S “You do.  All the time.

C “What?  Like when?

S “Like right now.

Chris is thoughtful for a moment before responding.

C “What do you mean?

S “Your company.  Talking with you.  It... means a lot to me.  More than I can describe.

C “How so?

S “I just told you I don’t think I can put it into words.

C “You big dummy.  Show me.  We’re communicating directly to each other’s mind.

S “Uhh… how about another time?  I don’t really want to do a deeper connection right now.  Not when where trying to get to sleep.  I just want to talk.

C “In other words you don’t want to show me.  Afraid I might see something I don’t like?

S “No.  It’s not that.  It’s… delicate, and I don’t want it to be misconstrued.  I’ll tell you later.  I promise.  Just not right now.

C “What do you mean?  How would I…

S “Chris.  Please…

C “Okay.  Okay.  Have it your way.  You pick something to talk about then.

They’re both silent for a few seconds.

S “What’s the Bond like for you?

C “What’s it like?  The same as it is for you I suppose.

S “Well… how do you feel when you’re not around the rest of us?  When you’re by yourself?

C “Umm… wow!  That’s uhhh…  Well… you caught a glimpse of it when your memories took another dump and you thought you were only wolf.  It… not being around any of you… it felt profoundly… empty.  It’s tough to describe.” (Chris was left behind on Earth while the others were stranded on Gaia for several weeks)

S “I know what you mean.

C “All I know is I want to experience that as little as possible.

S “It doesn’t seem to affect Tara or Dawn as much though.

C “Yea.  You think it’s because they’re not psychic like we are?

S “It’s the likeliest explanation I think.

C “Do you think Dawn is doing okay?

Sean takes time to sense Dawn through his connection to the Bond.  This isn’t the first time.  He’s checked on her regularly from time to time as I’m sure Chris has too.

S “It’s hard to sense her.   She’s so far away, but I think so.  Sometimes a little stressed.

Chris nods her head with a soft “Hmm,” as confirmation that’s what she senses from her as well.

C “I miss her.

S “Me too.

C “Think she’ll come back?

S “Definitely.

C “How do you know?

S “Because she misses us as sure as we miss her.

C “Yea, but after what she’s done don’t you think she feels guilty.  I’m sure that’s part of the reason she went with that angel to Heaven.

S “I’m sure it is too, but I don’t fault her, and I know both you and Tara forgave her the instant she rescued us.

C “I just wish she knew it.

S “She will when we see her next because it’ll be the first words out of my mouth.

Chris thinks about what they all suffered through while in Hell, and stares at Sean’s blackened paw.

C “She hurt you the worst and you forgive her so easily.

S “No she didn’t.  I did this to myself.

C “Say what you want, but that’s not how I see it.  You did it for her.  In the last few seconds before you both were about to plunge into Oblivion she was afraid.  So what did you do?  You reached out with your hand so she wouldn’t be first.  Even at the end of everything, and despite all she had done, you were still protecting her.

S “That’s who I am; it’s what I do.

C “Why?

S “Bonded.

C “I hate that you do that.

S “?

C “So willing to throw your life away for us.

S “No.  Not throw my life away.

C “She was ready to damn all existence and you… you were just going to let her.  No.  You were going to lead the way for her.

Sean swallows hard.

S “It was more than that.  I fought her in the beginning just like you and Tara, but in the end I did more than surrender.  I gave her everything of myself.  She couldn’t separate the part of her soul from mine, and I became attached to her.  Despite the monster she had become I still cared what happened to her, and I guess on some level I knew deep inside something wasn’t right; like there was still a small part that was the Dawn we all knew.  It’s a scary place to be when you become a monster so far removed from what you were you barely have the presence of mind to see the reality of it.  I couldn’t abandon her.

C “Do you realize how dangerous and insane that makes you?

S “I…

Chris interrupts him.

C “Three times!  Three times easily that I can say you put your life on the line!

S “No it was more like two, and…

C “Opening the Energy Well, going with Dawn into Oblivion, and back on Earth with your trial!"

S “It was…

C “Fighting that giant werewolf thingy after your uncle’s manor blew up, and taking on all those demonspawn.  They had you dead to rights.  You shouldn’t even be here now.

