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#1 2016-09-11 12:22:13

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Looking for answers; can anyone help?

Hello, my name is Ajka and I'm wondering if perhaps anyone could help me with something. I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of the fire fang clan or any pack that remembers them and their Leader, Leonardo. He had a daughter if that rings any bells to someone and well I'm trying to find him because he is my father. They used to be in a fight with others long ago? From what I can remember.

I'm also trying to find answers about myself but I'm not entirely sure where to look and how to go about all this. So far all I know is that I'm some kind of shapeshifter, vampire, balance keeper(yin yang) witch, and my mate being a wolf. I had a vision a while back that he had dreamed of years back before we met again this life.

Anyway, if anyone could possibly help in any way that'd mean a lot. Me and my best friend are also soon going to America, because she's getting married and I figured if anyone knew of any clans or anything of the sort that could help in these things. I would really appreciate if there is somewhere I could go or someone willing to talk. I feel there's something important I need to do and like something is waiting out there and I do want to find these answers.



#2 2016-12-02 18:26:37

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Re: Looking for answers; can anyone help?

NightCrow wrote:

They used to be in a fight with others long ago? From what I can remember.

They sound like crazy people.

I... Don't know how to tackle the rest of this... What exactly are you talking about?

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#3 2016-12-03 11:51:26

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Re: Looking for answers; can anyone help?

I remember talking to a Leonardo a long time ago but, the TMNT being what there were, there were several Leonardos online and I don't remember much about that one - probably a good sign. Usually, when I remember people from short exposure, it's usually because I perceive them to be toxic.

There aren't too many people that can help you figure yourself out online. Most that say hey can, you probably need to steer clear of.

If you're Were, then you're a balance keeper by nature. My usual suggestion for people who think they're Were is to find some established Weres to socialize with. In the US, you might try the Forest Horizon site to find an event.



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