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Lost Lands George R.R. Martin

Mila Jovovich to star in Lost Lands.

German director Constantin Werner is developing the film, and has adapted the script from several short stories by Martin. The plot consists of three linked tales, with the first finding a besieged queen hiring a sorceress called Gray Alys (Jovovich) to journey into the dangerous wasteland known as the Lost Lands to find a spell that allows someone to shape-shift into a werewolf. What the queen doesn’t realize is that the gift comes with a dreadful price.

Then there is the story of a warrior girl called Sharra who must battle a dragon so she can reunite with her lost lover, while also falling prey to a powerful sorcerer who seduces her so completely that she puts her quest aside to stay with him – not realizing that he’s the real reason her lover is trapped. Finally, there’s Bitterblooms, in which a spellbinding woman in a spaceship bewitches a young barbarian girl.



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