S “There wasn’t…

C “And then fighting that wizard lord guy!  Your head was all but severed!

S “Do you want me go?

C “No you big, stupid, infuriating, moronic, idiot! (she elbows him in the ribs emphasizing each word) I want you to stop trying to die.

C “I don’t want you to go.  Ever.

S “I’m sorry.

C “You’re always worried about us, but have you ever stopped to consider how we’d be if you weren’t alive anymore?

Sean feels quite stunned.

C “Dying’s easy.  Living is harder.  A good friend told me that once (Sean).  So please live for me.  For us.

S “Yes.

Sean sweeps his tail around pulling it into himself and across Chris’ midsection.  She laughs.

C “What’s this?  A hug?

His eyes squint with a smile and he shares her amused feeling.

C “You know it’s kinda funny.  Even though you’re the same person I feel more comfortable talking to you as a wolf.

S “I want to ask you something.

C “Shoot.

S “It’s very personal.

C “Ask already.

S “That night after the explosion of the Energy Well, and you came through the portal to Gaia… why’d you kiss me?

C “Huh (laugh huh)! It was spontaneous.  I was so happy you were alive.  I overreacted.

S “But… you kissed me on the lips.

C “Yea.  So?  Wait… do you mean all this time you’ve been thinking…

S “A part of me wondered.

C “Sean, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not sure I could ever love you in that way.  I just… I dunno… don’t look at guys like that.

S “It’s okay.

C “Is it really… okay?

S “Well… I can’t actually believe we’re talking about this… You’re a beautiful, very attractive girl, and no matter what happens to you or what you do or whoever you decide to be with I will always love you.

C “Sean…” Chris blushes.

S “Don’t tell me I can’t feel the way I do.

C “But nothing can ever come of us.

S “That’s not what is important to me.  I don’t want you to change.

C “So… I’m basically telling you I’m a lesbian and you’re saying you still love me.

S “Yes.

C “And yet again you prove to me how utterly hopeless you are.

Sean laughs.

S “You don’t have to be sexually involved with someone to love them.

C “Are you telling me you love me like a sister.

S “It’s… sort of… I don’t know how to describe it.  In fact I don’t even want to try putting a label on it.

C “Wow!  I don’t know what to say to that.  Should I feel weirded out, or honored?

S “Chris, all I want is to be there for you when you need me.  To protect you and keep you safe.  To be your friend and make you happy.
(Some of this may be modified.  The conversation carries on a bit more until Sean asks the next relevant question.)

S “Are you in love with Dawn?

Chris’ heart skips a beat and she goes still for a second.

C “What?  Why would you ask that?

S “Thought it’d be easier to ask you as wolf.

Chris sighs and settles back into Sean’s side.

C “What makes you think that I am?

S “Your reaction just now, but before that there were a couple of times I saw how you looked at her.  Like there was more you were conveying, but at the same time holding back.  There was also how you carefully, and very subtly hid your deeper feelings about her.  It took me time to understand.

C “Oh god.  Does Tara knows?

S “No.  Relax.  There’s no reason to be embarrassed.  You love her.  That’s beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with that.

C “Jeesh!  I wish!

S “Chris, do you think I would see you as something less if you liked her?

C “No!  That’s not it.

There’s a long silent pause between the two of them.

C “She’s in love with you. She always has been.   Ever since the first time she met you she’s had the biggest crush on you.  That’s why initially I wasn’t too fond of you.

S “You should tell her how you feel about her.

C “What?!  I could never!

S “Why not?

C “She’s not like that.  She’s been raised as a straight Christian.  She’d never… you know… like other girls.  She just wouldn’t.

S “You’re probably right.  The old Dawn wouldn’t.  The one we knew before coming to Gaia.  But she’s not that person any more.  She’s changed a lot.
(There’s more that can be said at this point about their views on any potential relationship concerning Dawn, but neither one of them want to take that step.  There’s a potential for the conversation to change at this point, but I’ll leave it the way it is for now.)

She hangs her head  low, overcome with negative emotions (guilt, shame, regret…)

C “The things that happened to me in Hell… I’m sure she knows my true feelings for her.

