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WITHIN - A Novel by Evan Mathew Miller

Terrified of his dormant psychic abilities, Myles Dunn hesitantly wakes them for a job that will scar his memory forever. Giving a seminar at a small-town university, he meets Kyle Voss—a student with a dark and familiar energy. When it manifests into a dangerous curse from Myles’ past, he fearfully decides to help, but he’s too late. The curse consumes Kyle, driving him on a bloodthirsty rampage.

After saving Kyle from witnesses and authorities, Myles’ search for a cure continues to fail and time is running out. Soon the curse will re-emerge and this time, it knows its target…

Hey everyone! WITHIN is my debut, self-published novel available in Kindle and Paperback formats on Amazon. It's a story about truth. Be it a secret you're holding for someone or something you're denying about yourself, everyone has a truth and, one way or another, that truth will emerge. If you're looking for a great read to bring in the fall season, check it out! … hew+miller



#2 2014-09-11 12:18:12

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Re: WITHIN - A Novel by Evan Mathew Miller

Hi Evan!  Welcome to the site, and thank you for the link!



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Re: WITHIN - A Novel by Evan Mathew Miller

Ooh, looks very cool smile

"I like him... he says okie dokie!"
~ Dean Winchester, Supernatural
"He did so much, without kicking a single butt!"
~ Tommy Dawkins, describing Ghandi, Big Wolf On Campus



#4 2014-10-20 23:58:06

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Re: WITHIN - A Novel by Evan Mathew Miller

Hi Evan! Just finished reading this the other day. Very good story. Hope you plan to do more werewolf based stories. But for a debut effort, this was well done.

There can be only one. MarkOne. smile



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