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#1 2015-03-10 21:15:30

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Am I a werewolf?

Okay, so this may sound a little stupid, buyt I couldn't find a better place to ask this question. I really want to know if I'm a werewolf. I do have a unibrow, (genetics? Not plucking right?) and every time I get in the shower I feel really oily and itchy, like a canine. Also, every week or so, I'll wake up with a headache, and all my "symptoms" get worse. And then one night it will magically go away. And one last thing, every time I get irritated or scared my top lip twitches, and if whatever it is keeps on scaring me/annoying me, it curls up all the way until my face resembles a snarl. Werewolf? Or just weird hormones and assumptions? Please help!! (And if it helps, I turn 12 in April, and also I have felt connected to wolves almost my whole life. I have always loved them.)



#2 2015-03-13 22:07:30

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Re: Am I a werewolf?

Take it from one I been turned since I was 4 and still I have the  symptoms the unibrow I have. I'm physically fit my senses are inhanced all the time and yes I do feel oily in the shower  but here's the thing I am respected by everything plus to add a freind of mine is also one we don't hunt together but we do talk

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