S “Oh…

They’re quiet again for a short while.

S “I’m… I’m sorry.

C “You didn’t know, and I never wanted to talk to anyone about it.  It’s…

She sighs heavily.

S “None of us really talked about what happened.

They’re quiet again, both lost in their own thoughts about what happened to them in the Hells.

S “She tried to seduce me, and…

Chris is surprised Sean is telling her, and she is also riveted to the thoughts he’s projecting.

S “It wasn’t just her.  You and Tara were also in the mix, and… cruel.  I had no way of knowing for sure.  I mean no actual proof that it wasn’t you guys, I had only my heart telling me that it wasn’t.  They had to be succubus.  At least that’s what I chose to believe in.

S “That wasn’t the worst of it.  We fought.  She tore me up.  Her and… you and Tara.  Then she’d be in tears apologizing and careful bandaging me, nursing me back to health.  She and other devils disguised as you and Tara did a lot of the things abusing the way I perceived the Bond.  You see… that’s what is most precious to me, you and the others, and that’s what she used to corrupt me.  To destroy my will and spirit.  I could tell you the rest of what was done if you wanted, but I think you’d find the details too disturbing.

C “Na.  That’s okay.  I think I’ll pass this time.

S “I’m sorry.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told you.

C “Actually something kind of similar happened to me.” Chris says shamefully.

S “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.  I told you because… well… it still haunts me, and I want to get better.

C “And you think talking about it, putting it all out on the table, will help you.

S “Well… sort of. You know how I am normally.  I hold stuff in and keep it to myself.  In fact earlier you were complaining how I’m usually of the protector mind frame and willing to sacrifice myself for you guys or what I believe in.

C “I guess I figured if you were going to open up to anyone it would’ve been Dawn or Tara, not me.

S “Why not you?

C “I don’t know.  They’re gentler with you, and I’m usually less sensitive.  Huh!  I guess I am kinda like you in that regard… not so willing to talk about my feelings.

S “What happened to us in Hell was horrible to say the least.  We all suffered terribly from it and the scars it left will never fully heal.  If I don’t talk to someone they’re going to fester, and… well, I don’t want to become consumed by that.  I don’t want to become like that other werewolf.

S “I’ll only talk about it if you’re willing to listen, otherwise… it’s disturbing stuff.  I don’t want to throw it your way if it’s too much.

C “Yes.  You can tell me, and if it starts to become too much I’ll let you know.  But you know me; I’m tough.  I’m sure I can handle it.

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Re: The Bond (writing excersise for book 4)

Must say that this is a very interesting look into the future. Had no idea you had gotten this far but very obvious you've kept busy.  Hope to see more from where you left off soon!  And great to see an update after so much time has passed!



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Re: The Bond (writing excersise for book 4)

Thanks mrRW for letting me know you're still out there and appreciating my work. 

There's a writer named Jim Butcher who is the author of the Dresden Files.  Any werewolf fans out there might be especially interested in the second book of the series since it has a bunch of different types of werewolves in it, but that's not the reason I bring him up.  He's currently just completed his fifteenth book in the series and has plans to write  22 or 23 books to the whole series.  One of the most profound and inspiring aspects to his writing is his attention to all the little details to what happens to the main character of his book, Harry Dresden, wizard detective, and how things that happen in the latter books connect to things that have occurred in the more recent ones.

My point is that he has created a very involved story arc that spans over twenty books and before jumping in to write the first book he took the time to plan it out from book one to the last.  I'm sure there are a few hiccups along the way he's had to tackle, but he is a very adept writer and everything has blended together perfectly so far.  I mention Jim Butcher because I idealize how he writes and the level of planning he has done.  Something you don't see too often in book series especially one that has as many books as he has so far.  I'm currently working on the story arc to my story that is suppose to happen in what I plan to be book six and where I want it to go from there to reach the grand conclusion.

Heh.  Well... it's getting late and I got work in a few hours.  I just thought you might appreciate a little more of my ramblings than a plain old, "Thanks!  Gotta run!" Take care mrRW!  I'll write more soon.  Promise.



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